Publications V

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Announcing Sun Yat-Sen Versus Communism"
    Date/Issue: 1932
    Published in: Just a booklet.
    Editor: Maurice William.
    Content: A book with a highly significant background-one involving famous personalities, one which illuminates, in a singular fashion, present day policies and politics of the far fast, one which has enormous implications respecting the future story of mankind.

  2. "Hungary The Innocent Victim"
    Date/Issue: 1953
    Published in: (?)
    Editor: Dr. Lewis Liptay.
    Content: The dismemberment of Austria-Hungary as really a great mistake but the dismemberment of Hungary was even a much greater error.

  3. "The Case for the Communist Party"
    Date/Issue: April 1949.
    Published in: (?)
    Editor: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
    Content: Communist leaders are accused only of exercising our right of political association, of teaching and advocating certain political doctrines-and hence are on trial of their political beliefs.

  4. "Platforms of the Two Great Political Parties"
    Date/Issue: 1932-48
    Published in: (?)
    Editor: Compiled by William Graf under the directions of Ralph R. Roberts.
    Content: This volume contains the Democratic and Republican platforms for 1932 to 1948 only, together with miscellaneous information.

  5. "HUMRRO"
    Date/Issue: 4 February, 1954.
    Published in: (?)
    Editor: Richard Snyder and Eli Saltz.
    Content: The experiment reported here represents part of a research effort on psychological effects of Desert Rock V.

  6. "Guardians Of Our American Heritage"
    Date/Issue: May, 1954. Vol II, No. 5
    Published in: (?).
    Editor: (?)
    Content: A letter by Clare E. Hoffman to the Americans.

  7. "For God and Freedom"
    Date/Issue: June 1, 1954. Vol. V, No. 2
    Published in: The Voice of Christianform
    Editor: Nicholes T. Nonnenmacher.
    Content: Paul Crouch, a member of the Christianform was accused by the Alsop brothers on a number of occasions in their national syndicated column of such things as having given conflicting testimony under oath as a Government witness in Communist trials ; allegedly identifying an individual as a Communist who it is claimed he never met in his life; giving untrue testimony before a United States Senate Committee, etc.

  8. "Exclusive"
    Date/Issue: August 7, 1957
    Published in: A digest and analysis of Washington intelligence for limited distribution.
    Editor: (?)
    Content: Do not take at face value the current senatorial attacks and counterattacks over the merits of the civil rights bill. At this point both parties seek primarily to maximize political gains and cut losses.

  9. "Inflation-Hot and Cold"
    Date/Issue: January 18, 1956
    Published in: National Review.
    Editor: Wilhelm Roepke.
    Content: Inflation, either imminent or actual, has once more become the absorbing concern of Governments and central banks, and a cause of uneasiness among people in all walks of life.

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