Publications VI

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Republican Report on the First Session of the 84th Congress"
    Date/Issue: August 2, 1955
    Published by: United States Government Printing Office
    Editor: Senator William F. Knowland
    Content: "Taking into account the whole of the Eisenhower legislative program for this session, the performance of Congress was satisfactory in view of the close division that prevailed between the two major parties in both the Senate and House of Representatives. If Republicans had been in control of the Congress and its committees, it is our belief that much more of the President's domestic program would have been enacted and more of it in accordance with his recommendations."

  2. "The Ford Fund for the Republic"
    Date/Issue: July 21, 1955
    Published by: United States Government Printing Office (Not printed at Government expense)
    Editor: Honorable B. Carroll Reece
    Content: "Mr. Speaker, it is with considerable reluctance that I make these remarks, but I feel compelled to do so. So many persons from all over the country have written me about the behavior of Dr. Robert M. Hutchins' giveaway program in behalf of so-called civil rights that I must make some kind of a public statement on the matter."

  3. "Appendix to the Congressional Record"
    Date/Issue: September 23, 1950
    Editor: (?)
    Article #1: Administration Ignoring Lower-Income Families
    Article #2: The Metropolitan Broadcasting Corp. -- This Report Which was Never Release
    Article #3: Facts, Not Fancy
    Article #4: Address of Honorable Joseph R. McCarthy, of Wisconsin
    Article #5: Charles E. Wilson's Philosophy: A Fundamental Guide for Future Labor-Management Relations

    "Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the 82nd Congress, First Session
    Date/Issue: June 4, 1951
    Published by: United States Printing Office (Not printed at Government expense)
    Editor: Honorable Charles J. Kersten
    Article #1: The Christianform: To Preserve the Christian Form of Civilization
    Content: "Mr. Speaker, Nikolai Lenin, 35 years ago, started with a small group to conquer the world for communism. About one year and a half ago a small group, inspired by the Christopher idea, began similarly, to preserve the Christian form of civilization in the world. One is fired by the power of militant, atheistic materialism -- the power of hate. The other is fired by the power of Jesus Christ -- the power of love."

  4. "Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the 79th Congress, Second Session"
    Date/Issue: May 6, 1946
    Published by: United States Printing Office (Not printed at Government expense)
    Editor: Honorable Joseph P. O'Hara
    Article #1: Is Communism Compatible with Christianity
    Content: "Mr. Speaker, as an alumnus of Notre Dame University, my attention has been called to the thought provoking address of our colleague from Connecticut, Hon. Clare Boothe Luce, given on the occasion of the dinner at the Biltmore Hotel on April 29, 1946, on the universal Notre Dame night. The speech follows:..."

  5. "Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debate of the 85th Congress, First Session"
    Date/Issue: June 7, 1957
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Article #1: "House of Representatives" with appendix
    Content: The House at 12 o'clock noon. President Lawrence S. Burton of the Ogden Stake of the Church of the Latter-day Saints, Ogden, Utah offered the following prayer.

  6. "Congressional Record Proceedings and Debates of the 84th Congress, Second Session"
    Date/Issue: February 23, 1956
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Article #1: "Senate"; Article #2: "House of Representatives" with Appendix
    Content: The word "save" is written in capitals in red ink at the top. At the bottom, "East-West Trade" and "Sen. McClellan 2771" is written along with "NAACP 2805" and "73 Case Histories."

  7. "Congressional Record -- Senate"
    Date/Issue: July 6, 1953
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Article #1: "Book Burning and the United States Information Program"
    Content: "Mr. President, I rise today, however, to speak on the general subject of book burning, because much has been published in the press during the dog days of the last weeks of June and the first week of July on the subject of book burning. Probably more has been said about it which does not apply to the specific problems at hand than would be justified. Consequently, I wish to relate briefly the headlines, stories, editorials, and comments about book burning to a very practical situation which now confronts us, namely, the United States information program."

  8. "Congressional Record -- Appendix"
    Date/Issue: January 18, 1955
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Article #1: Extension of Remarks of Hon. Alexander Wiley
    Content: Name "Hon. Alexander Wiley" is underlined in red. An address by Hon. Alexander Wiley, of Wisconsin, ranking Republican, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in Harrisburg, PA., at Jewish Community Center, at 100th anniversary of the center movement in the United States on Sunday, January 16, 1955.

