Correspondence XVI

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. Memorandum
    Date: July 20
    From: (?)
    To: (?)
    Content: "Cong. Walters Speech - He is no good -- But he is a ____ but he looks for headlines." Handwritten on United States Senant stationary.

  2. Two letters stapled together:
    1. Date: September 9, 1955
    From: Edgar C. Bundy
    To: Mr. Dick O'Melia
    Content: "Enclosed please find our check for $100.00 to help pay for the cost of reproducing Congressman Reece's speech on the Ford Foundation." "rec'd 9-13 and sent to Brodie by Bugeye."
    2. Date: September 13, 1955
    From: (?)
    To: Mr. Edgar C. Bundy
    Content: "Dick O'Melia has contacted me and we are placing an order for additional copies of the speech on the Ford Fund for the Republic."

  3. Protest
    Date: (?)
    From: Lary W. Davis
    To: Senator John J. McCellan
    Content: "I, the undersigned, a tenant of the Success Park-Canaan Village Project, Bridgeport and Stratford, Connecticut, do hereby, protest the injury suffered by reason of the mishandling of the sale of these public lands and buildings by an agency of the Executive Branch of our government and by the infringements of The Success Village Apartments, Inc., both to the prejudice of the rights and interests, and of the preference accorded me by the Legislative Branch of our Government."

  4. Protest
    Date: (?)
    From: Mr. Herman (?)
    To: Senator John J. McCellan
    Content: "I, the undersigned, a tenant of the Success Park-Canaan Village Project, Bridgeport and Stratford, Connecticut, do hereby, protest the injury suffered by reason of the mishandling of the sale of these public lands and buildings by an agency of the Executive Branch of our government and by the infringements of The Success Village Apartments, Inc., both to the prejudice of the rights and interests, and of the preference accorded me by the Legislative Branch of our Government."

  5. Memo
    Date: October 2, 1952
    From: (?)
    To: Richard J. O'Melia
    Content: "The above mentioned people have now agreed that the Senator should speak in Eastern Connecticut and this plan is proposed by the Eastern Connecticut Association." Two copies.

  6. Letter
    Date: October 27, 1954
    From: Frances Mims
    To: Mrs. Driscoll
    Content: "The following is the pertinent portion of the Bruce Jolly newspaper article appearing in the Greensboro (NC) Daily News of Wednesday, August 4, 1954 relating to Judge Ervin:"

  7. Memorandum
    Date: March 2, 1953
    From: Walter L. Reynolds
    To: Joseph R. McCarthy
    Content: "Although I have been unable to locate the five major speech drafts I prepared as Director of the American Division of the Republican National Committee during the 1940 campaign, I have located the attached working sheets which contain the basic information from which these speeches were written." No attachments.

  8. Personal
    Date: February 22, 1957
    From: Maurie G. Olson
    To: Richard J. O'Melia
    Content: "I received a nice letter from Senator Jenner concerning Milton Brown of South Bend, whom we discussed when I was in Washington. I appreciate your efforts very much."

  9. Letter
    Date: April 25, 1954
    From: Three members of the National Committee, Communist Party, USA
    To: Friend
    Content: "Our country stands at the crossroads. One path leads to economic catastrophe, fascism and world war; the other leads to jobs, democracy and peace."

  10. Letter
    Date: January 13, 1956
    From: Ernest S. Griffith
    To: Joseph R. McCarthy
    Content: " In response to your request of November 14, 1955, for a list of all individuals appearing before the Fish Committee, the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, the House Un-American Activities Committee and the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations who have been cited for contempt of Congress, together with the final disposition of each case, we submit the attached report." {11 PP attached}

  11. Letter
    Date: July 9, 1954
    From: Tench Tilghman
    To: Spessard L. Holland
    Content: "The Department of the Army has referred to the Department of Justice certain matters concerning Contract No. QM-61189 and others with Richmond Packers. Because of the possible existence of a substantial claim against Richmond Packers arising out of other contracts for which the Army had made full payment, funds which were otherwise due under Contract QM-61189 were withheld."

  12. Letter
    Date: November 12, 1957
    From: J. Edgar Hoover
    To: Francis E. Walter
    Content: "The booklet [Operation Abolition] depicts another example of the apparent ease with which the communists have been able to enlist the support of misguided individuals to assist in obscuring their subversive workings. Certainly the real meaning of civil liberties is not understood by these communist apologists."

