Miscellaneous II

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. Typed on Beacon Press stationary
    Description: "Now Available: The Official U.S. Senate Report on Senators McCarthy and Benton..."

  2. Handwritten notes on United States Senate Memorandum (author unknown)
    Description: "Jim Durfee to dinner...National Committee's Chauncey Roberts Exec Directory [?] 1000% McCarthy hater..."

  3. Invitation
    Description: "The Foundation to Defeat Communism Cordially Invites You to a Dinner at the Hall of Nations Room, Hotel Washington, 15th and Penna, Ave. Washington, D.C. Thursday Evening, June 23, 1955....Speaker: Hon. William K. Knowland, U.S. Senator from California"

  4. Handwritten notes (author unknown)
    Description: "Bud - Low Salary, 1. Chuck not worth salt unless ask for raise b. Bernie and I say nothing so result is we know nothing c. Sam {?] is in town - raises hell over [?] Mtg - we don't meet him ...Fayne good salesman but poor with personal relations....."

  5. Handwritten on United States Senate stationary
    Description: "Myron C. Fagan, Cinema Educational Guild, Inc. Hollywood 46 Cal...Friend of Bearsley [sp.?]- on our side-"

  6. Typed with Title: Ten Rules Guaranteed to Cure Anybody of McCarthyism (2 copies)
    Date: October 25, 1954
    Author: J.B. Matthews
    Description: List of 10 items. "1. Be as ignorant of the true nature and operations of the Communist conspiracy as is humanly possible. This will make you feel at home in the company of the vast majority of good anti-Communists. 2. Pattern your thinking after the editorial page of the New York Times, even thought this seems like thought-control. The Times is anti-Communist, you know. 3. Show deference to great anti-Communists like James Wechsler, Egbert (alias Ed) Murrow, and Elmer Davis. They will guide you in the straight and narrow path -- how narrow!..."

  7. United States Civil Service Commission, July 31, 1956
    Description: "Highlights of Civil Service Retirement System - Congressional Employees Before and After 1956 Amendments..."

  8. Copy of typed and corrected paper (no author)
    Description: "Senator McCarthy's attack on the President, Senator Flanders and myself shows him to be the same irresponsible McCarthy that the Senate by an overwhelming vote condemned last Thursday. The Eisenhower administration has every reason to be proud of the excellent record it has made in ferreting out Communists and in jailing the guilty. The records of the F.B.I., the Attorney General and other agencies speak for themselves. Those records are unimpeachable. The mess in Asia was inherited by Eisenhower. He is doing about all that is humanly possible to defend American lives and our interests in that area without actually precipitating World War III. I personally approve of his policies with respect to that region. As for the charges against me, let that record speak for itself. The Select Committee was appointed in August and went to work immediately after the recessing of the Senate, held nine days of hearings, and finished its report in time for the Senate to have acted prior to the election. Among the 75 Senators who voted to authorize the Select Committee to hold hearings and report were Senator McCarthy's supporters. No one can truthfully accuse the Select Committee of holding up any activities of any other committee."

  9. Copy of typed Complaint (Signed by Robert Tedrow Jr. 3-3-53)
    Description: "Complaint- Against Max K. Medly, GS-16, Comptroller of the General Services Administration

  10. Copy of memo United States Senate stationary (John L. McCellan May 28, 1957), with attachment of Resolution
    Description: "To: All Members of the Committee on Government Operations. Attached is a coy of a proposed resolution of condolence to the members of the family of the late Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, which I propose to introduce for consideration by the committee at its executive session to be held on Wednesday morning, May 29, 1957, at 9:30 A.M. A similar resolution was approved by the committee in the 83rd Congress at the death of Senator Clyde R. Hoey." Attached Resolution: "85th Congress, 1st Session, May 29, 1957, Joseph R. McCarthy...."

  11. Gold Shipments from the United States to China Under Public Law No. 442
    Description: "$500 million loan to China, by months, 1943-47, "Gold prices, sales and receipts in China as per available data, 1943-45," "Free market price in Changing Sales"

  12. Bills from Stinmetz and Steinmetz, Lawyers, 735 North Water Street, Room 1220, Milwaukee 2, Wis.
    Description: To: O'Melia and Kaye, dated May 1, 1950 "Apr. 17, To one copy of disposition of Anton Stepancich, Secretary of defendant, and Charles L. Zwicke, plaintiff, in re Charles L. Zwicke vs. Stonekote Corporation..."

