Oversize Correspondence III

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "For Immediate Release"
    Date: November 13, 1954
    From: Eugene R. Guild
    To: (?)
    Content: Eugene Guild describes Senator Ed Johnson of Colorado who, according to Guild, has become, "an anti anti-Communist instrument in the hands of the Reds". Guild's son was killed in the Korean War, and he writes of Johnson's refusal to help obtain, "resolute action to liberate" the American prisoners in Korea, because of a "secret letter from the White House had asked him not to". It goes on to condemn a man called Zwicker, who "protected his high superior who protected Peress" and Guild charges that Johnson is protecting Zwicker.

  2. "PROTEST"
    Date: (?)
    From: Larry W. Davis
    To: Senator John J. McClellan
    Content: Contains an individual petition letter signed in pencil by Larry W. Davis, "a tenant of the Success Park-Canaan Village Project, Bridgeport and Stratford, Connecticut". The letter is in protest of, "the injury suffered by reason of the mishandling of the sale of these public lands and buildings by an agency of the
    Executive Branch of our government" and asks that there is a withdrawal of the, "offer of sale of this public property through a period of investigation".

  3. "September 13, 1955"
    Date: September 13, 1955
    From: (?)
    To: Mr. Edgar C. Bundy
    Content: Informs Bundy that, "Dick O'Melia has contacted me and we are placing an order for additional copies of the speech on the Fork Fund for the
    Republic", and thanks him for his interest.

  4. "The Abraham Lincoln National Republican Club"
    Date: September 9, 1955
    From: Edgar C. Bundy
    To: Mr. Dick O'Melia
    Content: Informs O'Melia that enclosed is a check for one hundred dollars, "to help pay for the cost of reproducing Congressman Reece's speech on the Ford Foundation", and writes that he has asked a lot of, "prominent people" to "help out", among them Mrs. Winifred Barker, Mrs. Willard Hdrick of Houston, Dan Rice, Ed Clamage of the American Legion, and Max Pray. They have all agreed to help. There is a note written in pencil towards the bottom of the letter.

  5. "Subversive Activities Control Board"
    Date: (?)
    From: Thomas J. Herbert
    To: (?)
    Content: Describe the actions of the Subversive Activities Control Board in regard to the Council on African Affairs, Inc. and that Council's counteractions.

  6. "Communist Party, U. S. A."
    Date: April 25, 1954
    From: the National Committee, CPUSA
    To: "Friend"
    Content: Requests that the recipient read the enclosed, "Draft Program of the Communist Party", and writes of "the crossroads" the country stands at; "one path leads to economic catastrophe, fascism and world war; the other leads to jobs, democracy and peace". States that "The American people must and can find their way to unity around a common program which, when realized, will guarantee a land free of fear and poverty, of Jim Crow and indignity, of witch-hunting and foreboding of war".

  7. "United States Senate"
    Date: September 17, 1956
    From: Walter L. Reynolds
    To: (?)
    Content: Reports that enclosed is, "a copy of Senate doc. 148", which is, "essentially an index to hearings and reports by Congressional committees on Communism and subversive activities, and is designed to assist committees of Congress, investigators, researchers, government officials and law enforcement groups in identifying and obtaining necessary information on communist activities".

  8. "The American Legion"
    Date: October 26, 1956
    From: Lee R. Pennington
    To: Mr. Richard O'Melia
    Content: Writes that, "with reference to the proposed study" O'Melia sent in his memorandum on October 15, 1956, "to dig into the 'judicial aspects of all Fifth Amendment cases and the others listed...would do an outstanding service to those of us engaged in counter-subversive work".

  9. "Dear Dick"
    Date: October 19, 1956
    From: Steele
    To: Dick
    Content: Informs Dick that "this is a must. A big task, but would prove very valuable to government employment statistics as well as to Committee in the future, Congressional, State and departments. It would also be valuable to police departments, to newspapers and magazines, to Counsels, etc". Steele continues to encourage Dick in his "task" which, "would show consistency of some witnesses to evade the issue".

  10. "United States Senate"
    Date: October 15, 1956
    From: Dick
    To: Joe
    Content: Informs Joe if he, "believes such a study as outlined in the enclosed Memo would be useful and helpful to the Senate" Dick would, "be happy to do the research necessary to compile such a document".

  11. "United States Senate" (two copies)
    Date: October 15, 1956
    From: Richard J. O'Melia
    To: the Honorable Joseph R. McCarthy
    Content: Contains information concerning the, "proposed subject matter for a new Senate Document".

