Publications III

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Freedom's Facts Against Communism"

  2. Date/Issue: 1954 or later/Vol. 2 No. 3
    Published by: All-American Conference to Combat Communism

    Article #1: "Geneva - Battlefield in East-West Warfare"
    Content: Reports the conflict between the free world and Communism which is taking place at the Geneva conference over matters concerning the Far East and disarmament in Europe.

    Article #2: "East European Peoples Communized through Books"
    Content: Reports the danger poised to the efforts of Eastern European liberation forces by the influx of books containing Communist propaganda which are sent into these countries by the Soviets.

    Article #3: "Motion Pictures and Theater: Means of New 'Cultural' Offensive"
    Content: States that the Soviets and Chinese Communists are increasing distribution of motion pictures and theater productions in South East Asia in order to implement a new "cultural" offensive against liberty and freedom.

    Article #4: "The Birth of a Communist Party"
    Content: Recounts the story told in the Daily Worker of Jose M. Fortuny, the founder of the Guatemalan Communist Party.

    Article #5: "Russians Seek to Build Unity with Ukrainians"
    Content: Announces that the U.S.S.R. Ministry of Culture and the Moscow City Soviet Executive Committee has decided to build a monument to celebrate the 300 th anniversary of the reunification of the Ukraine with Russia.

    Article #6: "World Federation of Trade Unions Launches 'Unity of Action' Campaign"
    Content: States that as a result of several resolutions adopted by the executive department of the World Federation of Trade Unions, American trade unions active in the Internal Confederation of Free Trade Unions should expect to feel increased competition.

    Article #7: " Daily Worker Campaign Gains Subscriptions"
    Content: Reports that the Daily Worker has embarked on an aggressive campaign to regain subscriptions lost as a result of anti-Communist efforts.

    Article #8: "Is Colombia Next on CP's List in Latin America"
    Content: States that although the regime of Laurenano Gomez has been deposed by the Colombian Army under General Rojas Pinilla, Colombian trade unions are still fighting for their freedom.

    Article #9: "May Day Plans Big; Performance???"
    Content: Reports that militant Communist leader Elizabeth Gurley Flynn is urging a huge labor turn out for May Day celebrations in New York City.

    Article #10: "U.S. Communists Tell Canadians: 'These Are Stormy Times of Struggle for Communists'"
    Content: States that greeting cards that expressed the sentiment that these were tough times for Communists were sent by the National Committee Communist Party, U.S.A., to the Progressive Party of Canada.

    Article #11: "Communists Discover New Western Philosophy"
    Content: Reports that Communists believe they have discovered the "semantics" of Western philosophy.
  3. "Senator Joseph R. McCarthy: An Appraisal"

  4. Date: May 18, 1957
    Published by: National Review: A Weekly Journal of Opinion
    Editor: F. Harper, Rodney Gilbert, Holmes Alexander, Morrie Ryskind, Robert A. Hunter, James Burnham, and Russell Kirk

    Article #1: "This Was a Man"
    Author: L. Brent Bozell
    Contents: Praises McCarthy as a person and describes him as dealing bravely with the betrayal of his censure by the Senate.

    Article #2: "Across McCarthy's Grave"
    Author: William S. Schlamm
    Contents: Praises McCarthy and defends him against those who brought about his censure and criticized him during the last years of his life.
  5. "Kohler of Kohler"

  6. Date/Issue: April 1955/Vol. 39
    Published by: Kohler Co. Organization
    Editor: (?)
    Contents: Reports the events of the UAW-CIO strike from the management's perspective. Tells of Union misdeeds against employees who refuse to join and of Union ambitions for power through strikes and physical force.
  7. "Lettergram"

  8. Date/Issue: No. 255
    Published by: National Republic
    Editor: (?)
    Article #1: "I Refuse to Answer on the Ground That It May Incriminate Me"
    Contents: Cites how the Fifth Amendment is invoked by individuals under-suspicion of Communist activities, and gives examples of several cases where witnesses who had been invoking the Fifth Amendment broke down to admit that they were in fact Communists.
  9. "McCarthyism: The Fight for America"

  10. Date/Issue: 1952
    Published by: The Devin - Adair Company
    Author: Joseph McCarthy
    Contents: Recounts, from McCarthy's perspective, his activities during the early 1950's, his personal convictions and political beliefs which motivated his actions, and his plans for the future.
  11. "Human Events"

  12. Date/Issue: March 16, 1957/Vol. XIV, No. 11
    Published by: Human Events, Inc.
    Editor: Frank L. Wick

    Article #1: "New Section"
    Contents: Summarizes current news such as talk of decreasing government spending, the exclusion of McCarthy from a dinner for members of Congress, and upcoming elections in New York and Texas.

