Oversize Miscellaneous III

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. McCarthy Club
    Description: McCarthy Club, Hotel Wisconsin, Suite 114, Milwaukee 3. WIS; Chairman, Steve J. Miller, Marshfield
    11 sheets with "Mc Itinerary" handwritten on top, from September 19, 1952 to September 27, 1952
    Content: September 20: Reedsburg, "Dairy Day" at 10:30 am, Reedsburg, Parade in early afternoon, Baraboo, Reception by Jack Rouse; September 27: Buresch's farmers Rally all day and early evening at Lakelawn in Delavan; September 22: Oshkosh, "Dirkson Day" Dinner at 6:00 pm at the Atheren Hotel, Program at 8:00 PM at the Oshkosh Recreational Gym; September 23: Eau Claire 5 to 6 reception E.C. Htel, Vogeler speech 8:00 Legion Memorial Hall; September 24: Wis. Rapids reception 4 to 6, Lincoln Field House 8:00; September 25: Racine Taft Rally; September 26: Manitowoc Armory reception and fish fry 6:30 to 8:30 speech 8:30; September 27: Buresch's Farmers Rally All day and early evening at Lakelawn in Delavan; September 28: Appleton Reception Knights of Pythias Hall 8:00; September 30: Danbury, Conn. Co. Fair 6:30.

  2. Itinerary
    Description: Plain sheets of paper, with dates from October 1 to November 3 [no year]
    Content: October 5: John Quinn, Arcadia 3585 Galesville, 3 to 4; October 7: Beth Elwer Tanid Synogogue, Candidate's forum 3621 No. 42nd. St; October 10: Kansas City; October 11: Jerry Wind Chr. So Fifth St. Business Men's Club; October 12: Ewing Kerr, barbecue western style, speech, compl. radio coverage statewide (Wyo.): October 14: Milwaukee, Mrs. A. P. Bellinghausen, Appleton, First Wisconsin National Bank, dinner 750 people, Jack Wessell; October 15: Chippewa Falls, Wis. 6:30 banquet...Butter Maker's Association; October 26: WTMJ TV 1:30 to 2 PM The League of Women Voters, What do you consider the most urgent problem and how would you face this; November 1: 6:30, Steuben Society, Crystall Ballroom - Shcoeder, Milwaukee.

  3. Letter from John M. Balliet, Insurance, 112 West College Avenue, Appleton, Wis. (with picture of John on stationary)
    Date: November 4, 1952
    Content: "Joe I wanted to give you this in Chicago but didn't get the chance. Sorry I couldn't see you - will be up at Charles Hopfeusbergers house tonight with the Mayor. First election reports look good. Best of luck. John"

  4. McCarthy Broadcast Dinner, Monday, October 27, 1952, The Palmer House, Chicago, Illinois
    Description: Program, with excerpts ["They say..."]from various publications
    Content: "Program; The Star Spangled Banner; Invocation Father John J. O'Neil, Lt., C.H.C., U.S.N.; Toastmaster, Genearal Robert E. Wood, Chairman, McCarthy Broadcast Dinner; Introducing The Honorable Joesph McCarthy United States Senator from Wisconsin; Benediction Dr. Lester R. Minion, D.D."
    "They say...excerpts: "From "The Shameful Years" a report by the Committee on Un-American Activities, January 8, 1952; Dwight D. Eisenhower, Milwaukee, October 3, 1952; Dwight D. Eisenhower, Green Bay, Wis., October 3, 1952; Fulton Lewis, Jr., October 17, 1952; E.F. Tompkins, in the Chicago Herald-American, October 14, 1942; From The Freeman, October 6, 1952; Westbrookd Pegler, October 17, 1952..."

  5. Photograph
    Photographer: Fabian Bachrack
    [identity of pictured male unknown]

  6. Handwritten Notes
    Description: handwritten notes on full sheets of paper [mostly on lined yellow legal size]; author unknown
    Contents: excerpts from notes
    - Nixon on 24th, Beloit, Janesville, U. of Wis...

