Oversize Miscellaneous II

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Playbacks after Football"
    Description: List of states with radio stations and city names.

  2. "Missing Documents"
    Description: List of documents from various Hearings and Committees.

  3. List of names
    Description: "Abeles, H., US Civ., 7742 CCD; Abraham, M. Civ., OcC"

  4. "Schedule of Senator Joe McCarthy - October 20th"
    Description: "Gary, Indiana - 12:00 Noon - Luncheon and speech at Crystal Ball Room in Gary Hotel. Richard O'Melia - Itinerary Director - advises he will deliver the Senator in Gary..."

  5. "Memo"
    Description: "1. 5,000 of the attached are being printed. a. 3800 have been sent out to date." Attached is information pertaining to the Kersten Committee Activities.

  6. "Biographical Sketch - Joseph Davidson"
    Description: "Employed by Royal Dutch Shell interests in Mexico - 1919."

  7. "Information on Dean Ehlers"
    Description: "Has been on patronage of Congressman Jeffery P. Hillelson, Republican, 4th District, Missouri, since January 1953."

  8. "Republican Headquarters, Hotel Loraine, Madison, Wisconsin"
    Description: Lists officers and executive committee of the Republican Party of Wisconsin and the Congressional District Committeemen.

  9. "Proposed Rules for Speakers Bureau Republican Party of Milwaukee County "
    Description: "1. No speaker when assigned to speak by the Speakers Bureau of the Republican Party of Milwaukee County may speak in behalf of, or distribute literature for, any individual candidate."

  10. "Packaged Programs"
    Description: "1. Neighborhood skit; Ann Knack (6) 2. Power of Your Vote (flannel board); Jack L. Spore (6)...

  11. (?)
    Description: "Where as Communism is the most evil, appalling and dangerous foe to our free institutions and republican form of government, and whereas..."

  12. "The Communist Threat To America"
    Description: "by the Honorable Martin Dies; Former Member of Congress from Texas;, Southern Gas Assn., Inc.; Convention, Galveston, Texas; March 24, 25, 26, 1948. Democracy and Christian civilization are more gravely menaced throughout the world today than ever before in history. At long last, many of our people realize that fact."

  13. (?)
    Description: " 'As is pointed out in the Minority Report, before items are placed on the List there must be complete agreement and concurrence from all nations....' This is another example of the kind of distortion that is prevalent throughout the Majority Report."

  14. "Constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic"
    Description: "Article 1. The union of Soviet Socialist Republics is a socialist state of workers and peasants. Article 2. The political foundation of the U.S.S.R. is the Soviets of Working People's Deputies which grew and became strong as a result of the overthrow of the power of the landlords and capitalists and the conquest of the dictatorship of the proletariat."

  15. "Watchword on the Potomac"
    Description: "My assignment tonight is the Hoover Commission Report. When we talk about the Hoover Commission Report, we really are talking about 'Government' - for that is what the Commission's Report is about."

  16. (?)
    Description: "Receiving thousands of letters indicating that writers intend to stay home because of lack of cooperation from the Republican Party in exposing and digging out communists."

  17. "Motion by Mr. Dirkson"
    Description: "I move that the testimony of Secretary Stevens be concluded on the adoption of this motion; that Senator McCarthy be then called for testimony and for direct and cross-examination; that on the conclusion of Senator McCarthy's testimony the public hearings be recessed,..."

  18. "Cases Omitted by Roy Corn in Direct Testimony"
    Description: "William Pearl - member of Rosenberg ring convicted for perjury - sentenced for 5 years. Conviction was affirmed."

  19. (?)
    Description: "The Internal Revenue Department has ended the controversy surrounding the finances of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin, which started during the Gillette-Hennings Committee probe."

  20. "Stewart Alsop was an Ex-Marxist"
    Description: "The Alsop brothers are the most prominent and influential of those who display venomous hatred of ex-Communists who are now trying to fight the Frankenstein they helped create." A lot of red underlining.

  21. (?)
    Description: "On the third day of November 1922, in the St. Paul Auditorium at St. Paul, Minnesota, before a packed house Senator Robert M. La Follette speaking against the reelection of Senator Frank B. Kellogg:..."

  22. (?)
    Description: "Provided however that the Subcommittee may by a majority vote provide that one member may constitute a quorum for the purpose of taking testimony." Two copies.

