Publications II

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Kohler of Kohler"

  2. Date/Issue: April 1955/Vol. 39
    Published by: Kohler Co. Organization
    Editor: (?)
    Contents: Reports the events of the UAW-CIO strike from the management's perspective. Tells of Union misdeeds against employees who refuse to join and of Union ambitions for power through strikes and physical force.
  3. "Human Events"

  4. Date/Issue: March 26, 1955/Vol. XII, No. 13
    Published by: Human Events, Inc.
    Editor: Frank C. Hanighen

    Article #1: "News Section"
    Author: (?)
    Contents: Reports current events in the world of American politics, including: the controversy around the appointment of Harold Stassen as Secretary of Peace and Disarmament, Senator George's efforts to bring about a Big Four Peace Conference, the publication of the Yalta Papers, the activities of the AFL and the CIO, the admission of Alaska to statehood, and the discovery of Un-American and subversive passages in a Virginia teachers' manual.

    Article #2: "Article Section: 'The First Make Mad: International Control of Atomic Weapons;"
    Author: Medford Evans
    Contents: Criticizes the appointment of Harold Stassen as Secretary of Peace and Disarmament as well as current efforts within American politics to support a United Nations library where world powers could pool their knowledge of atomic power. Argues for emphasis upon armament in order to insure the safety of the free world.
  5. "Task Force" (two copies)

  6. Date/Issue: November 1954/V. 1 No. 7
    Published by: Defenders of the American Constitution, Inc.
    Editor: Karl T. Waugh, Ph.D.

    Article #1 "The Zwicker Case"
    Author: Felix Wittmer
    Content: Contending that the conspiracy to "get McCarthy", which included the reprimand for his (McCarthy's) poor treatment of General Zwicker during the Army investigation and trial, is headed by the President and his "palace guard." Stating that the only reason McCarthy did not publicly acknowledge this was because he did not want to cause division within the Republican Party.

    Article #2: "The Monroe Doctrine: Past-Present-Future"
    Author: John Howland Snow
    Content: Detailing the conditions of the original "Monroe Doctrine" with a focus on the importance of its inherent duality (no foreign aggression against America/no American aggression against foreign countries). Stating that the Doctrine is being destroyed by a loss of this duality- America no longer promises no aggression in all cases- only to specific countries.

    Article #3: "A Nation Expendable"
    Author: John W. Beck
    Content: Regarding 1000 American GIs still in Communist prison camps. Berating the government and the UN for doing nothing for these men. Claiming that nearly every venue of American life, from government to the entertainment industry, is run by Communist sympathizers and supporters, and that is this "inner circle", and not elected officials, who really run America.
  7. "American Mercury"

  8. Date/Issue: February 1952/Vol. LXXIV No.338
    Published by: H.M. Publishing Corp.
    Editor: William Bradford Huie
    Article #1: " Time Marches on McCarthy"
    Author: Nora de Tolendano
    Content: Criticizes an article in Time magazine that criticized McCarthy.
  9. "American Mercury"

  10. Date/Issue: (?)
    Published by: H.M. Publishing Corp.
    Editor: William Bradford Huie
    Article #1: "Freedom's Case Against Dean Acheson"
    Author: Felix Wittmer
    Contents: Traces Dean Acheson's Communist connections throughout the past nineteen years and contends that these connections make him unfit to be Secretary of State.
  11. "The American Way to Jobs Peace Democracy" (two copies, attached is a letter from William Sennett, Political Action Director of the Communist Party of Illinois, asking the reader to look over the pamphlet and respect the right of all Americans, even Communists, to speak their viewpoint. Also attached is a collection of photocopied news articles attacking Communists or defending them.)

  12. Date: April 1954
    Published by: New Century Publishers
    Editor: (?)
    Article #1: "Draft Program of the Communist Party"
    Contents: Warns of impending dangers threatening America, such as economic depression, war, and McCarthyism. Discloses a program to avoid these dangers, a program that includes spending on human welfare rather than defense, promoting friendship and trade rather than prolonging the "cold war", and equal rights for African-Americans.
  13. "Challenge to Socialism"

  14. Date/Issue: January 7, 1954/Vol. VIII, No. 1
    Published by: Shearon Legislative Service
    Editor: Marjorie Shearon, Ph.D

    Article #1: "Bricker's Amendment to the Constitution has High Priority on the Senate Calendar"
    Contents: Argues that the Bricker Amendment, which concerns Senate's power to make treaties, must be passed in order to protect the rights of the American people against left-wing groups like the United World Federalists and the International AFL. Encourages people to write their Senators in support of it.

    Article #2: "Curtis Staff Prepares Excellent Memorandum on Highlights of Social Securities Hearings"
    Contents: Praises report given by the staff of Carl T. Curtis on the Social Securities Hearings that was largely overlooked by the press. This report includes a list of defects in the Social Security Law found by Curtis's staff.

    Article #3: "Isidore Sydney Faulk - At Long, Long Last - Resigns, Jan. 4, , From HEW Department"
    Contents: Recounts a short summary of the life of Faulk, and paints an overall unfavorable picture of his resignation from the HEW Department.
  15. "Counterattack: Facts to Combat Communism and Those Who Aid Its Cause"

  16. Date/Issue: October 31, 1958/Vol. 12, No. 35
    Published by: American Business Consultants, Inc.
    Article #1: "The FBI or the Nation"
    Contents: Attempts to undermine criticism against the House Committee of Un-American Activities and the Federal Bureau of Investigation by exposing the Communist connections supporting the groups which criticized them, the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee and The Nation magazine. Individuals specifically mentioned as having Communist connections include: George G. Kerstein, Carey McWilliams, Harvey O'Connor, Corliss Lamont, and Fred J. Cook.
  17. "The Fultion Lewis Jr. Report on The Fund for the Republic" (two copies)

  18. Date/Issue: August 22, 1955 - October 27, 1955
    Published by: Special Reports, Inc.
    Contents: Shows the Communist connections beneath the Fund for the Republic, a service organization funded by the Ford Foundation.

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