  13. Letter
    Date: December 3, 1954
    From: Paul J. Cotter
    To: Senator Ferguson, Senator George
    Content: "As I read Chapter XIII of the Post Office Manual, it might appear that you have been furnished with a section of this chapter which is not applicable to the case in point, rather than Section 3, a copy of which I am attaching." {No attachment.}

  14. Letter
    Date: October 26, 1956
    From: Lee R. Pennington
    To: Richard O'Melia
    Content: "With reference to the proposed study contained in your memorandum of October 15, 1956, I think to dig into the 'judicial' aspects of all Fifth Amendment cases and the others listed in your memorandum would do an outstanding service to those of us engaged in counter-subversive work." Included are letters of support and two copies of a "Proposed subject matter for a new Senate Document."

  15. Letter
    Date: October 25, 1952
    From: Chris E. Mullen, J. E. Murphy, and Paul Geenen
    To: Joseph R. McCarthy
    Content: "Please accept the enclosed with our compliments. We wish to show you in a small way our appreciation of the magnificent work you are doing in ridding our country of communists and traitors."

  16. Three letters
    Date: March 31, 1955; April 4, 1955; April 7, 1955
    From: Richard J. O'Melia and Richard W. Ervin
    To: Richard J. O'Melia and Richard W. Ervin
    Content: "Letters requesting, sending, and receiving a report on investigation of Subversive Activities in Florida dated March 1955.

  17. Memorandum
    Date: March 31, 1955
    From: Richard J. O'Melia
    To: Phillip Bowker
    Content: "It would be very much appreciated if your Commission could furnish us two copies of the report you plan to issue prior to May 31st, when it becomes available."

  18. Letter
    Date: March 21, 1955
    From: William J. Haese
    To: Richard. O'Melia
    Content: "I certainly appreciate the receipt of the Army Court Martial Manual. It has proved to be of extreme value in our Legion Program." Attached is an acknowledgment letter.

  19. Letters
    Date: March 8, 1955; March 21, 1955; March 28, 1955
    From: Richard J. O'Melia and Jacob K. Javits
    To: Richard J. O'Melia and Jacob K. Javits
    Content: Letters requesting, sending, and receiving copies of the Rapp-Coudert hearings on education which were held in New York.

  20. Letter
    Date: February 28, 1955
    From: Richard O'Melia
    To: Mary E. Hope
    Content: Acknowledgment of being put on mailing list of the eighth, 1954, report from the Senate Fact-finding Committee on Un-American Activities and requesting the 1953 report.

  21. Letters
    Date: February 15, 1955; February 23, 1955; February 25, 1955
    From: Richard J. O'Melia and Samuel L. Devine
    To: Richard J. O'Melia and Samuel L. Devine
    Content: Letters requesting, sending, and receding copies of the report of the Ohio Un-American Activities Commission.

  22. Letter
    Date: February 25, 1955
    From: Richard J. O'Melia
    To: Edmund G. Brown
    Contents: "Thank you very much for your letter informing me that you have redirected my request of February 15th to the California Un-American Activities Committee." Two copies.

  23. Letter
    Date: February 18, 1955
    From: Latham Castle
    To: Richard J. O'Melia
    Content: "Under the law of Illinois my office is not an investigative agency and therefore I have no information with which I can supply you."

  24. Letters
    Date: April 7, 1955
    From: Richard J. O'Melia
    To: Ferdinand Sybert, Anthony Julian, Frank F. Truscott, Grover C. Richmond, Don Eastbold, Thomas Cavanaugh, and John Bracken
    Content: "We are interested in compiling a library of all investigations which have been made in your state into Communist infiltration. Any information or assistance you could give us as to obtaining copies of hearings, reports, etc., would be very much appreciated." Additional letter addressed to Massachusetts Commission on Communism, including same information, dated June 16, 1955.

  25. Memo
    Date: April 25, 1955
    From: Dick O'Melia
    To: Michael O'Neil
    Content: "Reservations at Congressional Hotel for you and Dick Fincher for Thursday made."

  26. Memo
    Date: January 24, 1955
    From: Richard J. O'Melia
    To: Pete Frigo
    Content: "In all the confusion of the committee changeover, etc., I have just discovered that I never wrote to thank you for the cheese you sent at Christmas."

  27. Memorandum
    Date: January 24, 1955
    From: Richard J. O'Melia
    To: Norris Cotton
    Content: "This is to acknowledge your request of January 20, 1955, for information concerning alleged Communist activities of the DeGiorgi Brothers Seed Company, of Council Bluffs, Iowa."

  28. Western Union Telefax
    Date: January 10, 1955
    From: Richard J. O'Melia
    To: Mr. Charles Kersten
    Content: "Please call me at your earliest convenience at my office or OL 6-7942."

