Oversize Testimony I

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Operation Get McCarthy"-(2 copies)

  2. Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: Matthews?
    Audience: Watkins Committee?
    Content: Opposing the censure of McCarthy on the grounds that it would be a victory for the Communist party. Comparing the "attack" on McCarthy to that on other "victims" of Communist-led character assassinations, such as Douglas MacArthur and Dr. William Wirt.
  3. "Joe McCarthy"-(2 copies)

  4. Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: Varney?
    Audience: Watkins Committee?
    Content: Stating that the "real question" in the debate for/against the censure of McCarthy is what will happen to America's fight against Communism if McCarthy is repudiated. Presenting McCarthy as invaluable to the fight against Communism. Defending McCarthy's actions during the trial of General Zwicker.
  5. "Ft. Monmouth Investigation"

  6. Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: Edwards?
    Audience: Watkins Committee?
    Content: Defending McCarthy's motive and method in the Fort Monmouth investigation. Stating that a vote for censure will permanently damage America's ability to protect itself against espionage, and will further the cause of Communism.
  7. "The Peress-Zwicker Case"-(2 copies)

  8. Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: Roy Cohn?
    Audience: Watkins Committee?
    Content: Laying out events which occurred before and during the appearance of General Zwicker before the Permanent Subcommittee. Denying that McCarthy acted incorrectly in his investigation or treatment of General Zwicker.
  9. "Statement of Clifford J. Durr."

  10. Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: Clifford J. Durr (President of the National Lawyers Guild)
    Audience: Senate Judiciary Subcommittee
    Content: Dissecting the provisions of the Mundt-Ferguson Bills and finding them, in every instance, to infringe on the civil rights and liberties provided by the Constitution.
  11. "From: Rabbi Benjamin Schultz."

  12. Date: May 18, 1949
    Speaker/Author: Rabbi Benjamin Schultz (Executive Director of the American Jewish League Against Communism)
    Audience: Senate Judiciary Subcommittee
    Content: Supporting the Mundt-Ferguson bills on the grounds that Americans have a right to know who is a Communist and who is not.

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