    Article #2: "How You Can Stop Big Spending"
    Author: Senator William E. Jenner of Indiana
    Contents: Puts forth several suggestions for cutting the national budget, including decreasing foreign aide and big spending due to government social programs.

    Article #3: "Why 'Intellectuals' Hate Capitalism"
    Author: Ludwig von Mises
    Contents: Argues that the philosophy of anti-capitalism was created by individuals who feel inadequate because they failed to be successful in a capitalist environment where all success is dependent upon personal initiative and hard work.
  13. "Senate Republican Memo"

  14. Date/Issue: January 19, 1956/Vol. II, No. 3
    Published by: Staff of Senate Republican Policy Committee

    Article #1: "Liberals Involved in Fantastic Political Hoax"
    Contents: Reports that it has recently been discovered that political foes of Joseph McCarthy actually paid an informer as well as witnesses to perjure themselves and testify falsely against him.

    Article #2: "Million Plus Approved for Democratic Investigations"
    Contents: Reports that in comparison with the relatively small budget approved by Republicans, the Democrats have authorized a budget of several million dollars, a budget which very well may be the most expensive in history.

    Article #3: "Democrats Imperil School Bill on Civil Rights Issue"
    Contents: States that the Democratic leadership of Congress is incapable of passing any bills concerning school reform because of disagreement with the Democratic Party itself over segregation.

    Article #4: "Offshore Oil Proves bonanza for Federal Government"
    Contents: Reports favorably that the Federal Government has earned over $250 million dollars from the taxation of offshore oil companies, a tax implemented by Republicans.

    Article #5: "Administration Disposes of $1.7 Billion in Farm Surplus"
    Contents: States that since the enactment of the Republican-sponsored Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act, $1.7 billion worth of surplus farm commodities has been disposed of in the form of domestic school lunches, aide to need persons, and distribution of foreign relief through nonprofit voluntary agencies, among other ways.

    Article #6: "Brink of War"
    Content: Reports that an article in The Evening Star stated that Democrats criticized Secretary of state Dulles for bringing the U.S. to the brink of war.

    Article #7: "Immigration and Visitor Visas Set Postwar Record"
    Content: Reports that more visas were issued during 1955 under the Republican administration than in any year under the Truman administration.

    Article #8: "President Outlines Long-Range Program for Great Plains Area"
    Content: Announces the proposal by Eisenhower of a program to rehabilitate the semiarid farm lands of the Great Plains area.

    Article #9: "Federal Aid to Education"
    Content: Reports the Eisenhower administrations plan to implement an aid program to public schools that would leave public school control under state and local governments. Explains the program and how it would work.

    Article #10: "Overseas Aid, Investment Exceeds $82 Billion"
    Content: States that over $82 billion has been given away, loaned, or invested in foreign countries since the end of World War II by the American government and private industry.

    Article #11: "1955 U.S. Industrial Production Sets an All-Time Record"
    Content: Announces that according to the Federal Reserve Board's preliminary report, the United States' industrial production for 1955 was the greatest in American history.

    Article #12: "Democrats Play Number Games with Small Businesses"
    Content: Reports that although Democrats claim that the percentage of small business failures has increased over the past year, these numbers are false.

    Article #13: "Budget Message for 1957"
    Content: Consists of excerpts of the Republican plan to balance the budget in 1957.

    Article #14: "New High Record Set for FHA Insurance"
    Content: Reports that more Americans are seeking to purchase their own home now than in any time in history.

    Article #15: "President Proposes Water Resources Program"
    Content: Reports that Eisenhower proposed to Congress a water resource program to overcome growing nationwide water shortages and provide greater flood protection and then explains how this program would work.
  15. "Counterattack: The Newsletter of Facts to Combat Communism"
    Date/Issue: February 17, 1956/Vol. 10, No. 7
    Published by: American Business Consultants, Inc.

    Article #1: "Teaching the Teachers"
    Content: Reports that the Bank Street College of Education, an institution for teaching teachers, has Communist connections and is run by several individuals who may be Communist sympathizers.

    Article #2: "Maps and a College Outline"
    Content: States that the degree to which Communism has infiltrated into American society can be seen in the fact that two publications commonly used in education institutions, The New Hammond-Dell World Atlas and The Far East, An Outline-History , both contain falsified facts concerning Communism and Communist countries.

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