  29. Memorandum
    Date: October 18, 1954 - 4:30 P.M.
    From: Richard J. O'Melia
    To: James N. Juliana
    Content: "Mr. Jeffrey contracted me last week and informed me that he had been called on the telephone by a Mr. Joseph Crane who represented himself as being from the Russian Embassy. Mr. Crane asked Mr. Jeffrey if he would be interested in a position with Amtorg Corporation. An appointment was made for today, October 18th, at 11:30 A.M., at the Russian Embassy." Written on side: "This info furnished orally to Dale DeLoocky of FBI 4:15 P.M. Oct 20, 1954 by FPC and JAJ.

  30. Memo
    Date: November 11, 1954
    From: JB
    To: Joseph R. McCarthy
    Content: "On page 88 of my manuscript I said that 24 of the 39 members of the board of advisors of the National Committee for an Effective Congress have had records of affiliation with Communist fronts and Communist enterprises ."

  31. Memorandums
    Date: various
    From: Richard O'Melia
    To: Francis P. Carr
    Content: Eleven memos discussing informants regarding the National Security Agency.

  32. Memorandum
    Date: January 6, 1954
    From: C. George Anastos
    To: Francis P. Carr
    Content: "This date Mr. Wade Waldron (former newspaperman with the Hearst papers and now in the Television business with Wade Waldron and Producers, Inc., located at the Shoream Building, Washington, D.C. Telephone District 7-5558; home telephone King 8-3599) was interviewed and gave the following information."

  33. Personal
    Date: September 14, 1954
    From: Frank J. Tracy
    To: Mr. Richard J. O'Melia
    Content: "My boss is currently on a business trip through the East and expects to be in Washington this week of September 20. As you know, Mr. Scanlan has long been a backer of Senator McCarthy, having admired him and his work from afar these past several years."

  34. Letter
    Date: August 23, 1954
    From: A. D. Sutherland
    To: Richard O'Melia
    Content: "I am anxious to go over the Joint Stock Land Bank problem with you. Could you arrange to stop here on your way back to Washington or would you rather I come up and see you?"

  35. Personal Letter
    Date: June 3, 1955
    From: M. Barry
    To: Senator McCarthy
    Content: "William C. McCabe of our parish is trying to get the contract to operate the Senate Dinning Room. I understand you are a member of the Rules Committee; and that you have a vote in the matter of operating the Dinning Room."

  36. Translation
    Date: December 7, 1934
    From: Reinke
    To: Mr. Werner Schoknecht
    Content: "In order to maintain public safety and orders, in accordance with Par. 1 of the Regulation of the Reichspresident for the Protection of the People and the Nation, dated 28, 1933, the appearance of the periodical publication 'We War-Volunteers of 1914/15' is forbidden until further notice."

  37. Translation
    Date: December 15, 1953
    From: Werner Schoknecht
    To: Mr. Earl J. Carroll
    Content: "I saw in the paper 'Sueddeutsche Zeitung' that you have compiled a list of 125 American Communists who in the name of American democracy set up an unprecedented dictatorship in Germany after armistice day. You would deserve all merits if you would show to the American nation by means of a practical example how easily a red dictatorship can form under the cover of seemingly democratic forms."

  38. Translation
    Date: December 21, 1953
    From: Werner Schoknecht
    To: Miss Secretary
    Content: "Thank you very much for your letter of the 19th and for the trouble I have most probably caused you with translating my letters. In High School we used to learn Latin and Greek but not English, otherwise I might have had an opportunity to inform born Americans already in the past. "

  39. Letter
    Date: (?)
    From: Eustace Mullins
    To: Don Surine
    Content: "Several points relevant to the defection of Dr. John to the Communists have not been sufficiently emphasized, and I do feel that they are of great importance in the Senator's criticism of Allen Dulles. First of all, John was involved in the July, 1944 plot against Hitler, and Allen Dulles, in his book, "Germany's Underground" Macmillan, 1947, takes credit for organizing this plot."

  40. Letter
    Date: December 27, 1953
    From: Werner Schoknecht
    To: Mr. Earl J. Carroll
    Content: "On December 21st I sent you an article from the London Times of 2.23.1934 describing my public resistance against the Nazi dictatorship. At the same time I sent you a fotocopy of the prohibition of my periodical by the Gestapo, dated 7.12.34."

