Oversize Testimony IV

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "The New Deal Fifth Column"
    Date: September, 1940
    Speaker/Author: The Americanism Division; The Republican National Committee; Walter L. Reynolds, Director
    Audience: (?)
    Content: "During these days of emergency it is the duty of every patriotic American to contribute to the welfare of the Nation. It is their further obligation as free and sovereign citizens to demand of those whom they have placed in positions of trust by their votes, and who are temporarily in control of our Federal Government and the security of the Republic, a greater loyalty worthy of the confidence placed in them." All names and organizations are underlined in blue.

  2. "Report of the Board"
    Date: January 14, 1954
    Speaker/Author: Subversive Activities Control Board
    Audience: International Workers Order, Inc.
    Content: "It is ordered that said respondent, the International Workers Order, Inc., shall register as a Communist-front organization under and pursuant to Section 7 of the Act."

  3. Testimony
    Date: December 15, 1953
    Speaker/Author: Samuel R. Kowolski
    Audience: Cohn and McCarthy
    Content: "Mr. Kowolski have you at any time been a member of, or associated with any subversive or communist group?" "No with emphasis. Outside of the Boy Scouts, the Air Force, and the people I work with here I've never been associated with any groups. And that goes for my wife also."

  4. Testimony
    Date: January 16, 1954
    Speaker/Author: William B. Tuden
    Audience: Cohn and McCarthy
    Content: "Anyone who can't finger, at least seven spies, is of no assistance to you. I didn't ask to come here, I didn't offer any assistance in the first place. You people are scatter shooting, trying by hit or miss methods. You believe that everyone connected with Monmouth is a spy automatically. I never paid much attention to the accusations about you in the papers, until now, but it seems to me that some of your people, operate the way they do in Europe."

  5. "Travel Accomplished since last meeting"
    Date: July 14, 1954
    Speaker/Author: (?)
    Audience: (?)
    Content: "Contacted one Terry Eaton, 4820 E. 71st. St. Seattle Wash. on the last of June 54,...." "Trip to New York 1st. part of July proved fruitless in that my unknown contact failed to show."

  6. "Information Source List"
    Date: March 18, 1954
    Speaker/Author: (?)
    Audience: (?)
    Content: Names from State Department, GPO, Army, USAF

  7. Date: August 3, 1953
    Speaker/Author: (?)
    Audience: (?)
    Content: "On this date, Don O'Donnell staff investigator, received and delivered to Carr, two (2) lists of names total 162, from McCarthy's source in the Justice Dept."

  8. "116 NLRB No. 37"
    Date: July 27, 1956
    Speaker/Author: Philip Ray Rodgers
    Audience: The National Labor Relations Board
    Content: "For the foregoing reasons, I would find that the City of Milwaukee is an 'employer' within the purview of Section 8 (b) (4) (A) and, accordingly, would find the Respondents guilty of engaging in unfair labor practices proscribed by that Section."

  9. Opening Statement
    Date: June 11, 1956
    Speaker/Author: Senator Thomas C. Hennings, Jr.
    Audience: Public Hearings of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights
    Content: "It is clear to all of us that in a country as ours where a Constitution incorporates a Bill of Rights such as ours and where the provisions of the Bill of Rights are not just hollow phrases , but a reality characteristic of our way of life, such misdeeds and perversions of justice are impossible ."

  10. Autobiography
    Date: October 19, 1951
    Speaker/Author: Harvey Marshall Matusow
    Content: Autobiography of Harvey Matusow

  11. "Excerpts From Testimony"
    Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: various witnesses
    Audience: Internal Security Subcommittee
    Content: "Excerpts from testimony of witnesses who have appeared before the Internal Security Subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee of the United States Senate on the Strategy and Tactics of World Communism."

  12. "Legal Division Memorandum"
    Date: March 25, 1960
    Speaker/Author: Ronald C. Kinsey
    Audience: Legal Division; O'Melia
    Content: "Preparation of U. S. Comments to ICAO on Draft Convention on Offenses and Certain Other Acts Occurring on Board Aircraft (Legal Status of the Aircraft)."

  13. "Cases of Contempt"
    Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: (?)
    Audience: Dick O'Melia
    Content: List of "cases of contempt certified by Congress to the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia Under 2 USC 192, 194."

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