Correspondence XV

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. Letter
    Date: December 17, 1952
    From: E.P. Connell
    To: Mr. T.A. McCormack
    Content: "Attached is a check, the eloquent SWAN SONG of the Joseph R. McCarthy broadcast committee that has performed its function excellently, promptly and with amazing solvency." {2 pp}

  2. Letter
    Date: July 22, 1954
    From: Clayton R. Lusk
    To: Richard J. O'Melia
    Content: "In reply to your letter of July 15, 1954, would say that the Lusk Joint Legislative Committee began its investigation in May or June, 1919 and got out its report in 1920." {1 PP}

  3. Letter
    Date: January 12, 1955
    From: Kenneth F. McClure
    To: Mr. David A. Walsh
    Content: "This is in reply to your letter of December 17, 1954, in which you request our views with respect to various procedural and other matters arising in connection with the controversy between yourself and the National Bureau of Standards concerning the joinder of parties in an investigation involving an obturator probe." {2 PP}

  4. Confidential Memorandum
    Date: July 13, 1954
    From: Paul Crouch
    To: Hon. William Jenner
    Content: "According to press reports, investigation of the twenty-five charges made against me during the past three months by the Alsops, Drew Pearson, Joseph Fanelli, Harry Rand and others and a document I recently submitted to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary has been referred to the Subcommittee on Internal Security." {2 PP}

  5. Confidential,Urgent Memorandum
    Date: July 13, 1954
    From: Paul Crouch
    To: Senator McCarthy
    Content: "I have only one request -- that you use your influence in the Senate to have the Internal Security subcommittee set up a quick executive hearing -- with only one Senator if more can not attend -- to get my sworn testimony on the record without delay." {2 PP}

  6. Letter
    Date: (?)
    From: (?)
    To: Hon. Herbert Brownell
    Content: "I am writing to you regarding the situation of Paul Crouch since the extraordinary total of some two dozen charges have been made against him by the Alsop brothers, Drew Pearson and attorneys Fanelli and Rand during the past three months." {2 PP}

  7. Letter
    Date: July 2, 1954
    From: John Edgar Hoover
    To: Mr. Paul Crouch
    Content: "Since the situation to which you refer is of interest to the Attorney General I am taking the liberty of forwarding to him photostates of your letter and enclosures for his information."

  8. Letter
    Date: July 7, 1954
    From: Paul Crouch
    To: Mr. J. Edgar Hoover
    Content: "Thanks for you letter of July 2nd. I am glad to note that you sent photostates of my letter and material submitted by me to the Attorney General. "

  9. Newspaper Clipping
    Date: July 4, 1954
    From: The Washington Post
    To: (?)
    Content: "No less than three of the Justice Department's paid informers and witnesses are now being investigated for possible perjury -- and by the same Justice Department that employs them." These sentences are outlined in blue: "...--and they probably were facts--that he poured out in his second testimony? In short, just what is the Justice Department relationship to these people? Finally, Attorney General Herbert Brownell's right hand is now, in effect, investigating what his left hand has been doing. Great Departmental interests are fighting on the side of the left hand. Is this sound practice?"

  10. Newspaper Clipping
    Date: (?)
    From: The Washington Post
    To: (?)
    Content: "Your June 29 editorial, 'Cult of the informer' is a real blow to J. Edgar Hoover and others who have asked former Communists to come forward and place their knowledge of the Red conspiracy at the disposal of our Government."

  11. Newspaper Clipping
    Date: July 6, 1954
    From: Daily Worker
    To: (?)
    Content: "Recently, two professional 'anti-Communism' stoolpigeons tried to wreck Dr. Ralph Bunch's, U.S. Representative in the United States and failed."

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