  41. Statement
    Date: (?)
    From: Joe McCarthy
    To: Senator Karl E. Mundt
    Content: "We are submitting herewith what we consider to be pertinent data concerning the attempt by two Army civilians, Mr. Robert T. Stevens and Mr. John G. Adams, to discredit the Investigations Subcommittee, and to force a discontinuance of our hearings exposing Communist infiltration in their department." Attached are memos from the American Law Division of the Library of Congress and a letter from Kathryn Kohler to Mr. Fortney Stark.

  42. Letter
    Date: January 12, 1957
    From: Reynaldo Gubbins
    To: Senator Langer
    Content: "Senator Ralph E. Flanders has informed me that he is willing to co-sponser my bill with another senator of the Committee on the Judiciary."

  43. Memo
    Date: (?)
    From: (?)
    To: O'Melia and Schweinler
    Content: "Morning of October 15th, Mr. Bazil Brewer of New Bedford, Mass., publisher of newspaper there and on Cape Cod...says he's pretty well acquainted with McCarthy (in the Marines together) Was Mass. Taft manager."

  44. Letter
    Date: (?)
    From: Dr. Jeuo
    To: Joseph McCarthy
    Content: "by Your kind permission I enclose the copy of my letter written to the honorable Mr. Kersten on the occasion of his noble action for the sake of liberation of Hungary having submitted a concurrent resolution in the House of Representatives."

  45. Memorandum
    Date: (?)
    From: Pat Gorman
    To: (?)
    Content: "The President of the Council for Economic and Industrial Research, Inc., is Herbert William Robinson [, a mbr of the ADA.]"

  46. Letter
    Date: (?)
    From: (?)
    To: Charles Kersten
    Content: "On the occasion of Your noble action to intervene on behalf of Hungary to liberate her from the Bolshevik subjugation having submitted a concurrent resolution in this case in the House of Representatives, please, accept my best thanks."

  47. Memorandum:
    Date: August 2, 1954
    From: William C. Warren
    To: Robert Nathan; Dr. Herbert Robinson
    Content: "The Council for Economic and Industry Research, Inc., has a highly classified contract with the Air Force. The following are the details in the Air Force letter given in confidence to the Senator Appropriations Committee."

  48. Memorandum
    Date: August 4, 1956
    From: Miles Scull, Jr.
    To: All members of the Senate
    Content: "In the belief that it may be helpful in handling inquiries concerning Congressional action on the Hoover Commission Reports, the following is respectfully submitted for your information:"

  49. Memorandum
    Date: January 26, 1954
    From: Sirdar J. J. Singh
    To: (?)
    Content: "Objective - It is agreed that in view of the aggressive intent of world Communism, the United States must adopt the policy of 'speak softly, but carry a big stick.'"

  50. Memorandum
    Date: January 10, 1957
    From: Miles Scull, Jr.
    To: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy
    Content: "The spurious allegation in the above publication accusing Senator McCarthy of attempting to 'liquidate the Rural Electrification Administration and eventually destroy the Nation's rural electric cooperatives' is without foundation of fact."

  51. Memo
    Date: January 22, 1957
    From: the Office of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy
    To: (?)
    Content: "The Joint Committee on Atomic Energy plans to hold public hearings beginning on Tuesday, February 19 to receive testimony from representatives of the Atomic Energy Commission, industry and other interested individuals and organizations on the development, growth and state of the atomic energy industry, it was announced today by Representative Carl T. Durham, Chairman of the Committee."

  52. Memorandum
    Date: (?)
    From: (?)
    To: (?)
    Content: "Msgr. Barry called Dick. Dick was at lunch. Emily called Dick and told him of the call."

  53. Memorandum
    Date: (?)
    From: United States Senate
    To: (?)
    Content: Handwritten note with "Steve Thuransky" "Washington D.C." "Hungarian Newspapers"

  54. Memorandum
    Date: (?)
    From: United States Senate
    To: (?)
    Content: Handwritten note with "Hartsell - checked on Am. Cryptographic admitted assoc. with..."

  55. Personal Letter |Translated from Russian
    Date: New York, November 23, 1930
    From: M. Heudler, 2065 Morris Av. Bronx
    To: Honourable Hamilton Fish, Jr. Chairman of the Congression[sic] Committee
    Content: “Under the oath I can testify to the following: Early in 1922, I was sent to Greece, to organize by the order of O.G.P.U. a net of military and Political Espionage. On my way back to Russia, I stopped in Sophia, where in the hotel “Bulgaria,” I met some comrades from Moscow. Although officially they constitute Soviet Red Cross Mission in Bulgaria, in fact they were working under the orders of Military Espionage Division of the Red Army and of Foreign Division of OGPU.”
    Key names/terms: Kozeshroff, Pokrousky, Trillisser, Menjinsky, Mikhail

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