Miscellaneous III

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. Air Mailed Envelope
    Description: Addressed to Mr. Richard J. O'Melia; return address is Rev. James A. Donnelly C.S.C.

  2. Personal Note
    Description: "Either 1% of sale price or 20% of our deal -- stick to finish part - hard if ur [sic] in ______ only" handwritten in black ink.

  3. Memorandum
    Description: List of 17 states with "answered" written next to some.

  4. Witness Schedule
    Description: List of five witness for the hearing on March 12, 1957: 1. Senator John F. Kennedy 2. Senator Frederick G. Payne 3. The Honorable George M. Humphrey 4. Mr. Joseph Campbell 5. Mr. Percival F. Brundage

  5. Receipt
    Description: From Murphy's Clothing, Furnishings, Sportswear, Shoes. Sent to Richard J. O'Melia on January 1st.

  6. Citizens Committee for the Hoover Report Flier
    Description: "Copies of exchanges of letters, from and to President Eisenhower, former President Herbert Hoover and the Citizens Committee, re-affirmations of purposes and scope, interest and support of this most important project."

  7. News Release from Eisenhower's Politics
    Description: "The supporters as well as the opponents of Dwight Eisenhower for President have been debating for some time the question of what party the General belongs to or is in sympathy with." Released on December 19, 1951

  8. Announcement from the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee
    Description: "...available for public distribution the printed testimony of former Ambassador to Mexico Robert C. Hill." Released on September 19, 1961

  9. Northwestern University Law Review
    Description: "Senator McCarthy and the Law of Libel: A study of two Campaign Speeches" May-June, 1953

  10. The Role of the Civil Aeronautics Board in the Grant of Operating Rights in Foreign Air Carriage
    Description: "Legislative and Executive powers are pooled obviously to the end that commercial strategic and diplomatic interests of the country may be coordinated and advanced without collusion or deadlock between agencies."

  11. "Attack Communism!" flier
    Description: "Since the Korean truce, communists in the U.S. and throughout the Western world are carrying out the directives Stalin and Malenkov gave them last October. Unless counteracted, they will weaken the U.S. by paralyzing it from within, bringing on new catastrophes."

  12. "Human Events" Newsletter
    Description: "Status of McCarthy Affair: Washington is a city of many lawyers, and barristers-at-court -- analyzing the present status of the McCarthy affair -- say it makes no sense, legally or legislatively." Two copies.

  13. Letter from Department of Taxation
    Description: Addressed to Richard J. O'Melia. "It will be satisfactory with this department if you will pay your delinquent income tax in full on January 15, 1957. The total amount due at that time is $987.32."

  14. Letter and bill from Wisconsin Department of Taxation
    Description: "Please remit the sum of $978.77 the amount presently due for all delinquent taxes including interest, penalties, and fees if any at once so that it will not be necessary to institute legal proceedings to enforce collection."

  15. Bill and Letters from U.S. Treasury Department
    Description: "The above named individual, who is employed by your agency, has neglected to pay the Federal income tax shown below, although he has been notified of the nature and amount of the tax liability."

  16. Button
    Description: "Vote Republican Nov. 7"

  17. "Who's Looney Now?"
    Description: Flier, listing Harry S. Truman, Joseph R. McCarthy, Sam J. Ervin, J. Edgar Hoover and quotes following each name.

  18. Program
    Description: Program of "Testimonial Dinner in Honor of U.S. Senator Joseph R. McCarthy."

  19. Letter
    Description: Addressed to Senator John McClellan. "Kindly send me a copy of the recent report of your Senate Committee on Govt Operations - "Congressional Investigations of Communism and Subversive Activities, " a Summary Index of 1918-1956." Hand written "sent 6/4/57."

  20. Handwritten Notes
    Description: List of names and their title: "Paul F Collins; Chairman of the Board" etc.

  21. Handwritten Notes
    Description: Multiple sheets with mathematics completed. "Now what % should be paid for atty fees. Each given 1 1/3 % for attorney's fees. Fanney 32%; Gorman 42%; O'Melia & Kaye 21%; atty fee 5%."

  22. Handwritten Note
    Description: "Before Tues - 64 Question; 6 O'clock -- Bombshell"

  23. Handwritten Letter
    Description: "Sen Byrd & Sen Bridgm to study & make recommendation to Armeal Service Committee."

