Press Release I

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "The testimony of Reverend Joseph F. Thorning."

  2. Date: March 10, 1961
    Speaker/Author: Kenneth B. Keating
    Audience: Internal Security Subcommittee of the U.S. Senate
    Content: States that great attention should be paid to the testimony of Reverend Joseph F. Thorning and to the threat of Communism in South America in the form of Castroism.
  3. "The Association of the Bar of the City."

  4. Date: December 22, 1954 (date of release)
    Speaker/Author: Allen T. Klots, President of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York
    Content: States that the Association of the Bar of the City of New York is creating a special committee to inquire into the Federal loyalty - security program, and that the formation of this committee is to be funded by a grant from the Fund for the Republic.
  5. "Father William J. Awalt of St. Matthew's Cathedral." (copy, attached is the business card of Sam Scogna, custom tailor)

  6. Date: September 29, 1953
    Speaker/Author: Jean F. Kerr
    Content: Announces the details of a wedding that is to be performed in the future. Names of individuals to be in the wedding party include William McCarthy and Wilbur A. Johnson.
  7. "I am deeply disturbed."

  8. Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: Joseph McCarthy
    Content: Expresses disapproval of the President's decision to confer with the Soviet Premier. Rejects tolerance and cooperation as the proper policy in dealing with Communist regimes.
  9. "I am gratified to learn that." (copy)

  10. Date: December 14, 1955
    Speaker/Author: Joseph McCarthy
    Content: Call for public protest against punishment of Free China for opposing the "Package Deal," which would have allowed additional Communist satellites into the United Nations.
  11. "Naturally I am deeply grateful." (hand edited, four copies)

  12. Date: November 4, 1952
    Speaker/Author: Joseph McCarthy
    Content: Briefly lays out future plans and goals of the Republican Party.
  13. "Senator Joe McCarthy announced today."

  14. Date: January 30, 1957
    Speaker/Author: Office of Senator Joseph McCarthy
    Content: Announces McCarthy's intention to more equally balance wholesale and retail prices of milk in Wisconsin.
  15. "I wish to make it perfectly plain."

  16. Date: May 19, 1954
    Speaker/Author: Robert T. Stevens, Secretary of the Army
    Content: States that there were no outside influences in the Army's decision to protest the actions of Senator Joseph McCarthy, Roy Cohn and Mr. Carr.
  17. "The following letter from Roy M. Cohn."

  18. Date: July 20, 1954
    Speaker/Author: Joseph McCarthy
    Content: Recites Roy Cohn's resignation letter, and then comments on Cohn's invaluable service to America and the mistreatment he endured in return.
  19. "Senator Joe McCarthy, today, asked."

  20. Date: September 29, 19-
    Speaker/Author: McCarthy Club
    Contents: Details McCarthy's questioning of Secretary of agriculture Charles Brannan about money lost under the supervision of his department.
  21. "Frankly I am shocked." (copy)

  22. Date: March 26, 1955
    Speaker/Author: Joseph McCarthy
    Content: Expresses shock and disapproval at the reaction, or to be more precise the lack of reaction, displayed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Democratic Party in general towards the release of the Yalta papers and the treason which occurred at Yalta.
  23. "Senator McCarthy today introduced."

  24. Date: March 25, 1957
    Speaker/Author: Office of Senator Joseph McCarthy
    Content: Announces that McCarthy introduced a bill to cut back the interest rates on veteran loans in order to aid veterans in building their homes.
  25. "Francis D. Flanagan is joining."

  26. Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: (?)
    Content: Announces that Francis D. Flanagan is resigning as Chief Counsel o f the Senate Committee on government Operations in order to join W.R. Grace & Co., an industrial and trading corporation.

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