Correspondence V

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Department of Defense General Counsel"

  2. Date: January 18, 1955
    From: Wilber M. Brucker
    To: Senator John L. McClellan
    Content: Discussing the steps being taken by the Department of Defense in regard to information on possible subversives (those taking the 5 th amendment when questioned on Communist affiliation and activity) furnished by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.
  3. "Mr. Dick O'Melia"

  4. Date: (?)
    From: Norman Dumble
    To: Dick O'Melia
    Content: Regarding a "matter" whose content is not made clear.
  5. "David V. Jennings, Jr."

  6. Date: December 1, 1954
    From: David V. Jennings, Jr.
    Content: Requesting that O'Melia do something to help his (Jennings') brother be transferred to a military post in England.
  7. "Department of Commerce" (Handwritten notes)

  8. Date: November 30, 1954
    From: Thomas P. Miller
    To: Dick O'Melia
    Content: Discussing the impending end of the farm census, and giving support to McCarthy, whether or not he is censured.
  9. "Hon. Lyndon Johnson"

  10. Date: November 26, 1954
    From: Edward R. Maher
    To: Senator Lyndon Johnson
    Content: Announcing the enclosure of comments on the McCarthy censure.
  11. "The Edgefield Advertiser" (Handwritten notes)

  12. Date: December 13, 1954
    From: Signature illegible- the editor/publisher of the Edgefield Advertiser
    To: "Secretary of the McCarthy Investigation Committee"
    Content: Asking for biographical information and information on political stances of McCarthy.
  13. "The Hon. Ezra T. Benson"

  14. Date: January 3, 1955
    From: Joe McCarthy
    To: Ezra T. Benson (Secretary of Agriculture)
    Content: Requesting that Mr. Benson give his attention to reversing the trend of lower income for farmers.
  15. "Driscoll, Mathews & Gingold"

  16. Date: August 19, 1955
    From: Daniel Mathews
    To: Dick O'Melia
    Content: Thanking him (O'Melia) and Senator McCarthy for a letter that the senator sent on behalf of his (Mathews') daughter.
  17. "Office of Thomas M. Kavanagh"

  18. Date: April 26, 1955
    From: Thomas M. Kavanagh (Michigan Attorney General) and Harry W. Jackson (Assistant Attorney General)
    To: Dick O'Melia
    Content: Responding to O'Melia's request for information on Communist infiltration in Michigan. Referring O'Melia to the Police Commissioner.
  19. "New Jersey Chapter of Pro America" (Handwritten letter)

  20. Date: September 26, 1954
    From: Helen Woodward
    To: O'Melia
    Content: Regarding a conversation she (Mrs. Woodward) had had with O'Melia concerning the fight in New Jersey against Clifford Case. There is some mention of McCarthy's lack of campaign speeches, but the handwriting makes full understanding difficult.
  21. "New Jersey Chapter of Pro America"

  22. Date: August 31, 1954
    From: Helen Woodward
    To: Pro America mailing list
    Content: Rejecting a recent claim that the voting record of Senatorial candidate Clifford Case published in Pro America is false. Calling for members to take action to find a "better Republican than Mr. Case for the U. S. Senate."
  23. "New Jersey Chapter of Pro America"

  24. Date: June 29, 1954
    From: Helen Woodward
    To: Pro America mailing list
    Content: Discussing the inadequacy of Clifford Case to serve as New Jersey's Republican Senator.
  25. "Congress of the United States House of Representatives"

  26. Date: October 6, 1955
    From: Carroll Reece
    To: Mrs. Willard Hedrick
    Content: Thanking Mrs. Hedrick for a contribution she made to print additional speeches on the Fund for the Republic.
  27. "The President, The White House, Washington D. C."

  28. Date: February 25, 1954
    From: Hugh Wilson
    To: The President of the United States
    Content: Asking that the President sponsor the adoption of the improve amendment.
  29. "Hotel New Yorker"

  30. Date: May 29 1954
    From: Ernest G. Albright
    To: O'Melia
    Content: Announcing the enclosure of the 1954 Communist "draft".
  31. "East Coast Champion" (Handwritten letter)

  32. Date: June 13, 1954
    From: (?)
    To: O'Melia
    Content: Suggesting that O'Melia have McCarthy look at the Washington Times Herald of December 14, 1953, regarding Executive Order 10501.
  33. "Monarch National Productions"

  34. Date: July 30, 1954
    From: Albert Petker
    To: O'Melia
    Content: Proposing that feature length documentary be made on McCarthy's life.
  35. "Hotel De LaSalle Montreal"

  36. Date: June 1, 1954
    From: Abel Browne
    To: McCarthy
    Content: Declaring himself a repentant Communist and offering information to McCarthy. Particulars given include information on Communist contracts to kill Congressmen, airplane sabotage, murder, and arson. Detailed information is given on Communist leaders Karl Hayman and Zarubin, including a sketch of "zone 13" which is the name given for Hayman's area of influence.
  37. "United States Civil Service Commission"

  38. Date: January 16, 1957
    From: The Retirement Division of the USCSC
    To: Dick O'Melia
    Content: Announcing the refund of O'Melia's civil service retirement contributions.
  39. "City of Milwaukee Office of City Attorney" (9 copies)

  40. Date: March 18, 1957
    From: George A. Bowman, Jr. (Assistant City Attorney, Milwaukee)
    To: Joe McCarthy
    Content: Providing resume-type information on employment, education, and salary history.
  41. "From the Office of Senator Joe McCarthy"

  42. Date: August 20, 1953
    From: Joe McCarthy
    To: Paul Block, Jr., Raymond L. Crowley, William H. Fitzpatrick, George W. Healy, L. D. Hotchkiss,
    Joseph W. Lee, and James S. Pope (all executives of major newspapers)
    Content: Denying a charge made in an editorial in the Washington Post that Wechsler "was subjected
    to intensive interrogation about editorials in his newspaper critical of Senator McCarthy." Asking that
    the newsmen search the record and discover this falsehood for themselves.
  43. "Mr. Richard J. O'Melia" (2 copies)

  44. Date: April 17, 1957
    From: Lawrence L. Jacobs
    To: Dick O'Melia
    Content: Asking that he (Jacobs) be considered for several vacant government jobs.
  45. "Housing and Home Finance Agency"

  46. Date: May 3, 1957
    From: Albert M. