Oversize Correspondence IV

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Memorandum" (copy)
    Date: March 2, 1953
    From: Walter L. Reynolds
    To: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy
    Content: Reynolds reports that although he could not find, "the five major speech drafts [he] prepared as Director of the Americanism Division of the Republican National Committee during the 1940 campaign" he has found, "the attached working sheets which contain the basic information from which these speeches were written". Reynolds goes on to describe the information on those sheets.

  2. "The Sixth Commandment"
    Date: (?)
    From: Myron T. McCormack, M. D.
    To: Mr. Richard O'Melia
    Content: Large envelope containing a twenty-eight page report on The Sixth Commandment.

  3. "United States Senate"
    Date: January 28, 1957
    From: Senator Joe McCarthy
    To: Wisconsin Editors
    Content: "Attached hereto is a copy of a Resolution that I have just introduced in the Senate, which may be of interest to you".

  4. "Memo To: Richard J. O'Melia" (two copies)
    Date: October 2, 1952
    From: (?)
    To: Richard J. O'Melia
    Content: Informs O'Melia that although, "the original plan was to have Senator McCarthy in Waterburg Connecticut the latter par of October" and it was, "agreed upon by Mr. Cappy Baldwin and Fred Zeller", it is, "now agreed that the Senator should speak in Eastern Connecticut and this plan is proposed by the Eastern Connecticut Association". There is a handwritten note attached.

  5. "For Release: Afternoon Papers"
    Date: September 23, 1952
    From: Senator James P. Kem
    To: (?)
    Content: Contains information concerning William Sentner, a, "Communist leader recently arrested by the FBI" and his, "'old pal'", Stuart Symington III, the Democratic candidate for the Missouri Senate seat.

  6. "For Immediate Release" (four copies)
    Date: November 4, 1952
    From: Senator Joe McCarthy
    To: (?)
    Content: McCarthy writes that he is, "deeply grateful to the people of Wisconsin for giving me such a fine vote of confidence", and continues on with his hopes for the new administration and the future.

  7. "Memorandum To: The Honorable Joseph R. McCarthy"
    Date: October 15, 1956
    From: Richard J. O'Melia
    To: The Honorable Joseph R. McCarthy
    Content: Contains information concerning the, "proposed subject matter for a new Senate Document"

  8. "Subject: Herbert Lehman" (copy)
    Date: (?)
    From: (?)
    To: (?)
    Content: Reports on a telegram sent by Herbert Lehman to the convention of the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, "which has been cited by the Attorney General as a Communist organization". Lehman was, "invited to attend the above-named convention. However, he was unable to do so, and therefore sent his regrets in the form of a telegram".

  9. "From: Frances Mima" (copy)
    Date: October 27, 1954
    From: Frances Mima
    To: Mrs. Driscoll
    Content: Contains a, "pertinent portion of the Bruce Jolly newspaper article appearing in the GREENSBORO (N. C.) DAILY NEWS of Wednesday, August 4, 1954 relating to Judge Ervin".

  10. "Communist Party of New York State"
    Date: March 1, 1949
    From: May Miller
    To: All Sections and Countries
    Content: States that enclosed is a, "program for action on China policy" and, "a special outline has also been issued by the National Education Committee on Communist Policy in China. This can be secured through orders from our district education department. The outline can be used as the basis for discussion in your sections and branches".

  11. "Editor, The Standard Star"
    Date: September 6, 1952
    From: John Franklin
    To: Editor, The Standard Star
    Content: Franklin writes, "the matter of subversives functioning in our Department of State, and in other key positions, is far to serious to warrant the hairsplitting in which your correspondent, Robert S. Stitt, indulge in attacking your editorial of August 28". He goes on to defend McCarthy and questioning Mr. Stitt. Handwritten note in pencil at the top reads: "I helped write this".`

  12. "Call Washington" (handwritten)
    Date: (?)
    From: O'Melia
    To: (?)
    Content: Handwritten "Balance Sheet" of the population of the U. S. At the bottom O'Melia writes, "I'm getting Damned Tired of Running this Country Alone".

  13. "Navy Department"
    Date: (?)
    From: H. W. Warner
    To: LTCOL Richard J. O'Melia
    Content: "It is requested that you complete the attached franked card, and forward it to this Headquarters, in order that your VTU records may be brought up to date".

  14. "Mr. Richard J. O'Melia" (copy)
    Date: August 27, 1973
    From: David G. Donovan
    To: Richard J. O'Melia
    Content: Reply to O'Melia's letter of August 16, 1973, "in the absence of Mr. Sparks". States that the yearbook O'Melia wrote about was not found in, "the shipment of material" O'Melia donated, but three other publications are being returned.

