Oversize Press Release III

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Fighting Homefolks of Fighting Men"
    Date: November 13, 1954
    Speaker/Author: Eugene R. Guild
    Content: "I brought to Washington the Johnson letter on Zwicker which revealed the Watkins Committee's senator's amazing about face."

  2. "The White House"
    Date: November 6, 1953
    Speaker/Author: James C. Hagerty
    Content: "The President today signed an Executive order, which will become effective on December 15th, entitled 'Safeguarding Official Information in the Interest of the Defense of the United States.'"

  3. "For Immediate Release"
    Date: November 4, 1952
    Speaker/Author: Joe McCarthy
    Content: "Naturally I am deeply grateful to the people of Wisconsin for giving me such a fine vote of confidence. My faith in the intelligence of the American people has been more than justified by their actions at the ballot box."

  4. Draft of article in The Standard Star
    Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: Handwritten at top: "I helped write this."
    Content: "The matter of subversive functioning in our Department of State, and in other key positions, is far too serious to warrant the hairsplitting in which your corespondent, Robert S. Stitt, indulges in attacking your editorial of August 28."

  5. "The Report Which was Never Released"
    Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: The Metropolitan Broadcasting Company
    Content: "Today, I intend to present to the American people a situation which, I believe, is of very serious import and, in my judgment, should have been reported to them long before this."

  6. "The Pink War"
    Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: (?)
    Content: "The Pink War i.e.., The war of Communist infiltration of our government is now more than twenty years old. To call the pink war deadly does not exaggerate its character. It captured the detonating device for the atomic bomb and gave it to Communist Russia."

  7. "Statement of Senator Joe McCarthy"
    Date: February , 1957
    Speaker/Author: Joe McCarthy
    Content: "Mr. President: I would to make a brief statement on the question that has been raised about Americans showing 'discourtesy' to Marshal Tito, The Communist dictator of Yugoslavia." Two copies.

  8. "The One and Only Issue"
    Date: September 24
    Speaker/Author: (?)
    Content: "Citizens of Wisconsin, fellow Americans, -- there is only one issue in this campaign -- that issue is the United States of America. The honor and integrity of this nation, the freedom and security of the Republic, the world leadership and destiny of America.

  9. "Broadcast of Walter Trohan"
    Date: March 13, 1954
    Speaker/Author: Walter Trohan
    Content: "For the past month I have been far from the storm and strife of the world today. So far that it might almost be said I was out of this world."

  10. "From Senator James P. Kem"
    Date: September 23, 1952
    Speaker/Author: James P. Kem
    Content: "Declaring that William Sentner, the Communist leader recently arrested by the FBI, is 'an old pal of W. Stuart Symington III,' Senator James P. Kem today challenged his Democrat Senatorial opponent 'to tell the people of Missouri just how soft you are toward Communism and how far your attitude toward Sentner extends.

  11. "Always America First"
    Date: October 21, 1954
    Speaker/Author: Lar Daly
    Content: "This appeal to the United States Supreme Court for elementary justice is done as an answer to the denial of basic Constitutional rights of over 28,000 citizens in the state of Illinois.

  12. "Mutual Broadcasting System Release"
    Date: November 14
    Speaker/Author: (?)
    Content: "These are but a few vital questions which concern most Americans that are answered by Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, Republic of Wisconsin, ranking Republican member of the Senate's powerful Committee on Government Operations, who appears as the guest on Reporters' Roundup, Monday, November, 14."

  13. "Press Release"
    Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: Senator Carl Hayden
    Content: "I am gravely disturbed by the adverse publicity which the Chief Counsel and staff of the 1952 Senate Privileges and Elections Subcommittee have recently received and which grew out of Senator McCarthy's typical, last-ditch diversionary tactics to avoid Senate censure."

  14. "American Labor Party"
    Date: May 18, 1949
    Speaker/Author: Arthur Schutzer
    Content: "The American Labor Party --New York State's Progressive Party-- opposes the new Mundt-Nixon Bill (S. 1194-H.R.3342), the Ferguson Bill (S. 1196) and similar police state legislation under consideration by this subcommittee."

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