  23. Letter
    Description: "That it is the sense of the Senate that during any period during which any American citizen is held prisoner by Communist China no financial assistance shall be extended under the Mutual Security Act of 1954."

  24. Act
    Description: "To provide for the termination of Government operations which are in competition with private enterprise. That this Act may be cited as the "Termination of Federal Commercial Activities Act."

  25. "Lodge Favors Sen. McCarthy"
    Description: "North Adams, Mass. (AP) -- U.S. Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge (R-Mass), a candidate for reelection, says "I favor the election of all Republican nominees, including Sen. McCarthy (of Wisconsin)."

  26. "Report of the Special Committee on Communist Tactics, Strategy and Objectives"
    Description: "After devoting close observation over a period of years to developments affecting the well-being of our nation, the Committee on Communist Tactics, Strategy and Objectives must report that the challenge of communism today is still the most serious confronting our nation and the free world."

  27. "Memorandum on Bogolepov - Army Case"
    Description: "I. B. Joined the US army in 1945 already, first under the name of Nyman and without revealing his proper identity due to the policies of extradition of all Soviet citizens in accordance with Yalta agreement."

  28. "The Record of Clifford Case"
    Description: "In August, 1952, the ADA (left-wing New Dealers and State Socialists including Lehman, Humphrey, Mrs. Roosevelt and others) published its list of preselection 'key issues' as a yardstick for voting on incumbent members of Congress. The key issues numbered 13."

  29. "To My Republican Friends"
    Description: "The election is over, the result is now known..."

  30. "Herbert H. Lehman"
    Description: List of organizations, affiliations, and sources.

  31. "Senator Joseph R. McCarthy Broadcast Committee"
    Description: "(1) The object of the Senator Joseph R. McCarthy Broadcast Committee (hereinafter called 'the Committee') is to promote a national broadcast to originate in Appleton, Wisconsin, Monday November 3, 1952, said broadcast to consist of a speech given by Senator Joseph R. McCarthy in support of the cause of the Republican Party, and in connection therewith to solicit and receive gifts, contributions and donations to cover the expense..." Notes with telephone numbers written in pencil. Business card of Carroll H. Marts.

  32. "Two Definite Dates we Know About"
    Description: "Farmers for McCarthy, September 27, at Delavan, Wisconsin"

  33. "James N. Juliana"
    Description: Resume. Three copies.

  34. Note
    Description: "Russia is the only country in the world that quotes our Bible in their written Constitution i.e. II Thessalonians 3:10 (St. Paul).

  35. "Out-of-Pocket Expenses by Richard J. O'Melia"
    Description: "Sept. 23: Lunch - .75; Parking - .85

  36. (?)
    Description: "Approximately a year to 15 months ago Sergeant (do not know the first name) Moss, supposedly the son of Annie Lee Moss was assigned to the Adjutant General's office at the Pentagon, Machine Record Bureau (?)."

  37. (?)
    Description: "If being censured is the price one has to pay for believing that Communists in our government should be handled with bare fists instead of kid gloves, don't object to paying the price. When the very life of America is in danger I can't bring myself to feel there should be any lily-fingered treatment of our country's enemies who traffic in treachery, or for any people who sympathize with or try to cover up such enemies."

  38. "Ten Rules Guaranteed to Cure Anybody of McCarthyism"
    Description: "Be as ignorant of the true nature and operations of the Communist conspiracy as is humanly possible. This will make you feel at home in the company of the vast majority of good anti-Communists...."

  39. List
    Description: "The following Republican Congressmen voted against Clevenger Amendment to H.R. 8067:"

  40. (?)
    Description: "At the end of WWII many sailors wrote to Congressmen reporting the destruction of vast quantities of materials (ammunition, guns, jeeps, trucks, typewriters, metals, etc.) dumped overboard in the Pacific."

  41. "National Federation of American Ethnic Groups"
    Description: Organizational Chart dated July 18, 1955

  42. "Apologize to McCarthy: A Petition to the US Senate"
    Description: "Whereas every charge in the so-called censorship resolution which was passed by the U.S. Senate has since that time been proved false:..."

  43. Handwritten letter dated July 24, 1952
    Author unknown
    Description: " ...gave Ann Glass J.Edgar Hoover's testimony before 1952 Justice Appropriation Committee Hearings - She didn't believe it - She does not believe the Communist teach the doctrine of ...our form of Gov. by force & violence. So I showed her pictures of Commies in hearings S J Res 21...

