Oversize Publications I

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Roll Call- The Newspaper of Capitol Hill"

  2. Date/Issue: May 16, 1957/V. 2, No. 13
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Highlighted article: "Sen. Joe McCarthy"
    Content: Announcing the death of Senator McCarthy
  3. "Reveille- To Wake Up America"
    Date/Issue: February 28, 1954/(?)
    Published by: The Englewood Anti-Communist League, Inc.
    Editor: (?)
    Article #1: "Russian Lullaby"
    Content: Discussing the covert, subtle manner in which Communists are infiltrating America and, in effect, lulling Americans into acceptance of Communist propaganda.

  4. "Illinois is the Birth-State of 'America First in Politics'"
    Date/Issue: April 1, 1954
    Published by: F. Ward Just
    Editor: George G. Crawford
    Content: Editorial from The Waukegan News-Sun titled "Candidate with Most Popular Program has Least Chance." Twenty four points under title "Here are the true facts regarding the Illinois U.S. Senate Race:".

  5. "Always America First"
    Date/Issue: October 21, 1954
    Published by: (?)
    Editor: (?)
    Article #1: Letter to U.S. Supreme Court; Article #2: Letter to The Members of "Always America First" in Illinois
    Content: The first letter is an appeal "for elementary justice is done as an answer to the denial of basic Constitutional rights of over 28,000 citizens in the state of Illinois." The second letter is an announcement that the "board of Directors, by unanimous vote, has declared for Joe Meek as the next United States Senator from Illinois.