    - Joe on list as No.1 -- know when he goes who goes with him. Want to know how Jeff would testify. Only 2 people with guts enough to appear before Mc Comm. is MCS and Jeff

    - March 29, 1955, Received at 3:20, From Robert Tedrow. A 40 minute film of Edward R. Murrow's interview of Oppenhiemier over CBS"

    - Austin, Joe flies in from Austin, Come to Beckley (good airport) at noon, Drive to Norfolk 60 miles..Drive back to Thurmond"

    - Wire Indiana...Will you wire me detailed itenerary...Luncheon Noon Oak Hill Country Club

    - Mr. Bob Evand 228 E. College Ave. Appelton Wis, Big RAlly right before election, radio

    - I have been informed that This is a formal demand and request that your TV or radio station will reschedule the McCarthy Broadcast dinner speech of October 27, 1952, originating from Chicago, Ill according to your wire dated Oct. 31. Senator Mc speech was off the air for the first seven minutes"

    - Biography of Joe...Call Don Uthus, Ralph Morre, John Tope, Mr. Hifferman, Burt Rand...; Action Friend of Con. writing Speech, Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Parent...Letters JimMcGarry, Heugh Rogers, Ben duffy, Ed Sullivan"

    - Joe they want you in St. Lucian for Sen. Kern, Greg Smith Knoxville, Tenn; Mr. A. B. Herman New Jersey Trenton; Tucson, Arizona; ...Joe do you want two days in Michigan?

    - Sept. 23 Lunch .75 cents, Parking .85 cents; Sept 24 Lunch 1.05, Dinner 2.25, Parking .50

    - Mary - check lists..September 30 Bridgeport, Conn; October 2 Leave for Green Bay with Mr. Miller; October 4,5 With IKE throughout Wis?

    - A bill that would allow Justice to initiate a loyalty hearing against anyone employed by the Gov. Not leave it up to head of departments who might refuse- After an agency receives FBI report and after 30 days a person is still there or no action is taken then allow Justice an opportunity to file charges

    - Fish Hearings. Par. 6. Vol. I and Report...Completed

    - Dec. 13, 1956 Mr. Fran Nowack (Firend of Ray's) Did require 3% of amt. of principal in Comm. Last Aug. Legislation cut back to 1%...Goo thing for seller. Par 100 selling 45 is so, to correct he would take a licking, so new loan only lose a small amt compared to 3%

    --To: Williamsburg; Memorial to Shirley Aiway, Shirley Highway to Route no. 1 at Woodridge...attached is Transportation Authorization dated September 13, 1956 to Mr. William R. Bleakney, from Headquarters, 1823 D AACS Group, United States Air Force, Andrews Air Force Base, Washington, D.C.

    - Action, Rough Draft S.2784 Mr. Smathers. To provide for the conveyance of certain lands to the Town of Don Cd-Sar Place Florida; Staff Memor S. 2828 Mr. Barrett and O'Mahoney. To provide for the conveyance of a portion of the former prisoner of War Camp, near Douglas, Converse County, Wy. to the State of WY"

    - Notebook: 1) Congressman Mason - up. 14 Wash. D.C. 2) Mr. E Wannig WO 2-9200

    - Teletype Message: Senator McCarthy to arrive please call Washington DC operator 37; Please call operator 395 New York Mr. Spidak Calling.

    - Summer field. Bridges Styles issued statement

    - Harry Gray resign effective March 1

    - 1) Want Gray out. 2)Becter to take over. 3) Make offer

    - Sen Jenner 6885, 3626; Indianapolis Indiana Playa 7561. Mr. Calholder
    - Mayor Vernon E. Anderson; City Hall 5925 Columbus

    - Dear Senator: Would you mind meeting my family by phoning me at 48696 as my wife's father was State Republican Chairman - for several yrs. [following sentence underhand] I work for the Federal Court. Thank you, Dave Price.