  12. "--American Law Divisions"
    Date: July 20, 1954
    From: Frederick B. Ardner
    To: Honorable Joseph R. McCarthy
    Content: Response to McCarthy's "telephone call of June 28, 1954" where he requested a compilation of "cases arising under the Smith Act...and their

  13. "Congress of the United States"
    Date: December 3, 1954
    From: Paul J. Cotter
    To: Senator Ferguson and Senator George
    Content: Cotter wrote, "as I read Chapter XIII of the Post Office Manual, it might appear that you have been furnished with a section of this chapter which is not applicable to the case in point, rather than Section 3, a copy of which I am attaching".

  14. "New Jersey Chapter of Pro America"
    Date: August 31, 1954
    From: Helen Lee Woodward
    To: (?)
    Content: Provides information concerning the voting record of Clifford Case, a Republican party candidate from New Jersey. Woodward argues that the voting record, "prepared by James P. Salvage" is true and not untrue as has been circulated by "a Republican County Committeewoman...nicknamed 'La Saboteur'". Woodward urges the finding of, "a better Republican than Mr. Case as candidate for the U. S. Senate".

  15. "New Jersey Chapter of Pro America"
    Date: September 9, 1954
    From: Mrs. Horace A. Woodward and Mrs. George E. Stringfellow
    To: (?)
    Content: Contains information on the September Luncheon and Program Meeting of the New Jersey Chapter of Pro America.

  16. "Committee On Government Operations"
    Date: (?)
    From: Walter L. Reynolds
    To: Mr. O'Melia
    Content: "The attached is submitted to you for you information". The words, "Members of the Committee" have been crossed out in blue pen and above them is written "Mr. O'Melia".

  17. "Comptroller General Of The United States" (copy)
    Date: June 11, 1954
    From: Frank H. Weitzel
    To: Honorable Joseph R. McCarthy
    Content: Provides information concerning the, "report of investigation by the General Accounting Office of the Sports Car Racing Program of the Strategic Air Command, U. S. Air Force", two copies of which have been enclosed.

  18. "United Nations"
    Date: January 9, 1950
    From: Handing
    To: Mr. R. Gubbins
    Content: Response to a, "request for a copy of the, 'Convention for limiting the manufacture and regulating the Distribution of Narcotic Drugs'". The report is, "available only in printed form", so "the 'League of Nations Council and States members Documents -- 1931.C.455.M.193' at the Library of Congress, Washington D. C." should be contacted in order to obtain a copy.

  19. "United States Department of Justice"
    Date: November 12, 1957
    From: J. Edgar Hoover
    To: Honorable Francis E. Walter
    Content: Hoover states that he has, "just finished reviewing 'Operation Abolition'" a booklet which, "depicts another example of the apparent ease with which the communists have been able to enlist the support of misguided individuals". Hoover then states his appreciation for Walter's Committee.

  20. "Department Of The Army"
    Date: July 13, 1954
    From: Tench Tilghman
    To: Honorable Spessard L. Holland
    Content: Response to a, "letter concerning Contract No. DA 11-027-QM-61189 between the Department of the Army and Richmond Packers, Inc., and the interest therein of Atlas Finance Corporations".

  21. "The Stuyvesant Insurance Company"
    Date: February 22, 1957
    From: M. G. Olson
    To: Mr. Richard J. O'Melia
    Content: Olson wrote that he, "received a nice letter from Senator Jenner concerning Milton Brown of South Bend" as well as, "a nice letter from Don
    concerning" Olson's issues with the Wisconsin Insurance Department, and, "Don mentioned in his letter having a very good friend in Allentown", this friend is the Mayor of Allentown. He goes on to write, "I am not forgetting the promise that you made to bring Jane and Kevin to Allentown", and offers O'Melia his, "most sincere best wishes" with O'Melia's new job with the Civil Aeronautics Board.

  22. "Subversive Activities Control Board"
    Date: April 5, 1956
    From: Charles C. Wise, Jr.
    To: Mr. Richard J. O'Melia
    Content: States that enclosed is, "one copy each of the following: Report and Order of the Board dated January 14, 1954 in the case of the International Workers Order, Inc.", "Orderof the Board dated June 1, 1955, in the case of the Joint Antifascist Refugee Committee" and "Order of the Board Dated September 15, 1955 in the case of the Council on African Affairs".

  23. "United States Senate" (three copies)
    Date: May 28, 1957
    From: John L. McClellan
    To: All Members Of The Committee On Government Operations
    Content: Reports that, "attached is a copy of the proposed resolution of condolence to the members of the family of the late Senator Joseph R. McCarthy". McClellan will introduce the resolution on May 29, 1957, and, "a similar resolution was approved by the committee in the 83rd Congress at the time of the death of Senator Clyde R. Hoey".

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