Publications I

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "The Communist Line Bulletin"

  2. Date/Issue: May 1957/V. 2 No. 10
    Published by: The Institute for Community Education
    Editor: Louis F. Budenz

    Article #1: "A New Red Decade"
    Content: Regarding Communist reaction to McCarthy's death (McCarthy is dead, but McCarthyism lives on). Emphasizing America's need to continue the fight against subversion.

    Article #2: "The Month McCarthy Died"
    Content: Regarding the foreign and domestic successes the Communism has enjoyed since the death of McCarthy.
  3. "Task Force"

  4. Date/Issue: November 1954/V. 1 No. 7
    Published by: Defenders of the American Constitution, Inc.
    Editor: Karl T. Waugh, Ph.D.

    Article #1 "The Zwicker Case"
    Author: Felix Wittmer
    Content: Contending that the conspiracy to "get McCarthy", which included the reprimand for his (McCarthy's) poor treatment of General Zwicker during the Army investigation and trial, is headed by the President and his "palace guard." Stating that the only reason McCarthy did not publicly acknowledge this was because he did not want to cause division within the Republican Party.

    Article #2: "The Monroe Doctrine: Past-Present-Future"
    Author: John Howland Snow
    Content: Detailing the conditions of the original "Monroe Doctrine" with a focus on the importance of its inherent duality (no foreign aggression against America/no American aggression against foreign countries). Stating that the Doctrine is being destroyed by a loss of this duality- America no longer promises no aggression in all cases- only to specific countries.

    Article #3: "A Nation Expendable"
    Author: John W. Beck
    Content: Regarding 1000 American GIs still in Communist prison camps. Berating the government and the UN for doing nothing for these men. Claiming that nearly every venue of American life, from government to the entertainment industry, is run by Communist sympathizers and supporters, and that is this "inner circle", and not elected officials, who really run America.
  5. "Daily Worker"(2 copies)

  6. Published by: Communist Party of America
    Editor: (?)
    Date/Issue: (?)
    Article #1: "Throw the Bum Out: Official Communist Party Line on Senator McCarthy"
    Content: Reprinting multiple articles from previous Daily Workers speaking of McCarthy's evil ways, and supporting censure.
  7. "Suggested Reading List on Communism and How To Combat It"

  8. Date/Issue: N/A- this is a one-time publication
    Published by: The International Society of Christian Endeavor and The American Legion
    Content: Listing titles, authors, publishers, and prices of books and other publications on Communism recommended to those attending or otherwise participating in the All-American Conference to Combat Communism.
  9. "The ADL Bulletin"

  10. Date/Issue: May 1954/V. 11 No. 5
    Published by: The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith
    Editor: Bernard Simon

    Article #1: "The Fifth Amendment"-This article has been highlighted with pencil
    Author: Erwin N. Griswold- Dean, Harvard Law School
    Content: Recounting the history of the fifth amendment, and giving cases in which it could be used and not interpreted as implicit guilt. Stating that legislative hearings should afford witnesses the same rights as criminal hearings (to not testify).

    Article #2: "Tom Linder: Dixie Demagogue"
    Author: (?)
    Content: Regarding Tom Linder- Commissioner of Agriculture for the state of Georgia and Democratic Candidate for Governor. Discussing Linder's bigotry, especially as it is expressed in his (Linder's) weekly publication- "the Georgia Farmer's Market Bulletin."

    Article #3: "ADL Goes To Prison"
    Author: Stanley S. Jacobs
    Content: Regarding a program, sponsored by ADL and implemented at the Preston School of Industry- a California intermediate reformatory housing, in which inmates are exposed to film and other media promoting religious and racial tolerance.
  11. "Wisconsin Business"

  12. Date/Issue: March 1954/V. 7 No. 4
    Published by: The Wisconsin State Chamber of Commerce
    Editor: (?)

    Article #1: "Acclaim State Chamber's Teacher Recruitment Drive"
    Content: Regarding a teacher recruitment program sponsored by the Wisconsin State Chamber of Commerce. The program seeks to persuade young people to enter the teaching profession through distribution of pamphlets and formation of a scholarship fund.

