Speeches III

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Radio Broadcast by Thomas Dixon."

  2. Date: December 2, 1954
    Speaker: Thomas Dixon (National Commander, United American Veterans)
    Audience: Radio Audience
    Content: Attacking England and one of her subjects, Sir Oliver Franks. Charging that Franks is meddling with American politics, while failing to recognize the growing Communist threat in his own country. Charging that England (Winston Churchill in particular) is ungrateful for the help given by America during the two World Wars. Suggesting that Americans battle Communism by "getting back to God."
  3. "It has been a long, rough, hard six years." (Handwritten notes) (Hand-edited) (Page missing)

  4. Date: (?)
    Speaker: Joe McCarthy
    Audience: Radio audience
    Content: Campaign speech, giving the history of and reasons behind his (McCarthy's) anti-Communist stance. Crediting Jim Forrestal with opening his (McCarthy's) eyes to the Communist treachery going on inside American government. Speaking of a military order, made during the Korean War, forcing an American fleet to prevent anti-Communist Chinese forces from harming Communist ships carrying arms to Korea. Attacking Adlai Stevenson for supporting Alger Hiss and "smearing" McCarthy.
  5. "Remarks of United States Senator."

  6. Date: September 30, 1952
    Speaker: Senator James P. Kem
    Audience: Republican rally in Rolla, Missouri
    Content: Attacking Stuart Symington (head of the Emerson Electric Company) for associating with William Sentner (the Communist leader of Emerson's labor union), and for denying that any scandals occurred during his (Symington's) administration of the surplus property disposal program when in fact it was riddled with scandal.
  7. "Sermon of Father Adam Grill at Funeral Services of Senator Joe McCarthy"

  8. Date: May 7, 1957
    Speaker: Father Adam Grill
    Audience: Mourners at McCarthy's funeral
    Content: Speaking of McCarthy's great dedication to God and country.
  9. "Speech of Senator Joe McCarthy." (3 copies)

  10. Date: April 3, 1957
    Speaker: Joe McCarthy
    Audience: Wisconsin Wholesale Beer Distributors' Convention
    Content: Expressing disapproval of the "excessively large" national budget, and with the higher taxes that invariably accompany such a budget. Proposing that the government get out of the private enterprise system, reduce or abolish foreign aid, and cut the defense budget or more tightly regulate department of defense spending.

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