  15. "Civil Aeronautics Board"
    Date: August 16, 1973
    From: Richard J. O'Melia
    To: Mr. David E. Sparks
    Content: O'Melia writes the he would like to check to see that the his library on Congressional hearings on Communism arrived at the Notre Dame Library intact, provides information concerning a tax write off for the gift, and reports that when he is there to see the Navy/N.D. football game he'll pick up some books he accidentally sent.

  16. "June 20, 1973"
    Date: June 20, 1973
    From: David E. Sparks
    To: Mr. Jerome J. Sachowski
    Content: Reports that, "attached is an invoice for packing and temporary storage of the collection received by the University Library as a gift from Mr. Richard J. O'Melia", and provides information on the circumstance surrounding the packing of the collection, which was undertaken by Sparks' son David, and the cost of the packing. A copy of the invoice is attached.

  17. "March 30, 1973"
    Date: March 30, 1973
    From: David E. Sparks
    To: Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. O'Melia
    Content: Thanks the couple for their, "gracious hospitality last Thursday". States that they will be working on the task of transporting the collection from Washington to South Bend.

  18. "Civil Aeronautics Board"
    Date: March 9, 1973
    From: Richard J. O'Melia
    To: Mr. David E. Sparks
    Content: Suggest that Sparks move his visit to after the 26th; "in that way it will not conflict with your meeting with Father Hesburgh".

  19. "University of Notre Dame"
    Date: March 7, 1973
    From: (Rev.) James T. Burchaell
    To: Mr. David Sparks
    Content: Burchaell writes, "Congratulations on the O'Melia acquisition. It sounds like an addition of major importance and I concur with your decision to keep it in our most secure part of the library".

  20. "March 5, 1973" (copy)
    Date: March 5, 1973
    From: David E. Sparks
    To: Mr. Richard J. O'Melia
    Content: Thanks O'Melia for the gift of his collection, discusses transportation arrangements and commemorating the, "gift by the design of an appropriate book plate".

  21. "March 5, 1973" (copy)
    Date: March 5, 1973
    From: David E. Sparks
    To: Rev. James T. Burtchaall
    Content: Describes the acquiring of O'Melia's collection and the collection itself, which, "is so complete that even the F. B. I. must occasionally visit his home to verify data relating to hearings from previous administrations".

  22. "March 5, 1973" (copy)
    Date: March 5, 1973
    From: David E. Sparks
    To: Mr. James D. Cooney
    Content: Informs Cooney of the acquisition of the O'Melia collection and that he will be working, "on a press release announcing the transference of the collection to Notre Dame".

  23. "March 5, 1973" (copy)
    Date: March 5, 1973
    From: David E. Sparks
    To: Dr. Fredrick W. Dow
    Content: Informs Dow that he, "will make arrangements to visit [O'Melia] in his home to examine the collection and to make preparations for its shipment. In the meantime, I will be working on a press release" which Sparks will send to Dow at Ambargrace Lodge.

  24. "Civl Aeronautics Board"
    Date: February 28, 1973
    From: Richard J. O'Melia
    To: Mr. David E. Sparks
    Content: O'Melia informs Sparks that he will send an inventory of the library, and that "if memory serves me correctly" Sparks said the collection will be kept, "in the rare book section until a secured area for special gifts is completed", and the library will be kept intact and added to with O'Melia's help. O'Melia also writes that, "the gift is to be in the name of myself and my twin brother Don".

  25. "Civil Aeronautics Board"
    Date: February 26, 1973
    From: Richard J. O'Melia
    To: Mr. Franz G. Lassner
    Content: O'Melia informs Lassner "I am sending under separate cover a cop of the Index I compiled entitled 'Summary -- Index of Congressional Investigations of Communism and Subversive Activities 1918-1956", and that Lassner, "seemed mostly interested in the hearings held by the late Senator McCarthy. If that is correct, I will send the University 90% of the hearings listed in my index".

  26. "Hoover Institution"
    Date: January 17, 1973
    From: Franz G. Lassner
    To: Richard J. O'Melia
    Content: On a suggestion from Mrs. G. Joseph Minetti, McCarthy's widow, Lassner requests, "a complete set of the hearings conducted when Senator McCarthy was Chairman of the Senate Committee on Government Operations, Special Subcommittee on Investigations". that this set was offered to Notre Dame University, but we would be very much interested in acquiring it for placement in the Hoover Institution Archives should it still be available". Lassner knows that the collection was offered to Notre Dame, but the Hoover Institution Archives would like it, it if it is still available. He goes on to describe the Hoover Institution Archives, the materials they own, security, and research use. Lassner writes, "I believe that your set of hearings would be particularly well placed alongside the related documentation which we hold".

