Oversize Press Release I

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Senator James O. Eastland, from."

  2. Date: September 4, 1956
    Speaker/Author: The Senate Internal Security Subcommittee
    Contents: Contains a copy of the statement made by Angus Ward, former Ambassador to Afghanistan, to the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee concerning the rise of Communism to power in China, his imprisonment in Mukden while serving as General Consul, and the State Department's response to his imprisonment.
  3. "I am gravely disturbed by."

  4. Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: Senator Carl Hayden
    Contents: Defends the Chief Counsel and staff of the 1952 Senate Privileges and Elections Subcommittee against claims made be McCarthy that they used illegal means in their investigations. Hayden claims that McCarthy's accusations are a last ditch effort to avoid being censured by the Senate.
  5. "America's dairy farmers should."

  6. Date: March 22, 1954
    Attachment: "Senator Hubert H. Humphrey (D., Minn.)."
    Speaker/Author: Hubert H. Humphrey
    Contents: States that dairy farmers should consider April 1 to be "Black Thursday," because it is the day that Secretary Benson has chosen to lower milk prices, thereby causing billions of dollars worth of damage to the industry. Encourages dairy farmers to protest.
  7. "Senator Hubert H. Humphrey (D., Minn.)."

  8. Date: March 23, 1954
    Attachment: "America's dairy farmers should."
    Speaker/Author: Office of Hubert H. Humphrey
    Contents: Announces that Humphrey is attempting to get Senate to pass a temporary bill in a last minute effort to prevent Secretary Benson from lowering dairy prices.
  9. "Several weeks ago on the Senate floor."

  10. Date: August 25, 1955
    Speaker/Author: Joseph McCarthy
    Contents: Outlines how the Eisenhower Administration and its policies have steered America away from its objective of defeating Communism. Blames the Democrats for the loss of Free China, and states that the main objective of Communism, the objective which the United States has failed to prevent Communists from obtaining, is to conquer Asia first, and then Europe. Claims that the Eisenhower Administration fell into the same groove of appeasement that the Truman Administration did when dealing with Communists in the Far East.
  11. "Senator Joe McCarthy today called attention."

  12. Date: February 23, 1957
    Speaker/Author: Office of Joseph McCarthy
    Contents: States that McCarthy will be introducing a bill to lower the interest rates on middle class veterans homes in an attempt to rejuvenate the struggling American construction industry.
  13. "As Christian citizens deeply disturbed."

  14. Date: (?)
    Speaker/Author: Nancy D. Applewhite, Chairman, Militant Christian Patriots
    Contents: States that the Militant Christian Patriots will support only those politicians who are working for America's best interest, and will oppose those who do not. Refers to an attached questionnaire which is supposed to determine whether an individual is acting in America's best interest.
  15. "The firs major legislation on."

  16. Date: January 26, 1956
    Speaker/Author: Joseph McCarthy
    Audience: Citizens of Wisconsin
    Content: Explains the Harris Bill, which will remove federal controls over natural gas production, and why McCarthy supports it.
  17. "In recent months, the Supreme Court."

  18. Date: 1956 or later
    Speaker/Author: Joseph McCarthy
    Audience: Citizens of Wisconsin
    Contents: Discusses three recent cases tried by the Supreme Court - the Steve Nelson Case, the Slochower Case, and the Communist Part, U.S.A. v. Subversive Activities Control Fund - and explains why the decisions made concerning them may actually destroy all previous American efforts to stop the spread of Communism.
  19. "In the Fall of 1953."

  20. Date: 1955 or later
    Speaker/Author: Joseph McCarthy
    Audience: Citizens of Wisconsin
    Content: Reports that although two years ago McCarthy's allegations that radar information had been stolen from Fort Monmouth by a Soviet spy ring were labeled as a hoax, the testimony of a former Soviet officer now living in the U.S. proves that they were true. Contains a transcript of the officer's testimony, and warns the American people against ever again listening to individuals who oppose efforts to expose Communists.
  21. "The budget this year requests."

  22. Date: 1956 or later
    Speaker/Author: Joseph McCarthy
    Audience: Citizens of Wisconsin
    Content: Suggest reducing the budget by cutting foreign aide, halting government interference with private business, and passing a series of fifty-four bills which McCarthy has proposed to the Senate. Counters opposition from groups like the Rural Electrification Administration who claim that some of McCarthy's bills are aimed to destroy them.
  23. "I would like to now say a." (handwritten notes and underlining)

  24. Date: July 18, 1956
    Speaker/Author: Senator John L. McClellan
    Audience: Senate Investigations Subcommittee
    Content: Refutes the implication from the Minority Report that the United States had no choice at the COCOM conference other than to agree to the removal of certain strategic items from the International List. Criticizes the United States compliance in amending the Battle Act so that U.S. Allies would be able to export certain items to the Soviet Bloc.
  25. "The President has signed."