  9. "Congressional Record Proceedings and Debates of the 83rd Congress, Second Session"
    Date/Issue: November 9, 1954
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Article #1: "Senate"
    Content: House of Representatives was adjourned.

  10. "H.R. 3322"
    Date/Issue: January 31, 1955
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Article #1: A Bill
    Content: To amend the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 so as to improve the administration of the program for the utilization of surplus property for educational and public health purposes. Title, author, and date are all crossed out in blue. Author's name replaced with "McClellan, et al."

  11. "Congressional Record -- Senate"
    Date/Issue: March 28, 1956
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Article #1: "Transfer of Title to Certain Land to the Pueblo of San Lorenzo, N. Mex."
    Content: "A bill (H.R. 6625) to provide for the transfer of title to certain land and the improvements thereon to the Pueblo of San Lorenzo (Pueblo of Picuris), in New Mexico, and for other purposes." Title highlighted with red.

  12. "Congressional Record -- Appendix"
    Date/Issue: February 6, 1957
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Article #1: "Extension of Remarks of Hon. Francis E. Walter"
    Content: "Mr. Speaker, American industry and the American way of life must be protected from unscrupulous practices such as two individuals, namely Alfoons Landa, a Washington attorney, and David Karr, alias David Katz, a man who was a writer for the Daily Worker, engaged in." Title highlighted with red.

  13. "Governmental Accounting"
    Date/Issue: March 1957
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Content: "The honorable Joseph Campbell, Comptroller General of the United States, discusses the professional approach to federal governmental accounting in an interview with the editor of The Journal.

  14. "Let Us Safeguard America First"
    Date/Issue: from speech on August 13, 1954
    Published by: The American Mercury Magazine
    Editor: (?)
    Content: "The American people have for generations lived out their lives in freedom, hope, generosity, and confidence in the future. Our ancestors, who fought in the War of Independence and devised the Constitution, built up a great political capital fund, on which we have been drawing, generation after generation, to enjoy a freedom and happiness we had not earned. We have lived over a century on the unearned increment of this political capital which other men had broken their hearts to win for us." by Senator William E. Jenner

  15. "U.S.A.; An American Bulletin of Fact and Opinion"
    Date/Issue: December 2, 1955
    Published by: Alice Widener
    Editor: (?)
    Article #1: The Grand Intellectual Alliance; Article #2: The Socialization of the Child; Article #3: Report on the U.N.; Article #4: Fact and Opinion
    Content: In, 1950, the midway year of the twentieth century, a grand intellectual alliance was formed between the Ford Foundation, the richest philanthropic enterprise in the world, and the Social Science Research Council, described last year by a Congressional Committee as "probably the greatest power in the social science field." {4pp}

  16. "U.S. Senate Committee on Government Operations "
    Date/Issue: September 17, 1956
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Content: Letter from Walter L. Reynolds. "RE: Senate Document No. 148, A Summary - Index of Congressional Investigations of Communism and Subversive Activities."

  17. "USA; An American Bulletin of Fact and Opinion"
    Date/Issue: February 10, 1956
    Published by: Alice Widener
    Editor: (?)
    Article #1: Big Labor; Article #2: Tariffs Or Socialism; Article #3: Debt and Taxes; Article #4: Will Niagra Fall?
    Content: "The labor union monopolists' concerted drive for more power can lead us to social and economic disaster. Therefore it is high time to call halt and see where we are." {8pp}

  18. "John T. Flynn"
    Date/Issue: June 20, 1954
    Published by: America's Future, Inc.
    Editor: (?)
    Article #1: Program M-21
    Content: "Mr. Churchill is a very old man and very feeble and he's not coming over here with Eden to visit the President just for a social gathering; he knows what he wants; and he's coming over here to try to get it from President Eisenhower."
  19. "The Iron Curtain Over America"
    Date/Issue: (?)
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Content: Large picture of General George E. Stratemeyer. Large letter above picture read, "Gen. George E. Stratemeyer, hero of the Korean War urges reading of the Iron Curtain Over America." On back is letter from Gen. Stratemeyer to Colonel John Beaty, author of the book.

  20. "You can help combat Communism" and "Salve Regina"
    Date/Issue: (?)
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Content: The first object is an 8-point program to combat Communism. The second object is a picture of Salve Regina with "Kathleen O'Melia" written in pencil below it.

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