Oversize Miscellaneous I

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

1. Murrow and McCarthy
Date: ? Author: ? [22 pages]
Description: Three excerpts from "CBS official transcript" with handwritten notes, and eight attached "Communist Citation" pages.
Content: Handwritten: "The technique of the "jackel pack of the left-wing as demonstrated in the following documented statements of Edward R. Murrow. I. McCarthy stated during an examination of Reed Harris before his committee _______ "you know the Civil Liberties Union has been listed as a front for and doing the work of the the Communist Party? II. On March 9, 1954 Murrow distorted and misled the American people as follows:" [typed CBS official transcript] "Tape: "The Reed Harris hearing demonstrates one of the Senator's techniques. Morrow: Twice he said the American Civil Liberties Union was listed as a subversive front. The Attorney General's list does not and has never listed the ACLU as subversive, nor does the F.B.I. or any other government agency."...

2. Handwritten notes on United States Senate letterhead paper.
Date: ? Author:? [4 pages]
Content: "On May 24, 1957 in the after noon WR came in and said that Sen Mc had asked that I draft a resolution of condolence to be given to Mrs Mc from the full comm. He asked that I prepare a rough draft by Monday so that he could go over it & submit it to the Full Comm. for Consideration at its next meeting on May 29 1957-...

3. 85th Congress 1st Session. Joseph R. McCarthy.
Date: ? Author: ?
Description: Three typed drafts with written corrections.
Content: "Whereas the late junior Senator from Wisconsin, the Honorable Joseph R. McCarthy, served with distinction as a member of this committee for a period of more than ten years, two of which he served as chairman; and...."

4. Copies of three checks, with Ex 24, 25 and 26 written on them.
Date: December 8, 1952 [Ex 24]; December 11, 1952 [Ex 25]; January 21, 1953 [Ex 26]
Author: Checks are signed by Thomas C. Hennings, Jr.
Content: "The Riggs National Bank; Washington D.C." Pay to the order of: "The Evening Star" [Ex 24]; "Cash" [Ex 25]; and "The Kansas City Star" [Ex 26]

5.(Petition to the) Supreme Court of the United States
Date: October Term, A.D. 1954
Content: "People of the State of Illinois, ex rel. Lar Daly, Erick E. Bergquist and Jay Seals, Petitioners vs. William G. Stratton Governor of Illinois, Orville E. Hodge, Auditor of Public Accounts of the State of Illinois..." "Petition for a writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court of Illinois" "Question Presented. Did the State Electoral Board of the State of Illinois fail to exercise their statutory duty, and thereby arbitrarily deny petitioners the right to be on the ballot?"

6. Handwritten notes on United States Senate Memorandum stationery.
Date? Author?
Description: Memorandum attached to 5 pages of legal size ruled paper with handwritten notes.
Content: Notes include..."1955 30% of all non farm dwelling units started were under VA"..."Sen Mc said today that he was introducing legislation to ease the tight money mkt that is presently crippling and stifling the GI home loan construction program and Sen Mc further stated that the tight money problem...caused the...investors will not invest capital in VA mortgage because opportunities for greater investment return is much higher in almost all other investment fields...."

7. Handwritten notes on 4 pages of legal size ruled paper.
Date? Author?
Content: Notes include..."1. Recognition 2. Bid to American Industry and Labor. 3. Cut off all aid to those who aid the enemy 4.wholeheartedly aid with no goobley gook arm military ...Rhee, Germans, Shain, etc." "Outline 1. What is foreign policy? How does it fit into our Constitution and the spiritual and material progress of our country. 2. There came a time when we lost the initiative...When our country is not secure? We lost at Yalta, Downfall of China, Korea, Geneva, Indo-China Billions have been taken from your pockets to make more secure? Thousands of boys' lives taken? Our planes are being shot down daily? Our citizens and our soldiers are been kidnapped and placed in dungeons. Our "so call allies" are deserting us? Our prestige, our flag desecrated...we should be leaders for real freedom, we stand alone deserted as at Geneva. 3. Why? Because those who have had the duty and sacred trust to carry out our policy have not done so. The Truman Ackeson Lattimore gang sold us own the river by deliberate design or criminal stupidity.."

8. Democrats for McCarthy
Date:? Author: Authorized and paid for by Democrats for McCarthy, Edward A. Quinn, 5426 Sixth Ave., Kenosha, Wis.
Description: Petition
Content: "Statement of Principles We the undersigned hereby certify and declare that we have in the past been affiliated with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and have for the most part supported the candidates of the Democratic Party for the local, state and national offices. That we hereby declare and pledge our support for the reelection of Senator Joe McCarthy for the following reasons: The welfare of America transcends party lines and we as former Democrats recognize the plain fact that Senator McCarthy has rendered a great service to our nation by his fearless and vigorous exposure of Communist infiltration in the State Department and other branches of our national government:..."

