Publications IV

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "White House Masterminds Plot to 'GET' McCarthy"
    Date/Issue: April 5, 1954.Vol. VI, No.1
    Editor: (?)
    Article #1: "Presidential Aids Had Ties To Reds, Red Dupes & Spies"
    Article #2: "Commie School Teaches How To Fight McCarthy"
    Article #3: "New Red-Front Group Begins Drive To Free Reds and Fight McCarthyism"
    Article #4: "Voice Of The Kremlin Blasts Joe McCarthy"
    Article #5: "Editor Tells What's Behind The Plot to 'Get' McCarthy"
    Article #6: "Red-Tinged Magazine Devotes Whole Issue to Smearing McCarthy"
    Article #7: "What is McCarthyism"
    Article #8: "Is The Weld Committee Going To Join In Fighting McCarthyism"
    Article #9: "Many Celler Wants A join Committee To Do A Better job"
    Article #10: "Drew Pearson Attacks McCarthy Has Vilified All Anti-Red Probers"
    Article #11: "Even Counterattack Helped Foes of McCarthy and McCarthyism"
    Article #12: "Eisenhower's Administration Stalls on Promise"
    Article #13: "Proposed New York Probe of Communism Sabotaged"
    Article #14: "Why Senator McCarthy Hasn't Convicted A Single Communist"
    Article #15: "Bigots Smear McCarthy As 'Traitor', And Catholics As 'Subversive'"
    Article #16: "The McCarthy Issue: A fight For Political Life"
    Article #17: "Sen. Joe McCarthy Is 'Most Admired'"
    Article #18: "Col'm'st Changes Opinion About Anti-Red Probes"
    Article #19: "It's A Question Of Whom Reds Hate Most J.Edgar Hoover Or Joseph McCarthy "

  2. "The Grand Hoax"
    Date/Issue: February 15, 1957.Vol. 11, No.7
    Published in: Counterattack, The Newsletter of Facts to Combat Communism.
    Editor: (?)
    Content: The Ignorance of the Press and public on what the party had been saying or doing in the eight month pre-convention discussion, allowed the party to pull off one of the greatest hoaxes they have ever achieved.

  3. "Paul Crouch Answers The Alsop Charges" (2 Copies)
    Date/Issue: June 1, 1954.Vol. V, No.2
    Published in: The Voice Of The Christianform
    Editor: (?)
    Content: Paul Crouch, a member of The Christianform has been accused by the Alsop brothers on a number of occasions as having given conflicting testimony under oath as a government witness in Communist trials; allegedly identifying an individual as a Communist who it is claimed he never met in his life; giving untrue testimony before the United States Committee, etc.

  4. "Victory In Florida"
    Date/Issue: September 15, 1954.Vol.III, No.19
    Published in: The Firing Line.
    Editor: (?)
    Content: The Communist conspiracy got a devastating blow when a Circuit judge Vincemnt C. Giblin disbarred Attorney Leo Sheiner for invoking the Fifth Amendment in refusing to answer questions concerning loyalty to the courts and the country.

  5. "The Truth About Senator Joe McCarthy" (2 Copies)
    Date/Issue: June 1, 1954.Vol. V, No.2
    Published in: The Voice Of The Christianform.
    Editor: (?)
    Content: A booklet on Senator McCarthy's fight against communism (2 copies). " Why not let the FBI expose and remove Communists and fellow travelers?"Have any of the officials you named been removed from Government office?, "Why Do you at times make use of Congressional immunity?", "couldn't you expose Communist infiltration of Government by some other method than you use?", "Was the State Department responsible for the Communist Conquest of Poland?", "Have the Communists found the smear technique a successful one in destroying or discrediting their enemies?"

  6. "The Red Record of Senator Harley Kilgore"
    Date/Issue: (?)
    Published in: American Mercury
    Editor: William Bradford Huie.
    Content: Has a collection of articles answering questions and issues like-'Why is Kilgore always supported by the 'Daily Worker' and The 'People's World'?', 'Communist Magazine Supports Kilgore Program', 'Kilgore Supports Communist Organizations', 'Kilgore Supported by Communist Unions', 'Why Do Communist-Controlled Unions Support Kilgore?', 'Kilgore followed Communist party line by opposing Spain', Kilgore Opposed the Passage of the McCarran 1952 Internal Security Bill', 'Kilgore associated himself with Left Wingers', Do you know about the 'AMTORG TRADING COMPANY?'

  7. "The Communist Line Bulletin'
    Date/Issue: May, 1956.Vol. 1, No.9
    Published by: The Institute of Community Education.
    Editor: Louis F. Budenz
    Content: Describes a petition which was given to President Eisenhower, so that he may take actions against the USSR who's tyrannical has enslaved almost one-third of the world's people.

  8. "Stitt And Block, Quiz Kids"
    Date/Issue: April 27, 1956.Vol. 10, No.17
    Published in: Counterattack, The Newsletter of Facts to Combat Communism.
    Editor: (?)
    Content: Gives information Rabbi Irving J. Block and the Rev. Jesse William Stitt, a pair of clergymen are the popular heroes to be forged by the big-paying television quiz programs, like the NBC's $100,000 Big Surprise.

  9. "1955, The Year Of The Red Chinese Dragon'
    Date/Issue: December 31, 1954.Vol. 1, No.21
    Published by: U.S.A. An American Bulletin of Fact and Opinion.
    Editor: Alice Widener
    Content: The US foreign policy for the year 1955, is based on the following concepts that Red China can be wooed away from the Kremlin control and that peaceful coexistence is possible with Red China. This policy would bring added disaster to freedom-loving peoples in Asia.

  10. "Senator Joseph R. McCarthy"
    Date/Issue: May 2, 3, 6 and 7, 1957.
    Published by: The Fulton Lewis jr. Newsletter.
    Content: Gives information on the life of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy.