  26. Date: February 16, 1956
    Speaker/Author: James C. Hagerty, Press Secretary to the President
    Content: Reports that the President has signed an Executive Order providing for the establishment of a National Defense Executive Reserve, composed of persons selected and trained for employment in executive positions in the Federal Government during periods of emergency. (Attached is a copy of the Executive Order.)
  27. "Communist lawyers rank as part." (four copies)

  28. Date: February 16, 1959
    Speaker/Author: Committee on Un-American Activities
    Content: Announces the Committee's finding that lawyers compose a significant percent of the Communist presence on American soil, and states the grave danger that these Communist lawyers pose to American society.
  29. "Dear Mr. President:"

  30. Date: August 13, 1959
    Speaker/Author: Francis E. Walter, Chairman of the Committee of Un-American Activities
    Audience: President
    Content: Warns the President against his decision to meet with Soviet Premier Khrushchev, since any calls for peace coming from a Communist regime are undoubtedly part of a conspiracy to gain America's trust so it can be conquered.
  31. "The United States postal service."

  32. Date: May 31, 1959
    From: Senate Internal Security Committee
    Content: Explains how Senator James O. Eastland found that under the Universal Postal Union Agreement the Soviet Union is able to pass Communist propaganda through the U.S. Postal Service to be distributed to Latin American countries at the expense of U.S. taxpayers. Contains a statistical list of the estimated number of Communists in various Latin American countries.
  33. "Chairman James O. Eastland (D-Miss.) said today."

  34. Date: June 9, 1960
    From: Senate Internal Security Subcommittee
    Content: Announces the claim of James O. Eastland, chairman of the Senate Internal Security subcommittee, that the recent public disclosure of a closed hearing of the Subcommittee may have compromised U.S. national security. The hearing included the testimony of Edward Whitehouse, a former Cuban aviation official, who gave information concerning a Communist plot to heighten anti-American feelings in Cuba by causing an "accidental" collision between an American military plane and a Cuban airliner.
  35. "The Committee on Un-American Activities today."

  36. Date: May 10, 1960
    From: Committee on Un-American Activities
    Content: Announces that the Committee on Un-American Activities has release the testimony of Colonel Frantisek Tisler, for Military and Air Attache at the Czechoslovakian Embassy at Washington. Tisler's testimony states that there are widespread Communist espionage operations in the U.S. occurring via the Embassies of Communist countries. Attached are brief biographical sketches of Anton Krchmarek and Charles Musil, who Tisler identified as being part of the these Communist espionage operations.
  37. "Growth of a grass roots anti-Communist."

  38. Date: August 27, 1961
    From: Senate Internal Security Subcommittee
    Content: Announces that the Senate Internal Subcommittee voted to release the testimony of Edward Hunter, a psychological warfare expert who states that the Soviets are using propaganda to launch an anti-anti-Communist movement in the United States.
  39. "Castro's Cuban government has joined."

  40. Date: August 28, 1961
    From: Senate Internal Security Subcommittee
    Content: Announces the release of the report of Senator James O. Eastland of the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee concerning the role Cuban Communists have played in encouraging civil unrest in the U.S. by encouraging African-Americans to turn against the American government. Identifies the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, an organization predominantly composed of African-Americans, as the organization that most widely campaigns to popularize Cuba among African-Americans.
  41. "From an American Businessman with."

  42. Date: February 20, 1961
    From: Senate Internal Security Subcommittee
    Content: Reports that James D. Pawley, a businessman and former ambassador to Peru and Brazil, advised the U.S. to earn the respect and confidence of South American countries through a policy of noninterference. Pawley also testifies that the United States' decision to recognize Communist China resulted from the activities of Communists within the U.S. government, and that these same Communists are affecting the U.S.'s relationship with Cuba.
  43. "Two unwelcome guest of the."

  44. Date: September 28, 1960
    From: Senate Internal Security Subcommittee.
    Content: Announces the findings of the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee that Communism is indeed a presence in Cuba. Explains that the Communist influence is just as much, if not more, Chinese than Soviet.
  45. "Mr. President:" (attached are two copies of McCarthy's biography, prepared and distributed by The Wisconsin State Republican Committee)

  46. Date: April 1, 1957
    From: Office of Joseph McCarthy
    Content: Questions whether General Zwicker is worthy of being promoted after having perjured himself before a Congressional committee in 1955.

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