Miscellaneous I

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. Matchbook Cover
    Description: I like McCarthy and his METHODS; I am with Joe McCarthy in his Fight AGAINST TREASON and DISHONOR; I will not betray those who help me ferret out TRAITORS; Joseph R. McCarthy Strike a Light for FREEDOM

  2. Campaign Button
    Description: I'm for McCarthy

  3. Campaign Item
    Description: O"MELIA for ATTORNEY GENERAL (in shape of heart)

  4. Flier

  5. Flier
    Description: the ARMY-McCarthy hearings portrait sketches by KANAREK; September 3-16; FRANZ BADER gallery 1705 G Street, N.W., Washington 6 D.C. phone: DI 7-3623

  6. Office Memorandum
    Description: 11-18-54 COMMISSIONER James Abbott, Atlantic City, New Jersey called at 10:45 a.m.

  7. Telephone Message
    Description: Hon. Joseph McCarthy; Senator-Please call op 44 Boston.; The Editor of the Boston Post calling..

  8. Postcard
    Description: 6-15-54 To Hon. James G. Donovan, M.C. Washington, D.C.; Dear Congressman: Why does the administration spend billions of dollars and thousands of lives "fighting" communism all over the world, and then throw road blocks around Joe McCarthy, who is really fighting it here at home? Houston 10, Texas

  9. "STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL" Letter and Desk Phone Directory
    Description: 10-3-48 Desk phone directory seized by the Washington Metropolitan Police "from apartment of William Capitman, executive secretary of the Progressive Party of the District of Columbia at 516 Second St. NW Capitman is a well-known communist Party member."

  10. Map
    Description: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1959; Washington Warning Area; Map II; Evacuation Routes; U.S. Routes; State Routes

  11. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and Musical Score
    Description: US Government Printing Office, 1955; 84th Congress, 1st Session, House Document No. 225 (7 copies)

  12. Label
    Description: To McCarthy; From Jack Wechsler, Fine Imported Cigars and Tobacco 326 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach 39, Florida

  13. Copy of envelope
    Description: 6-25-54 To McCarthy; From Van Susteren & Bollenbeck, Attorneys at Law 229 West College Avenue, Appleton, Wisconsin

  14. Flyer
    Description: REPUBLICANS Wisconsin is Your Battleground; Here's How to Join the Fight! Authorized and circulated by the Republican Party of Wisconsin 1952

  15. Handwritten note on 2 sheets, author unknown
    Description: "Once again we reiterate our condemnation of the failure of the State Dept. to deal adequately with the grim & bloody advance of Communism throughout world..."

  16. Envelope
    Description: To Dick O'Melia, Office of Sen. Jos. McCarthy, from Mrs. Ross Biggers. Houston 5, Texas

  17. Memorandum
    Description: 2-11-75 The following books returned to Library of Congress...Signed by John H. Couch

  18. Western Union telegram
    Description: 5-28-52 "I am flying to Washington will appreciate your personal invitation to your hearing" from H.B. Heard

  19. Typed note on back of The Blackstone (Tyler, Texas) stationary
    Description: "Once again we reiterate our condemnation of the failure of the State Department to deal adequately with the grim and bloody advance of communism throughout the world. The proper foreign [sic] policy for our nation at this time demands dynamic and courageous leadership on the part of our international policy making. We do not have enough of that kind of leadership in our State Department today. To obtain the leadership required we demand the immediate removal of the present corps of leaders who through frequent action has reflected incompetence, indecision and defeatism."

  20. Handwritten note
    Description: 10/31 "Dick. Bob Ryan Ga 8-1125 wants you to call him as soon as possible"

  21. Handwritten note
    Description: 10/31 "Mr. Hackett, Dick Call Him"

  22. Blank Application for Membership
    Description: Kenwood Golf and Country Club, Bethesda, Maryland (2 copies)

  23. Handwritten list of 79 names
    Description: 1. Dick O'Melia, 2. Ray Kiermas, 3. A.J. O'Melia, 4. Mr. T.F. ONeil Jr., 5. Jim Juliana, 6. Roy Cohn, 7. Walter Reynolds, 8. Dr. B. Churchill, 9. Mike O'Neil, 10. Joe McCarthy, 11. Bob Hurleigh, 12. Lester Pen, 13. Tom McCormack, 14. Dr. M. McCormack, 15. Dave Jennings.....