  11. "National Republic"
    Date/Issue: December, 1954.
    Published in: National Republic.

    Article #1: "Communists On The Run"
    Editor: Hon. Ralph W. Gwinn

    Article #2: "How To Spot A Communist"
    Editor: Rev. Claude Bunzel

    Article #3: "Can You Recognize A Communist?"
    Editor: George N. Kramer, Ph.D.

    Article #4: "Communist Menace Abroad"
    Editor: Paul R. Bish

    Article #5: "Turning Searchlights On Reds"
    Editor: Walter S. Steele

  12. "National Republic"
    Date/Issue: June, 1954.
    Published in: National Republic.

    Article #1: "Top Reds In The New Deal Spy Ring"
    Editor: Hon. James E. Van Zandt

    Article #2: "Communism In The South"
    Editor: Paul Crouch

    Article #3: "Oh Say, Can You See...?"
    Editor: John Jay Daly

    Article #4: "Let's Define Communism"
    Editor: L.F. Harza

  13. "Is James E. Murray A Fifth Amendment Candidate?"
    Date/Issue: (?)
    Published by: Pro-American Research Foundation.
    Editor: V.O. Overcash, President.
    Content: This question is asked because he and his supporters have not defined HIS RED RECORD AND COMMUNIST FRONT ASSOCIATIONS, so carefully documented and published, October 2, 1954.

  14. "Publications Relating To Communism And Subversive Activities" (2 Copies)
    Date/Issue: August 26, 1953.
    Published by: United States Government Printing Office.
    Editor: (?)
    Content: Gives a list of the publications relating to Communism and subversive activities and a price of each publication.

  15. "Our War Of Words And Dollars"
    Date/Issue: September 20, 1956.
    Published by: The National Association Of Retail Druggists.
    Editor: Eugene W. Castle
    Content: Gives information on certain issues such as the war of words and dollars, excessive cost of World war, Foreign aid,examples of excesses of foreign aid.

  16. "Blueprint For Victory"
    Date/Issue: July 15, 1954. Fifth Edition.
    Published by: South Dakota Republican State Central Committee.
    Content: Instructions for leaders assigned to training conferences, suggestions to County chairmen on how to call and how to set up a training conference, the conference itself-how to organize a winning team, how to conduct a successful County political campaign, "The Big Day"-election day fundamentals and must reading for all workers.

  17. "McCarthy Broadcast Dinner"
    Date/Issue: October 27, 1952
    Published by: The Palmer House, Chicago, Illinois
    Editor: (?)
    Content: the members of the McCarthy Broadcast Dinner.

  18. "Senator McCarthy's Report to the People of Wisconsin" (5 Copies).
    Date/Issue: Report No. 14
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Highlighted articles: Highest Budget Since World War II, Welfare Spending vs. Tax Reduction, Marx Program, Reduce Foreign Aid, Get Government Out of Private Business, Hoover Commission Recommendations, Proposed Legislation Affecting R.E.A., Savings to Government

  19. "Senator McCarthy's Report to the People of Wisconsin" (2 copies).
    Date/Issue: November 20, 1956/Report No. 10
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Highlighted articles: American Money To Communist Yugoslavia, A New Cheese Process--Good News for Wisconsin Dairy Farmers, The Problem of Cheese Surpluses, How the New Process Helps Solve the Problem, Disposing of the Cabbage Surplus, Help From the Quartermaster Corps

  20. "Senator McCarthy's Report to the People of Wisconsin" (2 copies).
    Date/Issue: Report No. 8
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Highlighted articles: More Aid To Tito?, The Lost Gamble, The Tito-Kremlin Alliance, The Meaning of Tito's Statement, The Reasons for the State Department's Policy, The Attempt to Cut Off Aid to Nations Shipping War Material to the Communists

  21. "Senator McCarthy's Report to the People of Wisconsin" (2 copies).
    Date/Issue: March 19, 1956.
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Content: The Senate Subcommittee's investigation of current, U.S. authorized strategic trade with the Communist nations.

  22. "Senator McCarthy's Report to the People of Wisconsin" (3 copies).
    Date/Issue: February 10, 1956.
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Content: "The fabulous case of U.S. v. Hughes, concluded last week in New York, indicates the unconscionable lengths to which powerful Liberals in this country have gone, and will still go, in order to discredit and defame those who are attempting to expose the Communist conspiracy......"

  23. "Senator McCarthy's Report to the People of Wisconsin" (2 copies).
    Date/Issue: Report No. 13
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Highlighted articles: Introducing a New Member of the Family, New Outlet for Dairy Surplus, Farmer to Consumer Price Gap Should be Narrowed, "Atoms for Peace" Treaty, Atomic Give Away Program, USA Has No Protection

  24. "Don't Say...Yes ! Don't Say...No !"
    Date/Issue:April 28, 1953
    Address by: Vic Shapiro, Channing Hill, LA, Calif.
    Address to: garment Workers Committee for The Defense of American Freedoms.
    Content: An article describing if a person is Communist then he should say that he is one and if he is not a Communist then he should say that he is not.

  25. "He Fought the Depression Makers"
    Date/Issue: March 1954
    Published by: Sentner Defense Committee.
    Editor: (?)
    Highlighted article: "Quote on Page 30"
    Content: Bill Senter's beliefs and what he has done.

  26. "The Fort Monmouth Security Investigations"
    Date: April 25, 1954
    Author: The Scientists' Committee on Loyalty and Security 2153 Yale Station, New Haven 11, Conn.
    Published for/in: (?)
    Content: The security investigations at the Army's Signal Corps Engineering Laboratories at Fort Committee on Loyalty and security and is sponsored by the federation of American Scientists under the authority of its Executive Committee.

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