    - Bob Kennedy, John Bistan, Hancock 63920, Mr. Sanborn Out

    - Dick from Dick: Dallas - Both Papers and Reporters at 10.30; not later 9.15 - this airport. Sen Duff is in Dallas and Denny Roam is wired to catch speech.

    - Dick - Mrs. James VanAllen, Operator 35, Newport, R.I.; Senator Kem's office, op 34 - Kansas City; Mr. John Smith op 30, Knoxville.

    - Jay Royman N.B.C.

    - Al Beutley calling Owosso, Mich - op 3. Re: Saginaw meeting

    - Judge Dusher of Rockford is on 2 - you sent him letter saying no.

    - Mr. McCarthy, Please get in contact with Mrs. Vester Law, phone White Sulpher 152. Sister Dulcia Fraley of Antigo, Wisconsin. Politics differ. Call operator 276 Chicago. Also call operator 241 New York City. Call operator 283 Los Angelos - Ward Bond.

    - Robert Harrn 241 N.Y.

    - Agreed to us with Nat Committee for rest of Campaign, Bill

    - Roy - Madison: Office 64411 ext 2121. Homee 31265. 1) Tim Coleman Washington Hotel Nat 6-800

    - Sen McCarthy [envelope]

  7. Farmers for McCarthy Club Card. "This is to Certify that Dr. M McCormack is a member of the Farmers for McCarthy Club. Harry Tuhmke, Secretary. J. W. Snyder, Chairman

  8. N.D. Club of Washington, D.C. Annual Family Picnic August 24, 1957 At the Dowling Farm, Olney, Maryland. Addressed to Vincent J. Hanrahan, 10025 Lorain Avenue, Silver Springs, Maryland

  9. Elect Henry (Hank) Zipf Republican State Senator; Attorny, Veteran, Native Tucsonan. "Put some Zzzzip in the Senate"

  10. Photograph of Richard O'Melia and three other men

  11. George A. Bourman Jr. 1) Bourman for Westrectt Attorney Club 2) 229 East Wis Ave, Milwaukee, Wis. 3) Chairman: A.C. "Tom" Shermann [4 pages]

  12. Question: Would you care to comment on Taylor's Claim that you have damaged the morale at Fort Monmouth? Answer: I am happy to plead guilty to damaging the morale of Communists and espionage agents regardless of whether they are at Fort Monmouth or any other place in this country. [20 pages]

  13. Explanation of a proposed document/publication in which cases of communist activities would be outlawed. [Incomplete, 4 pages]

  14. Postcard of Northernaire Three Lakes, Wisconsin. Address to no one.

  15. Handwritten note: Conversation with O'Brian 6/6/57

  16. David A. Livingston - Attorney, 7625 N. Grandview Avenue, Chicago, IL.
    Myron E. Nelson - Attorney, 7132 East End Avenue, Chicago, IL
    Wilifrid Girson - Commercial Artist, 7118 S. Ridgeland Avenue, Chicago, IL.
    Leland S. Winter - Private Investigator, 7542 S. Constance Avenue, Chicago, IL.
    George S. Gelman - Chemist, 7004 S. Clyde Avenue, Chicago, IL.

  17. Hand written comments:
    - January, 15, 1959; 11:43 a.m. Please call op. 6 Rhinelander

    - Contact Name: Harold X Summers; Chuck Field Exam;

    - Jack Clements; Max Isenburgh: Dept. Gen; Civil Service: Sept. 22, 1950 V.B. Mathews

    - Two drunks at bar. Take one for Mr. Farget - went back after 4

    - Daniel Carr, Head of Personnel Small Business Grade, also member of Loyalty Board. Mf. Devitt is in charge of security S.B.P.

    - Solis Horwitz ...

    - Notice of Conversion Privilege: Federal Employee's Group Life Inxurance Act of 1954.