  44. Hand printed on paper
    Author and date unknown.
    Description: "The following are documents showing that Murrow misled the American People. And twisted, distorted statements made by Senator McCarthy about the American Civil Liberties Union."

  45. "A Petition to the United States Senate"
    Description: "1. We, the undersigned, being gravely concerned over the serious threat to Constitutional Government and the great damage to our country that could mistakenly result from your special "censure session," respectfully submit this appeal to reason, commonsense and justice...."
    "This petition, when complete with signatures, should promptly be returned to: TEN MILLION AMERICANS...Mobilizing for Justice! Roosevelt Hotel New York Lt. Gen George E. Stratemeyer, USAF (Ret.), Chairman" [4 copies]

  46. "Petition for Recall of United States Senator, Joseph R. McCarthy"
    Description: "We, the undersigned, qualified electors of the County of _______, State of Wisconsin, hereby petition for the recall of United States Senator Joseph R. McCarthy of the City of Appleton, Outagamie County Wisconsin."

  47. "Demand for the Investigation of the "China Lobby" in Washington - in the opinion of: Communist Party in N.Y. State - Mike Mansfield"
    Date: August 25, 1949
    Description: "American Aid to China - Mr. Mansfield. Mr. Speaker, a few weeks ago the State Department published a white paper which set forth in detail the great effort the United States has made to assist China, especially during the last 5 years. Since the issuance of that publication, strenuous attempts have been made in this country to discredit one of the principal conclusions drawn from that record -- namely, that the very substantial aid provided by the United States to China failed to accomplish its purpose largely because of widespread incompetence and corruption in the National Government, including many persons in high places....

  48. "Summary of Mike Mansfield on China"
    Description: "(1) On August 12, 1949, a week after the publication of the State Department's White Paper on United States Relations With China...Representative Mansfield noted: It is my hope that this letter and the China paper will be read with great care of by the American people. The China paper is a factual and unbiased account of Sino-American relations over the period covered...."

  49. "Why the Soviet Union Occupies a Dominant Position in China? American Policies Dictate by Long Chinese - Soviet Frontier - in the opinion of: Mike Mansfield Owen Lattimore"
    Date: Jan. 1948
    Description: "...I am fully aware that there is a growing advocacy in the United States for action to halt the spread of communism in China. Briefly, it consists of several fundamental assumptions..."

  50. "United States Should Promote Coalition Regime in China Between Kuomintang and other Parties, Principally the Communists - in the opinion of: Mike Mansfield, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, Daily Worker, Frederick V. Field, Dean Acheson"
    Date: Jan. 16, 1945
    Description: "American influence has been to try to get the divergent elements in China together. This is important and necessary to prevent a possible civil war..."

  51. Date and author unknown. [typed 13 pages]
    "The influx of foreign agents into the Dhahran area has greatly multiplied since the restoration of power to the Shah of Iran. Known foreign agents, not in sympathies with U.S. interests in the Middle East, in the "guise of field technicians, are continually arriving and conferring with a similar group of technicians employed at ARAMCO...."

    Date: 3-6-57 [Memo]
    "Notation 961 is being placed on the Calendar at the request of Member Minetti."

  53. "How Big CAN a lie get??? Another Typical Example of Milwaukee Journal Dishonesty - Milwaukee Journal Editorial"
    Date: January 1951
    "Nobody is much surprised any more at Senator McCarthy's careless use of what he calls "facts," but he can still startle you with his ability to to mulitply misinformation..."
    [17 copies of a one page flier. Each has a copy of letter signed by Joe McCarthy to Mr. Francis D. Flanagan, Chief Counsel, Senate Investigations Subcommittee, Senate Committee on Expenditures; and a copy of a letter from Flanagan to McCarthy]

  54. At the top of first page: "...For Senator Club; P.O. Box 517; Bozeman, Montana"
    No date. 28 pages.
    "To all Republican County Chairman and State Committeemen and Committewomen: Enclosed is a compilation of information showing the parallel between the views of Mansfield and those of well-known left-wingers and Communists on U.S. Foreign Policy in China. Page 1- Shows the Communist propaganda movement, beginning in 1945. 2-4 - Contain statements of various persons that the Chinese Communists are "agrarian reformers," in the opinion of Mansfield. Stalin and others. 5,6,7 - Contain statements that "The Chinese Communists believe and practice democracy in China," by Mansfield, Browder, Lattimore and Chou En-Lai...."

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