9. A Petition to the United States Senate
Author: Ten Million Americans, Lt. Gen. George E. Stratemeyer, USAF (Ret.) Chairman
Content: "1. We, the undersigned, being gravely concerned over the serious threat to Constitutional government and the great damage to our country that could mistakenly result from your special "censure session"...2. We declare that it is your duty to reject the recommendations of the Watkins Committee as an affront to the dignity of the Senate..."

10. TO: B, L and W Members
Date: 1957
Author: E. F. H. Dutton, Chairman, Golf Committee
Content: "It is in the interest of all golfing members to read this announcement carefully: 1. Commencing April 1st and continuing throughout the 1957 golf season, weekend and holiday play will be governed by starting times..." (2 pages) Also attached is "Handicaps - 1957" from George Richards, Chairman, Handicap Committee.

11. Miscellaneous handwritten notes on legal size paper [Total of 25 sheets]:
Author: ?
Date: ?
--"Lesson in Logic. Article on Front Page of Eve. Star (last Thurs, Fri, or Sat) Communist Poland shocked at ___ offered only 30 million in United States aid (not U.N. aid Communist Poland has asked for $350,000,000 in aid from the United States Taxpayers. How to Make Communism Work. 1. If Russia is stripping Poland of Agricultural and Industrial Products our loans would then be indirect assistance to Russia -- It would be strengthening her warmaking potential against the United States...."

-- "July 23 1956 Talking about Index I was preparing in a Congressional hearing into Communism and Subversive Activities, she stated that the worst mistake that was made was to outlaw the Communist Party-- they should be above ground where we could educate them."

--"Congressional Record, March 14, 1957, Page A2031 In 1926 Population 117 Million In 1926 Annual Cost of the Federal Gov. was $2,880,000,000 In 1957 Population 170 million In 1957 Annual cost of the Federal Gov. is $81,000,000,000....The annual interest alone on the debt is now greater than the total cost of all functions of this Gov. (including National defense) as late as 1938..."

--"I intend to discuss foreign policy with you tonight # 175 years ago. 1. Our foreign Policy is nothing mysterious. It is not complicated as the do-gooders have made you believe, it isn't anything that effects others... 2. Lest we forget what our forefathers fought and died and from these sacrifices was created is what we know to be the finest form of gov., of the people under God that this world has ever known...4. only reason for foreign policy is to protect our homes family and country..."(5 pages)

--"Jay Shanklin Assoc.Information Chief...is from Iowa--went to Kansas City with a newspaper there and got into CP in Kansas--no question he attends CP meeting and assoc. with Commies..."

--"McClaskey File is with Sen. Jackson. Mc- gave transcript includes charges..."

--"Committee for a More Effective Congress. Had records of affiliations with Communist fronts and Communist enterprises- Paul Appleby, George Backer, Stringfellow Barr, George Biddle, Henry Seidel Canby, Evans Clark, Morris L. Cooke, Thomas H. Eliot..." (list of 24 names)

--"I. Proxy - Vote Split up with Bernie...2.a). One man can't serve 2 or 3 masters b.) General played us against each other c.) Sam Poor against us d). Bad if I don't do it..." (3 pages)

--"1. Chuck 2...that I was mad about while you were gone..3. I didn't want to bring it up in front of Joe. None of his business...You not telling me of the Contract... You not telling me that you lefts orders for me not to get reports I requested..." (2 pages)

--"Herbert F. Johnson, Johnson Wax Co., Racine Wis. Have been unsuccessful attempting to reach you by phone from various whistle stops the last several days. You are the key to complete television coverage of extremely important speech Oct. 27. Sincerely hope you can give help and advise to my group in Chicago. Thanks a million in advance for any thing you can do -- will try again to phone you from Everett or Seattle Wash. Joe McCarthy..."

--"Oct. 18 Steve Moorehead...Young Republican, Fred Heiden Sanirita Hotel...Where he will speak, High School Stadium holds 8,000...Goldwater will be there and introduce."

--"Conflict Chippewa Falls...Oct.15...Springfield, Ill. Good Radio, Good Publicity, Good Crowd.."

--"White Hall, Wis. John Quinn, DA ...Galesville, Oct. 5..."Just say hello..."

--"Wed. Wis. Rapids, Thurs. Milw. - Racine Taft...Executive Club Taft speaks there this Friday Oct. 10.."

--1. Kern, 2. Research name of Michigan Republican Organization, 1. Cong. Mason- office of Illinois, Jolliet, Ill.--2. Mr. C. Wanwig. Will call back, 3. Congressman Halleck, Congressman Mundt, Speaking Engagements for National Committee..."

--"Call Washington, Balance Sheet (certified year) Ending Dec. 15, 1949. Pop. of US 135,000,000. People 65 years or older 37,000,000...I'm getting Damned tired of Running this Country Alone...

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