    - Sept 24: At St. Cloud Fri Oct 24: Superior, Eau Claire, Madision, Jamesville

    - Edgewater Beach Hotel, Chicago bill: Room, longdist., restaurant: $30.52

    - Maybe McMillen 5-1611 Seymore Weiss, Roosevelt Hotel 450.00; Leo McCarey 400.00

    - Joe Zeppa 47411; Res 46074

    - Lawrence Spervak: Playa 5-5900, Tempelton 8-2521, Playa 3-9377

    - Watson W. Wise: Wise Drilling Company, PO Box 297, Tyler Texas, 2-4389

    - Call Op. 120 Madision Wisc.; Yon. Kohler and Tom Coleman. Call Op 116,118 Tuscon

    - Airplane - Name, "Administrator" DC 3 no. N13875; Capt. Harry Anderson, Copilot Joe Crance
    Stewart Jon Shanks

    - Mr. O'Melia, I've been meaning to get down here sooner but today was the first opportunity. I'll give you a call or drop in again in a few days as I'm still very much interested in a summer job. Here is the card that Tom McCormack gave me. Sincerly, Mike Byrnes

    - Jack Halleran Bl.8-5247

    - Bill Hansen; Elmer Ryan: Thomas W Banks Income Tax Case set Monday Jan 10

    - T. Bielecke Congressional Hotel Rm. 710 or Dinning Room. Leaves hotel at 2:30 will return about 5:30 or 6:00. Please call him, he asked, as he is very anxious to talk to you!

    - Neil McCarthy Call operator #291 Los Angeles

    - Will be at Ambassador Hotel night of 25th Wants to see Jim - home on 26th

    - Mr. Cattell Cosmos Club

    - Wm Corrert - Had A&H Bomb

    - Dick - call Miss De Haas D1 7-7045

    - Dick - call Mr. Tice Thursday Ma 8-3902

    - Mr. James Kirk: Oak Ridge, Tenn

    - Mrs. Heiden op 71

    - Annie Lee Moss 72 R.S.I. S.W.

    - Comdr. Manley Frost: Navy Intelligence at Naval observatory

    - Chicago Nidiva airport; Portsmouth 74400

    - Washington - op 62 Mundt

    -Sen. McCarthy telephone message. Call operator 48 Washington. Mr. O'Melia telephone message. Call operator 63 Washington.

    - Kansas City - Hotel Muehlebach; Columbus - Deshler Wallick

    - Wash. Benjamin Franklin

    - Please wire your complete schedule for Senator McCarthy

    - T. Tle 6 sec 601 Public Law 560: Mtg loans in rural area also minority groups

    - Questions on tax return 1. Income from speaking engagements - gross or net? 2. Paycheck contributions 3. Mrs. McCarthy's income (rental income?)

    - Letters 1. Ross Rizley 2. J.B. 3. Jack Spore 4. The Gulf Stream Miami Beach 40 Fl.

    - Vet loan quarantine program

    - Jack Carter

    - Richard O'Melia: Payments received by the Group Treasurer as Agent for the Subscriber.

    - Air France 609,816, 324, 613, 601

    - Jack Halney Playa 3-4500 1729

    - Jenny Hayes Jr. Be here for another week.

    - Rand 9214 61 Dallas

    - Jim Martin BR 1-1898 229 E. Wis Mr. Satter called - He would like to talk to you - Madison 7-2265

    -Check legality of sending books to other states - get opinion

    - Boxeman, Mout.

    - Bridge Port Airport 01 - MKE - 14283

    - Mr. O'Melia while you were out Mr. Spore called about unit chairman

    - Airfreight wt. Weigh bill No; Ticket No

    - Mr. O'Melia call operator 61 Washington D.C.

    - Op. 34 K.C.

