Speeches IV

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Statement to be Issued at Fort Monmouth." (3 complete copies, 1 incomplete copy)

  2. Date: May 3, 1954
    Speaker: Joe McCarthy
    Audience: Fort Monmouth
    Content: Expressing his (McCarthy's) approval of the steps being taken by General Lawton and Secretary Stevens in the matter of subversives in the Army Signal Corps. Offering the services of his (McCarthy's) committee in locating and trying these subversives.
  3. "Address by Senator Joseph R. McCarthy" (Missing page 3)

  4. Date: October 27, 1999
    Speaker: Joe McCarthy
    Audience: (?)
    Content: Advising the voting public of Democratic candidate for President Adlai Stevenson's Communist advisers and background.
  5. "Speech of Senator Joe McCarthy"

  6. Date: May 14, 1955
    Speaker: Joe McCarthy
    Audience: Catholic War Veterans
    Content: Discussing the extreme lack of American action in the face of Communist aggression. Criticizing the President for doing nothing to help the hundreds of POWs in Communist camps. Calling for action against Communism's next target, Quemoy and the Matsu Islands.
  7. "Speech of Senator Joe McCarthy" (2 copies)

  8. Date: May 1, 1955
    Speaker: Joe McCarthy
    Audience: Queens County American Legion
    Content: Criticizing America's bipartisan approach to foreign policy. Suggesting that this approach gives full power to the majority party, while the minority party is forced to support the majority's decisions. Using Senator George's statement that he will support the President's decision regarding Quemoy and the Matsus regardless of what that decision may be as an example of the flaws of bipartisan foreign policy.
  9. "Speech by Senator Joe McCarthy"

  10. Date: April 20, 1955
    Speaker: Joe McCarthy
    Audience: Attendees of the testimonial dinner for Rabbi Benjamin Schultz
    Content: Praising Ben Schultz as an indispensable leader in the fight against Communism. Using Schultz as an example against the popular myth that Jews and Communists have common goals, and that anti-Communism and anti-Semitism necessarily go hand in hand.
  11. "Speech Made by Senator Joe McCarthy"

  12. Date: August 20, 1953
    Speaker: Joe McCarthy
    Audience: Annual Convention of Marine Corps League
    Content: Criticizing America's "compromise" in allowing Russia a vote in the Korean peace talks. Calling for America to regain its dignity by ceasing to allow American soldiers to be imprisoned, tortured, or otherwise "disrespected" without swift intervention and retribution by the country they serve.

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