UCL Membership, 2006-2007

The committee consists of the director of University Libraries, the director of the Law Library, the assistant provost for Information Technology, and 13 others: one elected by and from the teaching and research faculty of the Law School, of each of the Colleges of Business, Engineering, and Science, of each of the graduate divisions of humanities and social sciences, and of the School of Architecture together with the faculty in the fine and performing arts; one elected by and from the faculty of the University Libraries; three elected at large by and from the teaching and research faculty of the University; and two student members. Student members are selected annually according to procedures approved by the committee. Elected members serve staggered three-year terms.


All terms expire at the end of the academic year.

Heidi Ardizzone
American Studies (at-large, expires '09/'10)

Charles E. Barber
Art, Art History and Design (Art, expires '08/'09)

Susan Blum
Anthropology (Social Sciences, expires '06/'07)

Edmund Edmonds
Law Library (ex officio)

Parker Ladwig
University Libraries (expires '07/'08)

David Leighton
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Engineering, expires '06/'07)

Semion Lyandres
History (Humanities, expires '07/'08)

Brian Pitts
Graduate Student Representative

John Robinson
Law School (Law, expires '07/'08)

David Smith
Psychology (at-large, expires '07/'08)

Andrew Sommese
Mathematics Department (at-large, expires '07/'08)

Laurence R. Taylor
Mathematics (Science, expires '07/'08)

John A. Weber (chair)
Marketing (Business, expires '07/'08)

Gordon Wishon
Office of Information Technology (ex officio)

Ashlee Wright
Undergraduate Student

Jennifer A. Younger
Director of Libraries (ex officio)

Past Membership

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