Oversize Speeches I

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. " Antidote For War"

  2. Date: April 14, 1954
    Speaker: J. R. Belknap
    Audience: (?)
    Content: Suggesting than differing views on such things as political structure, religion, and (as is the case in the "cold war" between Communists and Capitalists) economics have been the cause of most wars. Illustrating how both Communism and Capitalism are flawed, but upholding Capitalism as the better of the two structures. Suggesting that war can be avoided if those with different opinions are allowed to discuss their views.
  3. "Speech of Senator Joe McCarthy." (4 copies- one copy with an attached memorandum "To Wisconsin Newspapers")

  4. Date: February 9, 1957
    Speaker: Joe McCarthy
    Audience: Wisconsin GOP Club
    Content: Discussing the "Atoms for Peace" program, and a treaty proposed by the program by which and International Atomic Energy Agency would by established. Discussing the threat of this proposed agency, which would serve to distribute atomic technology and materials to nations who do not yet have atomic capabilities. Discussing the tension created by this issue and many others between himself (McCarthy) and President Eisenhower.
  5. "Speech of Senator Joe McCarthy."

  6. Date: February 22, 1956
    Speaker: Joe McCarthy
    Audience: The For America Rally, New York City
    Content: Outlining events by which America has proved itself no foe of Communism- especially in relation to the Communist wars of aggression in Asia. Holding up General Douglas McArthur as an example of a true Communist-fighting American.