Resolutions I

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "85th Congress" (five copies)

  2. Date: (?)
    Made by: United States Congress
    Content: States that Congress is deeply sorry at McCarthy's death and that they honor his fight against Communism. Three copies.

  3. "Memorandum" (two copies)

  4. Date: April 4, 1957
    Made by: Richard Farney and Glenn Gorman (undersigned by A.J. O'Melia and Nicholas E. Allen)
    Content: Agreement which establishes the purpose and perimeters of the Kenwood Trade Group and their relationship to the Law Firm of O'Melia and Kaye.

  5. "Memorandum Agreement"
    Date: April 4, 1957
    Made by: A.J. O'Melia and Nicholas E. Allen
    Content: Establishes what percentage of money paid to the law firm of O'Melia and Kaye will be paid to Allen.

  6. "Prohibitions on Testimony by Loyalty-Security Board Members Before Congressional Committees"
    Date: (?)
    Made by: (?)
    Content: "Various restrictions on release of information concerning the loyalty-security program of Executive Agencies to persons outside the Executive Branch of the Government are established by four Presidential documents - three from President Truman and one from President Eisenhower."

  7. "Fort Monmouth Cases"
    Date: April 27, 1954
    Made by: (?)
    Content: "As I have previously indicated, 35 Fort Monmouth employees have been suspended since 19 August 1953. Of these, 33 had been suspended by 30 October."

  8. Unemployment Insurance Reference Section
    Date: July 15, 1954
    Made by: State of New York: Department of Labor
    Content: "Findings of Fact: A hearing was held at which claimant and representatives of the employer and of the Industrial Commissioner appeared and testified."

  9. "Ladd Air Force Base - Fairbanks, Alaska
    Date: (?)
    Made by: (?)
    Content: "All during 1955 rumors current of fraud and collusion in salvage disposal yard - civilians buying Class 27 goods NOT DEMILITARIZED (violation Presidential proclamation -implements of war)."

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