Oversize Speeches II

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Address by Honorable Francis E. Walter"
  2. (two copies)
    Date: September 29, 1959
    Speaker: Francis E. Walter, Chairman, Committee on Un-American Activities
    Audience: National Convention of Patriotic Order Sons of America
    Content: Criticizes the American government's reception of Khrushchev. Reiterates the dangers of Communism to the free world, and speaks of organizations, like the American Association of University Professors, who by opposing the work of the Committee on Un-American Activities are aiding the Communist cause.
  3. "Speech of Senator Joe McCarthy"

  4. Date: March 19, 1954
    Speaker: Joseph McCarthy
    Audience: Young Republicans
    Content: Responds to attacks made by Adlai on McCarthy and the Republican Party in general. Claims that Adlai and the Democrats are using methods created and used by Communists in order to try and defeat him. Lists twenty accusations against Adlai and the Democrats over event which occurred during the last twenty years where they were guilty of crimes stemming from either treason or stupidity. Provides the names of twenty "Fifth Amendment Communists," individuals who were accused of being Communists, plead the Fifth Amendment, and were then removed from their government positions, as proof of the effectiveness of his battle against undercover Communists in the American government.
  5. "Talk of Senator Joe McCarthy" (two copies)

  6. Date: January 8, 1956
    Speaker: Joseph McCarthy
    Audience: Mutual Broadcasting System (radio broadcast)
    Content: Criticizes the willingness of the American government to accept Soviet efforts to insure peace, which McCarthy sees as a front put up to lull the free world into complacency so that Communism can take over. Encourages giving foreign aide only to those countries involved in the fight against Communism, such as Free China, South Korea, and South Vietnam. Warns against electing the Democrats to power in 1956 because America's problems with Communism can be traced back to the Truman administration.