Resolutions II

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Memorandum Agreement"
    Date: April 4, 1957
    Made by: A.J. O'Melia and Nicholas E. Allen
    Content: Agrees on the amount of payment owed to O'Melia and Kaye by the Kenwood Traders Group.

  2. "85th Congress" (eight copies)
    Date: (?)
    Made by: Committee on Government Operations
    Content: Expresses the Committee's regret over McCarthy's death.

  3. "Prohibitions on Testimony y Loyalty Security Board Members Before Congressional Committees"
    Date: 1954 or later
    Made by: (?)
    Content: Lists and discusses four Presidential restrictions established by Truman and Eisenhower concerning the release of information from the loyalty-security program of Executive Agencies to persons outside the Executive Branch of the government. Discusses a recent meeting at the Attorney General's office, attended by Department Counselor Adams, Deputy Attorney General Rogers, and other members of the White House Executive Staff, at which this issue was raised.

  4. "Fort Monmouth Cases"
    Date: April 27, 1954
    Made by: (?)
    Content: Discusses the current status of thirty-five unnamed Fort Monmouth employees who were suspended in 1953 for various suspected Communist related activities or affiliations.

  5. "State of New York" (two copies, attached is a document claiming that the information in the attached documents may be of interest to the House of Un-American Activities)
    Date: July 15, 1954
    Made by: Mary E. Woods
    Content: Reports the decision of Case Number 90-52-54R, a case in which a young woman who invoked the Fifth Amendment before the Committee on Un-American Activities and was subsequently fired was suing for Unemployment Insurance.

  6. "Ladd Air Force Base - Fairbanks, Alaska"
    Date: 1955 or later
    Made by: (?)
    Content: Reports that materials had been sold to civilians from Ladd Airforce Base that had not yet been demilitarized.

  7. "Memorandum Agreement" (two copies)
    Date: April 4, 1957
    Made by: A.J. O'Melia, Nicholas E. Allen, Richard Farney and Glen Gorman
    Content: Lists the conditions of the partnership between Glen Gorman and Richard Farney in forming the Kenwood Traders Group.

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