Speeches II

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Are Unions Above the Law?"-Reprinted in pamphlet form (2 copies)

  2. Date: December 9, 1955
    Speaker: Herbert V. Kohler
    Audience: The Executives Club of Chicago
    Content: Kohler describing the background and details of his company's disputes with labor unions, and defending the management position.
  3. "In Freedom's Cause"-Reprinted in pamphlet form (2 copies)

  4. Date: April 17, 1956
    Speaker: Herbert V. Kohler
    Audience: The Freedom Club (1 st Congregational Church of L.A.)
    Content: Attacking the actions and tactics of UAW-CIO (United Auto Workers).
  5. "Can a Free Economy Tolerate Union Violence?"-Reprinted in pamphlet form (2 copies)

  6. Date: February 25, 1957
    Speaker: Herbert V. Kohler
    Audience: The Economic Club of Detroit
    Content: Discussing union (UAW-CIO) action against his (Kohler's) company and defending his
    position against such action.
  7. "Remarks of J. Edgar Hoover" (two copies)

  8. Date: April 22, 1954
    Speaker: J. Edgar Hoover
    Audience: Continental Congress of the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution
    Content: Discussing America's fight against Communism, and praising members of the Daughters of the American Revolution for their participation in this fight.
  9. "Fulton Lewis Jr. Broadcast"

  10. Date: May 2, 1957
    Speaker: Fulton Lewis Jr.
    Audience: Radio or Television audience
    Content: Reporting McCarthy's death, and attacking those who led to his (McCarthy's) "downfall".