    Article #2: "All Wisconsin Senators and Congressmen Accept Invitations To Attend Congressional Dinner in Washington on April 27"
    Content: Discussing the importance of the Congressional Dinner, and the opportunity it will provide for businessmen and professionals to meet with Wisconsin delegates.

    Article #3: "Across the General Manager's Desk"
    Content: Refuting the widespread media claim that America is heading for an economic depression.

    Article #4: "Proposal for More Flexible Depreciation Allowance Supported by State Chamber"
    Content: Regarding a venture posed by President Eisenhower and the House Ways and Means Committee, and supported by the Wisconsin State Chamber of Commerce by which more flexible allowances would be made for the depreciation of machinery and equipment.

    Article #5: "Robert A. Olen Resigns As Chamber Director"
    Content: Announcing the resignation of Robert A. Olen from the State Chamber Board of Directors.

    Article #6: "Labor Relations Group Meets in Milwaukee"
    Content: Regarding a meeting of the State Chamber's Committee on Labor Relations in which aspects of employer/employee relations were discussed.

    Article #7: "LaCrosse Meeting April 8 to Launch Series on Major Current Issues"
    Content: Regarding a series of meeting scheduled to take place in which current issues will be discussed amongst Wisconsin businessmen.

    Article #8: "Research Topic of Ag Committee"
    Content: Regarding a meeting in which members of the State Chamber Committee on Agriculture were presented with the agricultural research being done at the
    University of Wisconsin.

    Article #9: "State Chamber Plans Employers' U.C. Guide"
    Content: Regarding an "Employers Guide" being prepared by the State Chamber to inform employers of their legal obligations regarding unemployment compensation.

    Article #10: "Aids Michigan Legislative Effort"
    Content: Regarding the support given by S.L. Horman, chairman of the State Chamber's Committee on Social Security, to a Michigan businessman seeking legislative action.

  13. "Exclusive- A Digest and Analysis of Washington Intelligence"

  14. Date/Issue: May 15, 1957/V. 3 No. 20
    Published by: Special Reports, Inc.
    Editor: (?)

    Article #1: "The Response to Your Editor's Proposal"
    Content: Regarding the overwhelming reader support of a proposed Joe McCarthy Memorial Fund, and the equally overwhelming public outrage against the Republican Senators who voted for censure of McCarthy. A list of these Senators' names is included.

    Article #2: "President Eisenhower Embarks on a Hazardous Political Journey"
    Content: Regarding Eisenhower's support of a "mammoth" and irresponsible budget.

    Article #3: "Congressional Opposition to Massive Foreign Aid Continues"
    Content: Suggesting the formation of a Government agency to monitor and report on waste and overlapping functions in executive agencies. Declares the Bureau of the Budget to be inadequate for such functions.

    Article #4: "Protectionist Leaders Privately Express Complete Confidence"
    Content: Reporting "protectionist" leaders' disapproval of the OTC.

    Article #5: "Southern Democratic Senate Leaders Plan To Delay Consideration"
    Content: Reporting on a plan to delay consideration of the civil rights bill in Congress.

    Article #6: "In a Bold Thrust, Khrushchev Lays Bare the New Soviet Design"
    Content: Regarding Khrushchev's "plan" for improving foreign relations, especially between Russia and the United States. Khrushchev proposes a summit meeting between U.S. and Russian leaders, the dissolution of NATO, and the formation of a "special body" led by the U.S. And Russia to maintain order in Europe.

    Article #7: "Soviet Party Chief Khrushchev's"
    Content: Regarding Khrushchev's plan to decentralize Russia's economy by giving more power to local industrial "authorities.
  15. "Exclusive- A Digest and Analysis of Washington Intelligence"

  16. Date/Issue: May 29, 1957/V. 3 No. 22

    Article #1: "Buried by the General Press is a Spectacular Item"
    Content: Regarding Walter Reuther's disapproval of the use of the fifth amendment by UAW members when testifying on union finances, but not when dealing with civil liberties (Communist affiliation).