  24. September Appointments (with 11 pages of notes) 1955 (author unknown)
    Description: Handwritten notes include phone numbers for Harry Jones, Charles Ryan, Bob Tredrow, Tom Sweeny, Charlie Ryan, Joe McCarthy;Expenses include Cab to airport $2.00...., etc.

  25. Postcard invitation postmarked June 1954
    Description: To Richard O'Melia "A joint meeting of all VTU's with MCROA will be held Wednesday 16 June 1954, officers mess, naval gun factory, Washington D.C. Principal Speaker - Brig Gen Joseph C. Burger, USMC, Director, Marine Corps Reserve Members of Reserve Policy Board now is session at HQMC will be present....

  26. United States Senate handwritten Memorandum - May 24 (no author)
    Description: "Hensell [?] Known around town as a big operator. Interceded [?] about 30 days ago in an electronics [?] contract for Navy ...of unqualified firm in Arlington or other Wash suburbs in VA. He formally was legal council for Pres of firm"

  27. Map- City Engineers Office
    Description: City of Milwaukee Showing Ward Boundaries

  28. Flier, "The Truth about Senator Joe McCarthy" (authorized and paid for by the McCarthy Club)
    Description: Secret meeting place of the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR), Q. Senator McCarthy -- why not let the FBI expose and remove Communists and fellow travelers?, Q. Senator McCarthy -- have any of the officials you named been removed from government office?, Q. What is your reply to those who say, "I agree with Senator McCarthy's aims of removing Communists from government, but I disagree with his methods?, Q. Senator McCarthy - why do you at times make use of Congressional immunity?, Q. Why has President Truman repeatedly asked for an all-out fight against McCarthyism?, Q. To what extent has the Democrat-controlled McCarran Committee borne out your charges against Owen Lattimore?, Q. Couldn't you expose Communist infiltration of Government by some other method than you use?, Q. Senator McCarthy, will you explain your use of the numbers 205 and 57 in your Wheeling speech?, Q. Was the State Department responsible for the communist Conquest of Poland?, Q. You have stated that Acheson practically invited the Communists to take over South Korea and Formosa. What is the basis of that statement?, Q. Have the Communists found the smear technique a successful one in destroying or discrediting their enemies?, Q. What is the reason for the vicious smear attack against you?

  29. Blank Envelopes and Stationery
    Description: United States Senate, Committee on Government Operations, Joe McCarthy U.S.S.

  30. Blank Daily Work Report
    Description: Motion Picture Service M.P.-112 9/27/38

  31. handwritten notes (author unknown)
    Description: "All lawyers in [?] are laughing at me. I ask questions of Joe Bren?? and his father that any freshman law student should know--(a). I have the right to ask questions....(b). He has no investment in my office and no right to criticize...(c). If I hear it from anyone else I'll punch you right in the nose or sue you for for slander....

  32. handwritten notes (author unknown)
    Description: "I received a telephone call today from Mr. Jim Warfee Chair of the State of Wisconsin Public Commission asking [?] my fight for additional supply of natural gas so badly needed by the consumer of natural gas in Wisconsin...."

  33. handwritten notes (author unknown) 2-9-1954
    Description: A-3 called. He believes that our office has a leak to CIA. From what he said, I agree....

  34. Campaign Button
    Description: Win with Taft

  35. handwritten notes (author unknown)
    Description: Sentence underlined on typed top half of page "Congress shall have power to make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces." Handwritten notes "JRM, The articles of War do not require obedience to all orders, but to all lawful orders. Article 64. Questions: Is an order the purpose or effect of which to conceal a crime, a lawful order? A person making such a decision with respect to an order from a superior officer naturally must do so at his own risk, bearing in mind that the person who issued the order may be the court of last resort in determining its lawfulness....."

