Miscellaneous IV

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "McCarthy and his 'Friends'"

  2. Date: 1954 or later
    Author: Joseph P. Kamp
    Publisher: Committee for McCarthyism
    Content: Targets McCarthy's one-time friend Frederick Woltman as a Communist conspirator for writing a series of news articles criticizing McCarthy and seeks to discredit his validity as a reporter.

  3. "Communism...McCarthyism...Americanism"

  4. Date: 1954 or later
    Author: Dr. Samuel H. Robinson
    Publisher: Prescott Courier, Inc.
    Contents: Addresses criticism put forth by individuals who oppose McCarthy on various grounds. Urges Americans to unite in support of McCarthy and in opposition of the ever-increasing threat of Communism.

  5. "John T. Flynn" (reprint of a radio broadcast, two copies)

  6. Date: October 3, 1954
    Author/Speaker: John T. Flynn
    Publisher: America's Future, Inc.
    Contents: Defends McCarthy against recommendations for his censure suggested in the Watkins Committee's report. Commends the work of the recently deceased Senator Pat McCarran for Lattimore and his companions as communists and designates Senators Jenner and McCarthy as individuals who will carry on the work which McCarran began. Recommends that Americans vote in the upcoming election for individuals who oppose American involvement in overseas quarrels.

  7. "National Association of Pro America"

  8. Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: National Association of Pro America, New Jersey Chapter
    Contents: Explains the beliefs and goals of the National Association of Pro America and contains an application for membership.

  9. "Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy Welcomes You..."

  10. Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: Joseph McCarthy
    Contents: Addressed to citizens of Wisconsin, contains information about Washington D.C., including a brief history, list of sites of interest, and a map.

  11. "The American Way to Jobs Peace Democracy"

  12. Date: May, 1954
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: New Century Publishers
    Contents: A Draft Program of suggestions from the Communist Party for dealing with the threat of McCarthyism, impending economic depression, and American foreign policy.

  13. "Supplement to Platforms of the Two Great Political Parties"

  14. Date: September, 1952
    Author: Earl Rockwood
    Publisher: U.S. Government Printing Office
    Contents: Contains the Democratic and Republican Party platforms for 1952.

  15. "Do You Want These Extremists Running Your Country?" (two copies)

  16. Date: 1964
    Author: Joseph B. Kamp
    Publisher: Headlines
    Contents: Defends conservative politicians considered to be extremist, particularly Barry Goldwater and Robert Welch. Seeks to discredit groups and individuals which the author associates with Communism, including: the ADL, Lyndon B. Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, the Union for Democratic Action, the American Civil Liberties Union, Aubrey Williams, Walter Lippmann, David Dubinsky, Alex Rose, Jacob Potofsky, Walter Reuther, Martin Luther King, James Farmer, Roy Wilkins, A. Philip Randolf, Whitney M. Young, Eric P. Goldman, and Abe Fortas.

  17. "Straight Talk"
    Date: 1961 or later
    Author: (?)
    Published by: Schneider Press
    Content: Encourages people to vote for Barry Goldwater for president. Contains statements of Goldwater's position on various issues like Communism, foreign aid, civil rights, and social security.

  18. "Unity Can Defeat McCarthyism!"

  19. Date: 1950 or later
    Author: Philip Frankfeld
    Publisher: Communist Party of Maryland
    Contents: Explains what McCarthyism is, why it is a threat to American democracy, and how it can be opposed through unity.

  20. "Elect DeWitt S. Hyde to Congress"

  21. Date: after 1951
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: J.R. Pat Gorman
    Contents: Explains the increased benefits which resulted from the new social security program enacted by the Republican 83 rd Congress.

  22. "The Man Who's Done Most for Rhode Island"

  23. Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: Democratic State Committee
    Contents: Written in comic book form, relates a brief synopsis of the life of Dennis J. Roberts, and recounts what he has accomplished during the last term as governor.

  24. "It's House Cleaning Time in the Valley"

  25. Date: after 1948
    Author: Al Leasure
    Publisher: Wheeling News Lithograph Co.
    Contents: Gives a brief biography of Rush D. Holt and explains his credentials and basic platform for governor of West Virginia.

  26. "The Truth about Senator Joe McCarthy"

  27. Date: 1952 or later
    Author: Joe McCarthy
    Publisher: McCarthy Club
    Contents: Features a series of questions about McCarthy's actions and their results, each answered in brief by McCarthy.

  28. "West Virginia Labor Backs Holt" (two copies)

  29. Date: 1952 or later
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: Union Label
    Contents: Contains statements of support and approbation for Rush D. Holt made by members of various political groups including: the United Mine Workers of America, the West Virginia State Federation of Labor, Steel Worker's Union of America, and the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen.

  30. "The Truth about the Fifth Amendment!"

  31. Date: 1954 or later
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America
    Contents: Explains the Fifth Amendment, how its use has been abused by McCarthyism, and defends its use as a part of the Bill of Rights.

  32. "What is McCarthyism..." (comes with letter from Jim DeWitt, UE Field Organizer)

  33. Date: 1954
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America
    Contents: Speaks of how McCarthyism works against Labor Parties and for big businesses and explains how McCarthyism can lead to economic depression and war. Compares McCarthy to Hitler.