  13. Handwritten list with columns on "Action", Senate numbers, and descriptions (2 pages-author unknown)
    Description: "Rough Draft S.2784 Mr. Smothers. To Provide for the conveyance of certain lands to the Town of Don Ce-Sar Place Florida. Wrote GSA. January 12, 1956...."

  14. Copy of Certificate of Admission in the Bar (2 copies)
    Description: "Supreme Court of the State of Wisconsin I, Arthur A. McLeod, Clerk of the Supreme Court of the State of Wisconsin, do hereby certify that on the Twelfth day of July 1948 Richard Joseph O'Melia of Milwaukee in said state was by order of the Court duly admitted to practice as an Attorney at Law in all the Courts of the State of Wisconsin...."

  15. Typed "Summary of Qualifications" (2 pages)
    Description: "Name: Arthur Glenn Meerdink, Date of Birth: November 17, 1927...."

  16. Telephone message
    Description: "Senator McCarthy Please call Evansville Indiana Op 31 AP " "Mr. Swan"

  17. Bill from Steinmetz and Steinmetz, Lawyers, 735 North Water Street, Room 1220, Milwaukee 2, Wisconsin
    Description: To: O'Melia and Kaye, dated April 28, 1950 "Apr. 17 To 326.12 examination of Harold Arneman, manager and president of defendant in re Charles L. Zwicke vs. Stonekote Corporation...."

  18. Recess Staff Assignments
    Description: "The following bills and projects should be completed on or before the middle of December, including appropriate staff memorandums, proofs of printed materials, and drafts of proposed revisions of pending bills, where indicated:..."

  19. Hoover Commission Reports
    Description: Title, Date Submitted, Referred to:, task Force Rept. Rec'd., and No. of Recommendations for 20 various reports.

  20. Senate Committee on Government Operations
    Description: "Status of Legislative Calendar - May 14, 1956" Includes Bill No., Title, Assigned to, Status or Recommendation

  21. Letter from Leander J. Foley, Jr.
    Description: "Dick: These are the books that I have in my office that belong to you."

  22. Voting Record of Senator Estes Kefauver of Tennessee in Both Branches of the Congress
    Description: "As taken "From the Record," the official publication of the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, 1776 D. Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., in 1952:..."

  23. Federal Home Loan Bank Board
    Description: "Whereas, the Federal Home Loan Bank Board has considered the application of the newly organized Guardian Savings, Building and Loan Association, Miami, Florida, for insurance accounts, all data filed in connection therewith and all evidence relative thereto and finds that there is insufficient evidence that a need now exists for the services and facilities of an an additional insured..." Personal notes attached.

  24. Note card
    Description: "To My Republican Friends: The election is over; The result is now known; The will of the people; has clearly been shown. Let's forget our quarrels; and show by our deeds; That we will give Ike; all the help that he needs. Let' all get together; and let bitterness pass; I'll hug your elephant and you kiss my ass."

  25. Large Folder Titled "Metropolitan Broadcasting Corp."
    Tab 1: "List of Persons with Large Financial Interests -- Attorneys
    Description: Lists Name, Total Investment, Amount Loaned to WQQW (Notes), and Amount of Stock Held
    Tab 2: "Proposed Stockholders New Class A -- Also Background"
    Description: Lists Name and Address, Date & Place of Birth, % of Stock, To be Director, No. of Shs., And Value
    Tab 3: "Stockholders & Creditors with C.P. Affiliations"
    Description: Lists name and affiliation
    Tab 4: "WQQW Staff Front Affiliations"
    Description: Lists Organization, Affiliations, and Source
    Tab 5: "WQQW Stockholders as of Feb. 21, 1946 - Fronts"
    Description: Lists Name, Business Address, and Residence
    Tab 6: "Stockholders WQQW as of Dec. 20, 1948 with Fronts"
    Description: Lists Name, Address, No. Shares, and Date Acquired

  26. Diploma
    Description: Diploma from "Universitatis Marquettensis" awarded to Richard Joseph O'Melia. Two copies.

  27. "Ten Rules Guaranteed to Cure Anybody of McCarthyism"
    Description: "1. Be as ignorant of the true nature and operations of the Communist conspiracy as is humanly possible. This will make you feel at home in the company of the vast majority of good anti-Communists. 2. Pattern your thinking after the editorial page of the New York Times, even though this seems like thought-control. The Times is anti-Communist, you know."