    - Senator McCarthy room 210 call operator 25 Dallas

    - Conrad Hilton Chicago; TWA -Flight # 220 LV: Chicago 9:AM CST ARR: Wash 1:45 EST

    - Mr. Ayer called from Boston - will call back at 1:45 our time

    - Dick Mahoney Brother 3-4132: C.E. Hockings 2811 Geneva Ph. 6-2105

    - Mr. Jerry O'Neil

    - Jim Conway, Fahey Flynn

    - Senator Kims office called Kansas City Victor 1082. Mr. Botner or Mr. Robinson Reverse Charges

    - Dr. Lyle Phillips - Honolulu

    - Bakersfield, Calif - Kieth McCormack; Tom Wordell

    - Mrs. Do Beverly Hills called. Call oper. 291 Los Angeles Crestwood 60149

    - Frank A Surine 1326 Kalmia Rd NW

    - Can you read what the address is on the letter? Greek? Latin? or Gobble gook?

    - Double Bed Room 2 - Double 2 2-6674

    - Buck Webster 6-0704 after 9

    - Urban van Sustern 31381

    - Bill Rogers Plaza 9 3000 Ex 612

    - Mr. O': Oper. 395@NY Plaza 5-4100 Mr. Hugh Davis Room 10F

    - Forrest Clement - Agriculture; ---Revey; David Carliner, Vivian Redgway - C.S.C.

    - Ten memos of people to call

    - Miss Jean F. Kerr, 3032 - 24th Stret, N.E., Washington 18, D.C.

  18. Envelopes from:
    - Hawaii Residents' Association, Inc.
    - Julius Epstein
    - Robert A. Vogeler and Associates
    - Steuben Society of America
    - Amboy Washington
    - Major John P. Byrne
    - P.O. Box 2035
    - Lt. Col. L.L. Jacobs, USMCR
    - News-Star-World Publishing Corporation
    - Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Inc.
    - Hotel El Rancho Vegas
    - New Jersy Chapter of Pro America
    - Mrs. A.J. Troyak

  19. Business Cards:
    - Robert V. Stern, Ticket Sales Agent, United Air Lines
    - C. Hughes, Chief House Officer, The Drake of Chicago
    - Robert A. Smith Insurance Agency, The Travelers of Hartford Connecticut

  20. Memo: D. O'Melia, RE: Oct. 22nd Flight for Sen. McCarthy Cincinnati-Seattle

  21. Victories of the Legion of Mary brochure

  22. Committee on Government Operations. To Mr. O'Melia: The attached is submitted to you for your information (Revised Printing). Walter L. Reynolds, Chief Clerk. [nothing attached]

  23. Notice to Federal Employee About Unemployment Compensation

  24. Since it makes no difference (as far as seeing you is concerned) whether or not I have a date I think it's better for appearances if I don't stand around just "waiting"---- with reporters etc. ----

  25. Ross Foothorat, Bridgeport. Do not want them into New Haven should have Dick call his home.

  26. Call or wire Heigh Robinson c/o Sen. Keve's Office. Anderson called (gave you the message).

  27. Relay to: Senator Joesph McCarthy. Urgent Confidential Matter. Opened by me on date of receipt at my office - June 15, 1954

  28. Monday Adams refuses to answer. Cross examination by Sen. Mundt. Does that preclude Adams from testifying to everything after Jan. 20.

  29. Nick Stevens recommended anyone for a job: Nick Hansel, Nick Adams

  30. Gen Warcey: Dupont 7-1433 Code 131X79995

  31. Mrs. Elsie Senior, Cusma Agent Kohler.

  32. The American Legion Official Membership Card of Richard J. O'Melia

  33. American Bar Association card of Richard J. O'Melia, 1949-1950

  34. Napkin from The Outriggre

  35. Wisconsin Bar Association membership card issued to Richard J. O'Melia

  36. Folder titled Arizona
    - reservation at Hilton Hotel: No two bedroom suite available. Will put you on list. Airline reservations: We have definite confirmation for two seats on the 8:55 A.M. flight
    - When he performed his duties in a manner conducted to unplanned the honor and dignity of The Senate

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