  34. "Vote for Ike"

  35. Date: 1952
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: Republican National Committee
    Contents: Campaigns for Eisenhower for president.

  36. "Let's Keep Honesty Integrity Efficiency in Wisconsin"

  37. Date: after 1951
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: Republican Party of Wisconsin
    Contents: Reports what Republicans are doing in Wisconsin and in Washington D.C. Encourages people to vote for Republican candidates in the upcoming state and national elections, including Eisenhower, Nixon, McCarthy, Kohler, Thomson, Zimmerman, and Smith.

  38. "Ike Says..."

  39. Date: September 25, 1952
    Author/Speaker: Dwight D. Eisenhower
    Publisher: Republican National Committee
    Contents: Text of an address delivered by Eisenhower in Baltimore, Maryland, concerning his economic plan to reduce federal budget expenditures without sacrificing the Defense Program or military strength and security.

  40. "Wipe Out Corruption"

  41. Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: Republican National Committee
    Contents: Campaign pamphlet for the Eisenhower/Nixon ticket for the presidency. Relates examples of corruption in the national government during the past twenty years and gives quotes made by Eisenhower and Nixon about their stance against political corruption.

  42. "We Point with Pride..."

  43. Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: Byrnes for Congress Committee
    Contents: Gives John Byrnes credentials for being reelected as one of Wisconsin's representatives in Congress, including his stance in opposition to government corruption, Truman socialism, and Communism.

  44. "Before and After"

  45. Date: after 1947
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: Republican National Committee
    Contents: Relates the ways in which both Unions and individual workers have benefited from the enactment of the Labor-Management Relations Act of 1947, also known as the Taft-Hartley Law.

  46. "Governor Walter J. Kohler - The Press Reports His Record..."

  47. Date: 1952 or later
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: Republican Party of Wisconsin
    Contents: Contains quotes praising Kohler for his work as governor from several newspapers and journals. Encourages people to vote for Republican candidates in the upcoming national and state elections and gives the candidates' backgrounds, including Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Walter J. Kohler, Joseph R. McCarthy, Vernon W. Thomson, George M. Smith, Fred R. Zimmerman, and Warren R. Smith.

  48. "Charles J. Kersten in the 82nd Congress"

  49. Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: Young Republicans for Kersten
    Contents: Highlights Kersten's accomplishments as a Congressman in the 82 nd Congress.

  50. "Don Eastvold Republican Candidate for Attorney General"

  51. Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: (?)
    Contents: Highlights Eastvold's past accomplishments and summarizes his platform.

  52. " 'Al' Canwell for Congress"

  53. Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: (?)
    Contents: Summarizes Canwell's beliefs and history.

  54. "You Ask Me What Does the Republican Party Stand For?

  55. Date: 1950
    Author: "A Republican Worker"
    Publisher: Republican Party of Wisconsin
    Contents: Summarizes the platform and accomplishments of the Republican Party, including ways in which the Republican Party has worked in favor of farmers, laborers, and the economy in general.

  56. "What You Can Do To Help Re-Elect U.S. Senator Harry P. Cain"

  57. Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: Retain Cain Committee
    Contents: Lists ways in which individuals can support Cain and work for his reelection.

  58. "Don Eastvold for Attorney General"

  59. Date: after 1950
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: Campaign Headquarters
    Contents: Includes a short biography, a report of Eastvolds accomplishments, his platform for election, and his reasons for complaint against the current Attorney General.

  60. "Your Fighting Senator is Well Qualified"

  61. Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: Retain Cain Committee
    Contents: Relates a short biography of Cain and his accomplishments as senator. Includes quotes of praise made by other politicians as well as magazines and journals.

  62. "Retain Harry P. Cain Republican United States Senator"

  63. Date: 1952 or later
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: (?)
    Contents: Newsletter reporting the record of what Cain did as a U.S. Senator.

  64. "Retain Harry P. Cain Republican United States Senator" (two copies, one with an additional page and handwritten notes and underlining)

  65. Date: 1952 or later
    Author: (?)
    Publisher: Office of Senator Harry P. Cain
    Contents: Newsletter which reports voting record of Congressman Henry M. Jackson in order to show that he has in the past favored big spending in government, has opposed the investigation of Un-American activities, and has generally voted in ways that did not benefit the majority of Americans.

  66. "Support Frank P. Ryan, Independent-Liberal Candidate for U.S. Senator"

  67. Date: 1954
    Author/Speaker: Frank P. Ryan
    Publisher: Frank P. Ryan for Senate Committee
    Contents: Reprint of a speech delivered by Ryan over the radio. Gives Ryan's grievances against the ADA and explains why he is running as an Independent and why people should vote for him.

  68. “A typed A-Z multi-paged list”

    Date: ?
    Author: ?
    Publisher: ?
    Content: “A.B.C. Paper, Abendpost, Academy of Architecture, A.C.A. News, Acord, Acta Physicochimica URSS, Action, Action Francaise, Active File, Advance, African, Alarm, A Letter to American Workers, A Letter to a Comrade on Our Problem of Organization, Altro Worker …” Each listed item has a number/s to the right of it, such as 347, 30,33, 7980.

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