  27. "University of Notre Dame"
    Date: January 11, 1973
    From: David E. Sparks
    To: Mr. Richard J. O'Melia
    Content: Thanks O'Melia for his November visit and apologizes, "I'm afraid I was not the cordial host I wanted to be; our human frailties sometimes overcome us". Informs O'Melia that his, "letter to Fred Dow came through", and they, "look forward to [O'Melia's] final decision with regard to the collection".

  28. "Civil Aeronautics Board"
    Date: November 29, 1972
    From: Richard J. O'Melia
    To: Mr. Fredrick W. Dow
    Content: O'Melia writes, "I'm back at my desk after a very successful trip -- that is, with one exception -- I didn't get my 'buck'. Maybe next year". He goes on to thank Dow for his help; "the interviews went like clock work", "meeting with Dave Sparks was most productive". O'Melia also, "promised the Hoover Library that I would not make a final decision until they had an opportunity to discuss their proposal with me". Lastly, asks Dow to, "thank Pat for the wonderful dinner. She sure is a great cook".

  29. "October 13, 1972"
    Date: October 13, 1972
    From: Fredrick W. Dow
    To: Mr. Richard J. O'Melia
    Content: Dow apologizes for the late response, but he was, "laid up in the hospital for a week or so". He reports that he has, "sent copies of your letter to Mr. David Sparks, Director of Notre Dame Libraries and Mrs. Kathleen Farmann, Librarian of the Law School", and asks O'Melia to write, "as soon as you have made your flight reservations".

  30. "FWD/jlv" (same page as #29)
    Date: (?)
    From: Fredrick W. Dow
    To: Mr. David E. Sparks and Mrs. Kathleen Farman
    Content: Dow informs Sparks that if he is, "interested in this gift, [he] may wish to contact Mr. O'Melia directly" and Dow suggests that Sparks, "keep the summary index until" Sparks talks with O'Melia next month, but if Sparks is not interested, Dow asks that Sparks return the index to him. The letter was, "dictated not read"

  31. Civil Aeronautics Board"
    Date: September 28, 1972
    From: Richard J. O'Melia
    To: Mr. Fredrick W. Dow
    Content: Informs Dow of the rarity of his collection as well as the contents and the timespan in covers and asks if Dow could, "contact the head Librarian at Notre Dame and show him this letter and the Index". If the head Librarian is interested O'Melia will talk with him when he visits.

  32. "For Release To All Sunday Papers"
    Date: August 14, 1953
    From: Joe McCarthy
    To: Mr. Paul Block Jr., Mr. Reymond L. Crowley, Mr. William H. Fitspatrick, Mr. George W. Healy, Jr., Mr. L. D. Hotchkiss, Mr. Joseph W. Lee, Mr. James S. Pope
    Content: "Senator Joe McCarthy today sent the following letter to the seven members of the Special Committee on the American Society of Newspaper Editors who refused to sign the minority report of the Chairman, J. R. Wiggins, Editor of the Washington Post, and three other members of the Committee". The article which inspired the letter, an editorial to the Washington Post called, "Intimidating The Press", is included.

  33. "Not For Publication" (two copies of first page, one copy of second page)
    Date: October 8, 1952
    From: Mr. Bob Evans
    To: Richard J. O'Melia
    Content: List of cities, dates, and times at which McCarthy is scheduled to give a speech or radio address.

  34. "Date: March 29 ,1954
    From: EV
    To: Karl
    Content: "Thought you might be able to use this extra copy. It's strictly on the QT for the present, as I am working at Huron Press. Don't know who the customer is, but 13 he is a personal friend of the owner of the Huron Press, Norman Jacobson.
    ---Letter attached to above: Date: April 1, 1954
    From: EV
    To: Karl
    Content: "The title of that book is: Joe McCarthy Apostle of Communism. The author, Cyrus Bass, claims to be a professor in a college or university.
    Attached: Authors 2nd Proof, pages 2-16. Beginning of page 2: "When the American people learn the truth about Joe McCarthy, how he fosters Communism under the guise of fighting Communism, the will rise in great indignation and demand his immediate impeachment and imprisonment for subversion."

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