Oversize Correspondence I

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "To: General Robert E. Wood" (handwritten letter with corrections)

  2. Date: (?)
    From: (?)
    To: General Robert E. Wood
    Contents: Thanks General Wood and the Committee for making the McCarthy broadcast possible.
  3. "United States Senate Committee on Government Operations"

  4. Date: January 9, 1954
    From: Walter L. Reynolds
    To: Richard J. O'Melia
    Contents: Regarding suggested investigation of activities and deficiencies in the administration and operations of the Institute of Inter-American Affairs. Refers to an attached extract from the original galleys of the Report of GAO Audits of Government Corporations.
  5. "Immediate Release" (press release copy of a correspondence, released by James C. Hagerty, Press Secretary to the President)

  6. Date: May 17, 1954
    From: Dwight D. Eisenhower
    To: Secretary of Defense
    Contents: Instructs the Secretary of Defense that the employees of the Defense Department, while appearing before the Senate Subcommittee on Government Operations, disclose any information concerning conversations or communications that concern matters of confidentiality.
  7. "Memorandum"

  8. Date: 1952 or later
    From: Attorney General
    To: Dwight D. Eisenhower
    Contents: Recounts the history of the President's power to withhold documents requested by Congress if it is in the interest of the public good that they be withheld.
  9. "The Prudential Insurance Company of America"

  10. Date: August 28, 1953
    From: Clarence E. Johnson, Resident Manager
    To: Richard J. O'Melia
    Contents: Informs O'Melia that his loan request is approved. Attached is a copy of the request and a list of conditions.
  11. "My dear Mr. Wilson:"

  12. Date: March 29, 1954
    From: Joseph McCarthy
    To: Charles E. Wilson, Secretary of Defense
    Contents: Requests information concerning the number of special appointments within the military that have been requested by Executive Officials since the beginning of World War II.
  13. "Schmidt, Egan & Murray" (copy)

  14. Date: June 24, 1954
    From: Godfrey P. Schmidt
    To: Herbert Brwonell, Jr., Attorney General
    Contents: Establishes that Schmidt is aware that his client Paul Crouch is under investigation, and offers to cooperate in any way possible. Refers to attached papers concerning the charges against Crouch.
  15. "Phone: North 7-4727"

  16. Date: June 28, 1954
    From: Paul Crouch
    To: J. Edgar Hoover, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Contents: Crouch, an ex-Communist whose testimony has convicted several individuals as Communist conspirators, defends himself against what he sees as trumped up charges made in an effort to whitewash Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, who is currently undergoing investigation.
  17. "Southport, Florida"

  18. Date: November 28, 1954
    From: John L. Hitchings
    To: Richard Nixon, Vice President
    Contents: Reports to Nixon that in a letter to Hitchings, Senator Smathers expressed the opinion that he agreed with the decision of the Watkins Committee to censure McCarthy even though McCarthy had yet to speak in his own defense. Expresses the view that the decision to censure McCarthy was Communist fomented and Constitutionally wrong.
  19. "Dec. 29, 1954" (handwritten letter)

  20. Date: December 29, 1954
    From: Dan Graves
    To: Richard J. O'Melia
    Contents: Refers to a document concerning a testimony which Graves has sent to O'Melia along with this letter. States that it was decided that exhibits 16 and 17 were mis-numbered and lost during the hearing and that this misplacement should be taken into account since McCarthy cannot be later confronted with evidence that did not appear before the committee.
  21. "From the Office of Senator Joe McCarthy" (copy of letter for press release, two copies)

  22. Date: November 2, 1955
    From: Joseph McCarthy
    To: John McClellan, Chairman, Senate Permanent Investigation Subcommittee
    Contents: Reports to McClellan McCarthy's findings that the National Labor Relations Board is full of Communists and Communist sympathizers.
  23. "Dick" (handwritten letter with envelope)

  24. Date: August 13, 1956 (date on postmark)
    From: George
    To: Richard J. O'Melia
    Contents: Confides that Walter Mattison called George that morning to ask for advice about his successor, and urges O'Melia to enter the race for the position.
  25. "From the Office of Senator Joe McCarthy" (copy of letter for press release, two copies)

  26. Date: September 10, 1956
    From: Joseph McCarthy
    To: Charles E. Wilson, Secretary of Defense
    Contents: Requests that Wilson verify or deny the validity of an article in Newsweek which states that sixteen Soviet experts toured the Distant Early Warning stations in Canada.
  27. "Assistant Secretary of Defense" (copy)

  28. Date: September 12, 1956
    From: Robert Tripp Ross
    To: Joseph McCarthy
    Contents: Responds to McCarthy's earlier letter (see "From the Office of Senator Joe McCarthy" Date: September 10, 1956) by stating that the Newsweek report that Soviets toured the Distant Early Warning stations in Canada is untrue.
  29. "For Release, September 21, 1956 - 10:00 A.M." (copy of letter for press release)

  30. Date: September 20, 1956
    From: Joseph McCarthy
    To: Dr. You Chan Yang
    Contents: Requests that Yang convey to his countries President, Syngman Rhee, the conviction of McCarthy that the vast majority of American people deplore the slurs recently leveled against Korea by Senator Ellender.
  31. "January 22, 1957" (attached is a sheet containing handwritten notes and phone numbers)

  32. Date: January 22, 1957
    From: Richard J. O'Melia
    To: A.J. O'Melia
    Contents: Reports that Richard O'Melia spoke to Samuel Skylar concerning one of A.J. O'Melia's cases involving Skylar and John Wright, and that Skylar is now preparing his statement.
  33. "Talked to Don - March 1, 1957" (handwritten letter, attached are handwritten notes which appear to be an outline of the letter)

  34. Date: February 26, 1957
    From: (?)
    To: (?)
    Contents: States that the writer met with two individuals, Robert Hessburgh and Frank Scooby, for lunch in Washington D.C. to discuss the purchasing of a small insurance company in Wisconsin and the problems caused by the interference of Northwestern Insurance Company.
  35. "From the Office of Senator Joe McCarthy" (copy of letter for press release, two copies)

  36. Date: March 29, 1957
    From: Joseph McCarthy
    To: Walter Reuther, United Auto Workers
    Contents: McCarthy defends himself against accusations by Reuther that his campaign was sponsored by Communists, and criticizes Reuther for protesting against Dave Beck's use of the Fifth Amendment.
  37. "Ministerio De Salud Publica, Trabajo y Prevsion Social Direccion General De Salubridad (written in Spanish)

  38. Date: May 9, 1940
    From: Carlos Avalos J.
    To: Gubbins & Co.
    Contents: Discusses the activities of the Gubbins & Co. firm.
  39. "Wisconsin Poles for McCarthy Club" (attached is an open letter of support signed by several individuals)

  40. Date: May 4, 1954
    From: Anthony Gruszka, Secretary
    To: (?)
    Contents: Expresses the Wisconsin Poles for McCarthy Club's support for McCarthy and his fight against Communism.
  41. "Eugene W. Castle" (attached is an article about the role of the Egyptian government in facilitating the great number of movies made in Egypt.
    Date: (?)
    From: Francis Lawton, Jr.
    To: Richard J. O'Melia
    Contents: States that Eugene W. Castle asked that the attached article be sent to O'Melia.

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