  36. agenda 10-20-1952 8:00 p.m.
    Description: McCarthy Meeting, Austin, Indiana

  37. typed list of names and two copies
    Description: Urban P. Van Susteren, Charles Kersten, Frederick N. Trowbridge, Hon. Herbert J. Steffes, Elmer W. Roller, Frank P. Cornelisen, Cong. Lawrence Smith, Cong. John Byrnes, Charles D. Ashley, Lucius P. Chase

  38. The ten Commandments of running a Successful Campaign" handwritten notes (author unknown)
    Description: "1. A Leading local citizen who can line up County Chairman and the delegates to the State Convention...2. A local group in County Seat to form a Club in each county...3. A State wide campaign Committee...4. An Honorary advisory committee to run the candidates personal Campaign Committee...5. Give and take as little advice as possible from the [?} state GOP organization and powerful [sic] County Organizations...6. Pay good salaries to the top general but still use volunteer help as much as possible...7. Prepare and outline the entire Campaign into two parts...8. Never over look the Ethnic groups...9. Use all outside help you can round up...10. Remember that the people generally vote against something rather than for something....

  39. Pad of paper with handwritten notes (author unknown)
    Description: On cover of pad: 46th Annual Convention, National Poultry, Butter, and Egg Association October 4th, 5th, and 6th 1952, Hotel Sherman, Chicago, Illinois

  40. handwritten notes (author unknown) on five sheet of paper
    Description: sheet 5: "If against Communism, not in words, but action, vote for Cain. We need men with brains and Guts. Control of Senate"

  41. two business cards
    Description: Richard J. O'Melia, Attorney at Law, O'Melia & Kaye, 229 E. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee...

  42. United States Senate Memorandum, handwritten notes (author unknown)
    Description: "P-125 Nomination of Leland Olds, P-130 Nomination of Thomas Amlie, P-138 Nomination of Aubrey Williams, P-257 Employment of Goodwin Watson and Wm. E. Dodd, Jr., P-330 Investigations of Victor Berger"

  43. handwritten notes on Blackstone Hotel (Tyler, Texas) stationary (author unknown)
    Description: On front side: "List of Newspapers in Nevada," On back side: "How much offer for Proof. 1. Ex Convict 2. Smuggling for Profit--not patriotism 3. Denied admission to bar because caught cheating [?] 4. Pleaded Guilty absent from part of Duty not 2 hour as claimed but 18 hours 5. able bodied at the time and not on crutches as he claims 6. Liar both on Platform, other [?] and in Paper Authority on Character"

  44. Russian newspaper clipping attached to handwritten note
    Description: "McCarthy says Communists choke Stevenson; Farley answers the attacks with knowing that it is lies"

  45. United States Senate Memorandum, handwritten notes (author unknown)
    Description: "Other Comments -- July 19 -- when discussing Gale Sundegoord [sp.?] Poor persecuted person - taking away her right to work, she have a good reason to take the 5th amendment, maybe she is protecting someone..."

  46. United States Senate Memorandum, handwritten notes (author unknown) 5-2-57
    Description: "Joe died 6:02. I was called by Mary [sp. ?] -- just as I was driving away Jane called -- called Mona Durfee -- Drove to hospital around 7:02 -- Jean with nurse and Doc...."

  47. Roy M. Cohn Testimonial Dinner, Octobert 5, 1954
    Description: "Rabbi Benjamin Schultz, presiding, Sheraton-Belvedere Hotel," "No doubt you are aware of an amazing event that took place in New York recently. Rabbi Benjamin Schultz planned a "small dinner" to honor Roy M. Cohn for his courageous work in exposing the communist conspiracy in this country. The "small dinner" was attend [sic] by 2,000 guests--6,000 would-be guests had to be turned away! Inspired by the results of the New York dinner, a group of Balimoreans have planned a similar affair. We are happy to announce that Rabbi Schultz and Roy M. Cohn have consented to come to Baltimore for a dinner-meeting......"