  24. Handwritten Note
    Description: "3/28/57 Hanashire 10%; Nick Faney 30%; Glen Gorman & Len Burstin 20 + 20 40%; O'Melia & Kay 20%"

  25. Handwritten Note
    Description: "Nicholas E. Allen; 1420 NY Ave NW; NA 8-3060; OL 4 1935" List of four items: "Letter with full details to (a) include finders fee."

  26. Letter
    Description: Addressed to LtCol. Richard J. O'Melia "It is requested that you complete the attached franked card, and forward it to this Headquarters, in order that your VTU records may be brought up to date." Nothing attached.

  27. Telephone Directory; Social Security Board
    Description: Lists of Name, Branch, Room, and BU. Directory from May 1939.

  28. Telephone Directory: Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
    Description: List of Name, Room, and Number. Directory from June 1955.

  29. Program
    Description: "Third National Reorganization Conference" From February 4, 1957. Attached is a guest list and speech.

  30. Letter
    Description: "Senator Joe McCarthy today sent the following letter to the seven members of the Special Committee of the American Society of Newspaper Editors who refused to sign the minority report of the chairman, J.R. Wiggins, Editor of the Washington Post, and three other members of the Committee:..."

  31. Itinerary
    Description: Itinerary prepared by Richard J. O'Melia on October 8, 1952.

  32. Handwritten and typed letter
    Description: "Murrow's organization selected such notorious Communists as John Bovington fired by the United States Government after his Communist activities were exposed; Oakley Johnson and Isidore Bogun; also David Zablodowsky, who was forced out of the United Nations when his Communist activities were exposed by my chief counsel, Roy Cohn."

  33. Strictly Confidential
    Description: "In 1948, Henry Agard Wallace and Senator Glen Taylor were the candidates of the so-called Progressive Pary for the Presidential and Vice President of the United States, respectively. Of course, the Communist Party and the Daily Worker supported Wallace and Taylor."

  34. Secretary notes
    Description: "Dick - Mr. Jack Bishop called. Please call him at Code 173 X 767 (Lib of Congress)" Attached are additional notes.

  35. List of Smith Act Cases
    Description: List of indictment location and date and individuals.

  36. Propaganda
    Description: "New Jersey Chapter of Pro America, Incorporated" "Several members of Pro America have reported that some woman in South Orange has called them on the telephone, told them that the voting record of Clifford Case, prepared by James P. Selvage, 500 Fifth Avenue, New York 36, is untrue, and that Pro America has no right to circulate it."

  37. Propaganda
    Description: "New Jersey Chapter of Pro America, Incorporated" "September Luncheon -- Program Meeting" on September 23, 1954 at 12:30 PM.

  38. Personal Notes
    Description: "1. Karl Barurlegy- do not contact Capt. McClaren, he can not be trusted, he is an Opportunist. 2. Capt. Donald Sowers, is a good man and could give us detailed information on the National Security Agency. May be looking for a job, has a bad heart and may be retired soon."

  39. Handwritten Notes on United States Senate letterhead
    "Marine Corps file--Jim Lake Central 2x2"

  40. Handwritten Notes on United States Senate Memorandum
    "Glen - Gorman Clemco Corp Compton, Cal. 1601 Mandeville Canyon Los Angeles 49 California"

  41. Handwritten Notes on United States Senate Memorandum
    Date: 3/3/57
    "Donahue came into see me -- I informed him Mr. Allen established that he was substantially correct on the 1% But that Mr. Gorman had to check with all other parties & was to call me last night --- or today when he had the information requested."

  42. Handwritten Notes
    Date: 3/25/57
    "Ben Zenoff" [name is crossed out] "Mr. Gene Kolnan Bad in Milw as far as Joe is concerned. Dem. Rally in Wis. Tax-- turned in by ___ firm in Milw for unethical Practices -- trying to cover up -- Wrong guy --"

  43. Handwritten Notes
    Date: 3/3/57
    "1. Assurance from _____ 2. Letter of Credit 2% (a) specify equip warranty payments 3.Assurance of plans from owners -- Miller to get options 4. Personal liability -- Incorps -"

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