Testimony II

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Mr. Gillette. Mr. President."

  2. Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: Guy M. Gillette
    Audience: United States Senate
    Content: Denying an accusation made by McCarthy that he (Gillette) was involved in instituting a mail cover on McCarthy's mail. Charging that McCarthy was devious in the way he released a telegram containing this accusation. A reprint of the accusatory telegram is included.
  3. "Department of the Navy - Office of Naval Material"

  4. Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: Captain H.R. Lacey (retired naval officer)
    Audience: (?)
    Content: Testifying to the financial impact proposed bill S.2473 would have on the Navy.
  5. "Questions and Answer Statement"

  6. Date: September 8, 1954
    Speaker/Author: Earl H. Cooper
    Audience: Colonel A.V. Dishman
    Content: Testifying about alleged "irregularities" at the Kingsbury Ordinance Plant involving Communist infiltration and sabotage.
  7. "Statement of J. Edgar Hoover."

  8. Date: March 26, 1947
    Speaker/Author: J. Edgar Hoover
    Audience: Committee on Un-American Activities
    Content: Discussing the Communist party, its dangers to the American way of life, and the role of the FBI and HUAC in keeping it down.
  9. "Statement on Senate Floor."

  10. Date: March 28, 1955
    Speaker/Author: McCarthy
    Audience: United States Senate
    Content: Asking that America announce its intention regarding the Communist threat to Quemoy and the Matsus.
  1. "Statement of Mrs. Adelaide N. Baker."

  2. Date: June 8, 1956
    Speaker/Author: Adelaide N. Baker (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom)
    Audience: Senate Subcommittee on Disarmament
    Content: Asking that the nation move toward disarmament- especially in the case of nuclear missals.
  3. "Statement of Mr. C.E. Ammons."

  4. Date: June 3, 1954
    Speaker/Author: CE Ammons (Department of the Army)
    Audience: Senate Committee on Government Operations
    Content: Explaining the fiscal impact that proposed bill S.2473 would have on the Department of Defense.
  5. "Statement by the Secretary of the Army."

  6. Date: April 22, 1954
    Speaker/Author: Robert T. Stevens
    Audience: Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations
    Content: Giving his (Stevens') account of events that took place between himself, McCarthy, and David Schine.
  7. "Richard J. O'Melia"

  8. Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: Richard O'Melia
    Audience: (?)
    Content: Testifying that Paul H. Hughes had never had personal contact with McCarthy.

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