    Article #2: "Dave Beck's Involuntary Decision Not to Run"
    Content: Discussing power struggles within the AFL/CIO. Dave Beck is being pushed out, George Meany is becoming an established force, and James Hoffa is waiting to make his move until his legal troubles are dissolved.

    Article #3: "The Formosa Riots Create A Serious Crisis in U.S. Far East Policy"
    Content: Discussing the implications of the Formosa Riots on relations between the United States and
    Nationalist China. Claiming that the riots were not a product of ant-American sentiment, but a
    product of Communist initiation.
  17. "Washington News Bulletin"

  18. Date/Issue: August 9, 1950/No. 158
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: Paul O. Peters
    Article #1: "Washington Area's Liberal Broadcasting Stations"
    Content: Giving names, personnel, and stockholders of liberal broadcasting stations in Washington DC.
  19. "The Councilor Newsletter"
    Date/Issue: March 1957/V. 1 No. 4
    Published by: The Association of Citizens Councils of Louisiana Inc.
    Editor: (?)

    Article #1: "State Association Reports First Year's Finances"
    Content: Summarizing the first year's financial report of the State Association of Citizens Councils of Louisiana.

    Article #2: "A District Attorney Points Out Dangers of Growing Federal Power"
    Author: Leander H. Perez
    Content: Regarding the growing power of the federal government over the state and the individual. Speaking specifically of Supreme Court decisions which gave the federal government the right to seize state resources and private property and pay nothing in compensation.

    Article #3: "Louisiana Joint Legislative Committee Speaks Out on Civil Rights"
    Content: Reprinting the text of a telegram sent by W. M. Rainach, Chairman of the Joint Legislative Committee for the State of Louisiana regarding the unconstitutional nature of the civil rights bills being considered in Congress.

    Article #4: "NAACP Threatens Violence"
    Content: Printing a comment made by Roy Wilkins, Executive Secretary of the NAACP, regarding a possible uprising of southern Negroes.

    Article #5: "D. C. Schools in Trouble; Need Cited for Special Schools for Incorrigibles"
    Content: Regarding the increase in "incorrigible" behavior and the need for special schools for "incorrigible" children. Stating that the increase in bad behavior in schools is due to integration.

    Article #6: "Is Federal Aid for School Construction Desirable?"
    Content: Regarding the growing public acceptance of federal aid for education and school construction. Denouncing this aid as just another tactic of the federal government to collect more taxes and hold more sway over state-run projects.

    Article #7: "The Expanding Federal Budget"
    Content: Regarding the growing federal budget, the growing intervention of the federal government in "state and individual" issues, and the tolls these things are taking on the state of Louisiana.

    Article #8: "Do You Know What Your Federal Government Costs You?"
    Content: Discussing the federal budget and deficit and how these figures affect the average American.

    Article #9: "National C. C. Publication to Carry Louisiana News"
    Content: Reporting on the addition of a section devoted to Louisiana news and issues to "The Citizens' Council", official publication of the Citizens' Councils of America.

    Article #10: "The Communist Line"
    Content: Reprinting excerpts from "The Daily Worker"

    Article #11: "And the Negro Press"
    Content: Reprinting "pro-Negro" excerpts from various newspapers"

    Article #12: "But the Negro Himself"
    Content: Regarding a request made by a Negro Methodist minister to "The Councilor" to help defeat a proposed integration of White and Negro Methodist Councils.

    Article #13: "Diplomatic Immunity- What it Means"
    Content: Regarding and accident in which Dr. Joza Brilej, ambassador to the United Nations from Yugoslavia, ran a traffic light and killed a woman. Charging that he should be held responsible for this death.

    Article #14: "Amendment at Conference in May"
    Content: Regarding a proposal to integrate white and Negro Methodist Church Annual Conferences.

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