Press Release II

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Annual Convention of Marine Corps League."
    Date: August 20, 1953
    Speaker/Author: Senator Joe McCarthy.
    Audience: Fellow Americans and Fellow Marines.
    Content: Senator McCarthy gives a speech on the on the position of Russia since the World War period.

  2. "Independent Committee Against Communism in Government."
    Date: October 30, 1952
    Speaker/Author: Mr. Bozell
    Audience: People of Connecticut.
    Content: "We are going to talk tonight about Communist infiltration in our Federal Government, and what you, the voters of Connecticut, can do about it."

  3. "A two page typed speech."
    Date: November 4 1952.
    Speaker/Author: Senator Joe McCarthy.
    Audience: People of Wisconsin.
    Content: "I am deeply grateful to the people of Wisconsin for their vote of confidence. The election of Eisenhower and most probably a Republican Senate and house more than justifies my faith in the intelligence of the American people. This is a new way for the American people."

  4. "Statement By Herbert Hoover."
    Date: June 30, 1955.
    Speaker/Author: Herbert Hoover.
    Audience: Press Conference.
    Content: "It is almost two years ago that I undertook to organize this work. This is the first press conference since the work began. I particularly wished to have this session in order that I might express my deep appreciation of the kindness, encouragement and support that we have received from the press in all this time."

  5. "The Fort Monmouth Security Investigations."
    Date: April 25, 1954.
    Speaker/Author: Scientists' Committee on Loyalty and Security.
    Audience: Americans.
    Content: The charges and implications of the investigating Subcommittee and its chairman, Senator McCarthy, are examined, together with the formal charges made by Army security officers and the sworn Affidavits in reply to these charges from the implicated employees.

  6. "Great Illusions."
    Date: May 15, 1956.
    Speaker/Author: Eugene W. Castle.
    Audience: Twentieth Diocesan Congress, League of Catholic Women of the Archdiocese of Boston.
    Content: Eugene W. Castle addresses the illusions that most of the current political spokesmen have. They follow the false illusion that we can "mold men's minds" and the second false illusion is that they can buy the Loyalty and Fidelity of Nations and peoples.

  7. "Citizens Committee for the Hoover Report."
    Date: February 5, 1957.
    Speaker/Author: Citizens Committee for the Hoover Report.
    Audience: News Release.
    Content: US Senator Margaret Chase Smith today said Secretary of the Treasury Humphrey has informed her that he could not pinpoint "specific items which should be eliminated" from the Eisenhower Administration's budget for fiscal 1958.

  8. "I am Deeply Grateful to Senators Mundt and Potter..."
    Date: December 7, 1954.
    Speaker/Author: from the office of Senator Joe McCarthy.
    Audience: Members of the Investigating Committee.
    Content: I am Deeply Grateful to Senators Mundt and Potter and to Senator Dirksen's administrative assistant for carrying on with the all-important hearings which, because of my arm, I could not handle. The exposure of Communists in defense plants handling the secret weapons which may determine whether the sons of American mothers may live or die is, in my opinion, important beyond words.

  9. "Kansas City, Mo., September 22..."
    Date: September 22, 1952.
    Speaker/Author: Senator James P. Kem.
    Audience: People at the meeting of the Clay County Republican Club at 1900 Swift Street in North Kansas City.
    Content: "SEC records show," said Senator Kem, "that my opponent and his wife made a handsome wartime profit of more than a million dollars out of shares of stocks in Emerson Electric. He was allowed to buy the stock at low price per share while serving as the company's president and to sell at extremely high prices per share after the company profited by its wartime contracts."

    Date: Tuesday, November 4, 1952
    Speaker/Author: Senator Joe McCarthy, Appleton, Wisconsin
    Content: "Naturally I am deeply grateful to the people of Wisconsin for giving me such a line vote of confidence. My faith in the intelligence of the American people has been more than justified by their actions at the ballot box. This is a new day for America.. The real task of the Republican Party now begins. We must go forward cautiously but firmly to recreate a leadership that is strong morally and physically, so that we may again command the respect of the world. We must build a prosperity that is built upon peace -- not upon war. We must be careful to maintain any of the social advance made over the past 20 years keeping in mind that there have been some good Democratics and Democratic ideas over the past 20 years. As we supplant the Truman Administration it must be done without bitterness and (?). We can -- must -- and will recreate a government of, by and for all the people."

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