  28. Cardboard file dividers
    Description: Cardboard sheets. "Deportation for acts-tending to incite Disloyalty etc.; 66th Cong. 1st Ses.; H. Comm. on Immigration and Naturalization" written by hand in blue crayon and typed. "Subcommittee on the Judiciary, U.S. Senate - Hearing on Brewing and Liquor Interests and German and Bolshevik Propaganda - Part 2 - 1918, 1920" typed.

  29. Handwritten Notes
    "Senate" "Termination of Civilian Conservation Corps and Natural Youth Administration" "Hearings on American Youth Act" "Doctors & Dentist use as enlisted men Doctors Draft Act Amendment" "Nominations 1. Aubrey Williams 2. Leland Olds 3. Thomas Blaisdell Jr 4. Gordon Clapp David Libenthal 5. Anna Rosenberg 6. James McGranery 7. Felix Frankfurter"

  30. Handwritten Notes
    Date: Oct. 25
    "1. No Board -- other reassigned 2. Grant insurance continued on new board this is acceptable to Board 3. Now needed because others have filed for this area." "Pitch -- "Grant it or time to get in board etc"

  31. Folder with 15 sheets including typed, handwritten letters and newspaper clippings.

    Date:  July 29, 1954  Typed and handwritten copies of a letter (total of 5 sheets)
     "The enclosed letter from [blanked out] will serve to explain my letter to you.  My explanation of Senator Flanders' resolution is so utterly fantastic it borders upon the ridiculou - but then, truth is always stranger than fiction.  ..."

    Date:  July 19, 1954 
    From:  The Granville Rice Studio  Fine Portrait and Wedding Photography  138 South Main Street  Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
    "I am waiting for data from several contacts on the Flanders request.  I personally have nothing on him.  He seems senile on the radio.  I heard him once.
    He is obviously being "used".  His resolution seems to be designed to confuse average Americans.  They are already bewildrered by the conspiracy
    and the planned confusion that has been directed toward them. ..."

    Date:  Thursday April 26, 1951  Article from the Chicago Daily News, page 10.
    "Malady Without Cure  Epidemic Spreads:  It's Spring Fever.  By Hal Boyle  New York-A great epidemic is sweeping American.  Millions are in its grip.  The symptoms:  A dreamy ...."

    Date: ?  Handwritten notes, some symbols used
    "D-Day - June 6, 6 AM, 1944 = June, 6th month, 6th day ..."  "Most important date, September 12 .... 1954 - highest human numbers, 666"

    Date:?  Newspaper clipping.  Newspaper?  By Robert Fabian, Former Superintendent of Scotland Yard
    "Black Magic Gang Traps, Tortures Girl.  Fourth of a series from Robert Fabian's latest book ..."
    "The practice of Black Magic -- of diabolical religious rietes in the heart of London -- is spreading steadily ..."

    Date:  July 15, 1954  To:  Miss Marguerite Maher, 36 Walnut St., Uniontown, Penna.  From:  MMS
    "Dear Miss Maher; I have your MSS which I read with a great deal of interest, and went to Mr. Harris, but he is no longer at 60 Beaver St., but now has an office at 11 Station Sq. , Forest Hill, L.I.  ...  When I did not find him at home, I went to another sympathizer who is interested in meeting you when you get to N.Y., and both of us were agreed that we think you will have to be cautious in your approach to both the AntiChrist and the Cabala, for the reason that the readers are so mentally conditioned .."

    Date:  ?  Publication? 
    "They do not realize -- until it is too late -- that in these temples of Satan, brain-stealing herbal incenses and hypnotic devisces are mercilessly used -- until the man or girl who came just to stare and giggle may find themselves trapped ... "

    Date:  ?  Background for Berlin.  By David M. Nichol, Evening News Foreign Service  [article on two pages]
    "Russians Plot to Make Moscow Into Second Rome"   Berlin -- Incredible as it sounds, the Kremlin appears to be planning to make Moscow a second Rome, and perhaps eventually to have it replace the Eternal City ..."

    Date:  July 20, 1954  N.Y. Daily News  [this is typed at top of article]
    "Love Rites at Sunset on Ganges.  Cuttack, India, July 19 (Reuters) -- A story of girl "Love Slaves" prostrating themsleves before near-naked holy men for barbaric love rites today came out of a fortified monastery raideed yesterday by police."

    Also on this same sheet is a copy of another article, "Rabbi Predicts Messiah Is Near" By Reuters Agency.  "Jerusalem -- Rabbi Amram Bleu, self-styled spiritual leader, predicts "the world will see the coming of the Messiah within three months ..."

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