  48. Business size cards (two)
    Description: Let's Let McCarthy Get Us Out of the RED

  49. Business card with handwritten notes on it
    Description: Joseph R. McCarthy Captain of Police, Waterbury, Conn

  50. handwritten note (author unknown)
    Description: "Came out to start Race track Twice Indicted Smuggling Registered in Sheriffs Office as Ex Con."

  51. Invitation The Republicans for Fairchild Committee October 17, 1952
    Description: "Cordially Invites you to a Reception in Honor of Mr. Fairchild to be held in the French Room of the Conway Hotel on Tuesday, October 21st at 9:00 p.m. Dave Oberweiser, Committee Chairman" Typed note at top of card addressed to "Joe."

  52. Ticket No. 702
    Description: "Joe Martin Night" Dinner, Presidential Ball Room, Statler Hotel, Thursday, October 25, 1956

  53. card with "Elect Kent H. Courtney"
    Description: Republican Candidate, Councilman District A

  54. Memo
    Description: "...League of Women Voters...TV...Oct 26th wants confirmation of appearance of Joe," "John C. Quinn called reg. appearance of Joe at Galesville"

  55. United States Senate Memorandum handwritten notes
    Description: "Mr...upset..Sen Flanders...Plenty of Communism in Vermont--effort to infiltrate plants..."

  56. Typed paper, torn in half, with portion highlighted
    Description: "Under this law, the National Security Council took no effective action to halt the shocking sale of strategic material by our allies to the very enemy killing and maiming our boys in Korea. No action was taken despite the fact that the late Admiral Forrest Sherman told the Senate Committees investigating the MacArthur dismissal that the Joint Chiefs of Staff on March 28, 1951, advised the Secretary of Defense that growing military assistance to Communist China by non-Communist countries other than the US constituted a direct threat to the security interests of the United States."

  57. United States Senate Memorandum handwritten notes, signed by "Walter"
    Description: "Dick- On instructions of the Chairman, I have circulated the attached poll on legislation pending before the Committee, with supporting data..." Attached poll: "Do you think that government spending will: 1. Prevent depressions 2. Lead to gov't bankruptcy 3. Outsell communism...."

  58. handwritten note dated July16 (no author)
    Description: "Discussing Mr. Miller citation for Contempt, she wouldn't tell on her friends - would you - [?] a hard decision have to think a long time before she told on her friends- She agrees with Mr. Miller. Walter informed me yesterday that Sen McCarthy is asking for a F.B.I. check -- full field -- on Ann G..."

  59. handwritten notes on United States Senate stationary (author unknown)
    Description: "Resolution Unanimously approved May 29 In Exec session Marg...Smith not present; June 3 Returned from Gov. Printing Office. June 4. Signed--Mr. Lewis of MCS office wanted her name put [?] lost -- it was taken to her on June 5. Left with her (on June 6) Walter Reynolds picked it up she refused to sign it) Walter never did see thou Sen. J was done [?] her AA...."

  60. typed note with "Sent" written across top
    Description: "Kindly send a copy of your recently published "Summary-Index" of "Congressional Investigations of Communism and Subversive Activities" from 1918 to 1956 to..."

  61. handwritten notes (author unknown)
    Description: ".....Russell -- not happy with any other arrangement he will be in 1% along with [?] if necessary on both ends- People are coming in from So American at end of week-....Can Gen Gorman add that one % on o purchase price- or do we divide it up...Talk with Jim Dunbar [sp.?] he is all set to go through with this deal- Also wants me to find others for him- (said that Nick called the night before - very interested in Capital stuff etc) Asks me to protect his interest so the ball bounces...Jim $10.000 Farney 12,800 Burster [sp.?] 8,000 Ferman 8,000 O&K 6,800..."

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