Student Presentations

Some faculty members require students to make an art slide presentation for class.  This is particularly popular in the Art, Art History and Design Department. Most students are given an art topic and/or artist to research for the slide presentation.  Students will be given an orientation and a tour of the Art Image Library during class time.

  1. Students are required to be prepared before contacting the Curator and/or stopping by the Art Image Library.  Research should be somewhat complete before contact. Students are asked to either e-mail and/or sign up a time with the Curator to meet and pull slides for the presentation. 
  2. Students are required to provide the Curator with their presentation topic before the meeting.
  3. If the area is lacking sufficient material for the slide presentation then, with the discretion of the Curator, relevant slides are added when quality and content are considered to meet the objectives of the collection.
  4. Students are required to bring the source materials to be photographed and catalogued for addition in the collection.  The Curator needs at least two (2) weeks to do so.
  5. The Curator will provide assistance to students to meet the needs of the presentation with additional resources.