Speeches I

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "My Fellow Americans." (3 copies, 1 rough and hand-edited, and 2 finished)

  2. Date: October 30, 1955
    Speaker: McCarthy
    Audience: Boston Arena audience
    Content: Announcing his (McCarthy's) intention to hand over evidence that the National Labor Relations Board is staffed by and large by Communists to the McClellan Committee (Investigations Committee).
  3. "Address of Senator Joe McCarthy" (7 copies: 6 finished and 1 rough and hand-edited with attached promotional flyer and broadcast schedule)

  4. Date: November 3, 1952
    Speaker: McCarthy
    Audience: Radio audience (actual speech given in Appleton WI)
    Content: McCarthy's final campaign speech. McCarthy challenges his audience to vote Republican in the presidential, congressional, and senatorial races. McCarthy seeks to discredit his Democratic opponent by questioning the verity of remarks made by the opponent regarding McCarthy, and also to discredit Democratic presidential candidate Stevenson by accusing all of his (Stevenson's) advisors of having Communist sympathies.
  5. "Radio Talk given By John N. Zimmerman"

  6. Date: September 25, 1952
    Speaker: John N. Zimmerman (Democrats for McCarthy)
    Audience: Radio audience
    Content: In support of McCarthy's reelection. Holds that the ideals of democracy transcend party lines.
  7. "The Sam Jones Radio Talk for Arizona"

  8. Date: October 3, 1954
    Speaker: Sam Jones
    Audience: Radio audience
    Content: Questioning the role of the "McCarthy controversy" in the upcoming presidential election, as well as the methods of the Watkins Committee in formulating charges against McCarthy.
  9. "Radio Address by the Honorable Herman Welker"

  10. Date: October 20, 1954
    Speaker: Herman Welker
    Audience: Radio audience
    Content: Calling for the election of Henry Dworshak instead of Glen H. Taylor as Idaho Senator. Discusses Taylor's Communist affiliations and questions his (Taylor's) Idaho residency.
  11. "Address delivered by the Honorable Frank B. Keefe"

  12. Date: September 25, 1950
    Speaker: Frank B. Keefe (WI Congressman)
    Audience: WI Chiefs of Police Association
    Content: Explaining why he (Keefe) will no longer seek public office. Speaks, to this end, of his long experience with subversion in government, focusing on his attempts to remove communists from government positions and on an alleged cover-up at Pearl Harbor.
  13. "Good Evening Fellow Americans"-Copy (hand-edited)

  14. Date: ?
    Speaker: McCarthy
    Audience: ?
    Content: Criticizing Harry Truman for promoting Harry Dexter White, for criticizing McCarthy's fight against Communism, and for allowing government offices to become and remain "honeycombed" with Communist agents. Also criticizing Truman-type Democrats who "put party above country."

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