Speeches V

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Speech of Senator Joe McCarthy"

  2. Date: May 5, 1956
    Speaker: Joe McCarthy
    Audience: Annual Convention of the Wisconsin Federation of Young Republicans
    Content: Urging Republicans to fight for the election of a Republican President. Criticizing past Democratic Administrations, particularly those of Roosevelt and Truman, and criticizing the current Democratic Presidential candidate, Adlai Stevenson. Focusing on Democratic mishandling of defense policy, especially regarding the transport of "strategic" materials to Communist nations.
  3. "Speech of Senator Joe McCarthy"

  4. Date: December 5, 1955
    Speaker: Joe McCarthy
    Audience: Annual fall meeting of Sertoma International Alligauer's Restaurant
    Content: Commenting on the speech given by Fred Bassett Blair, Chairman of the Communist Party of Wisconsin, in which he (Blair) urged American Communists to come together to form a visible and legitimate political party. Commenting on the subversive activities of the Ford Foundation's Fund for the Republic.
  5. "Speech of Senator Joe McCarthy" (2 copies)

  6. Date: December 7, 1955
    Speaker: Joe McCarthy
    Audience: Municipal Theater in Tulsa OK audience
    Content: Almost identical to the above speech (V, 2). Focusing more heavily on the misdeeds of the Democratic party rather that of the Fund for the Republic.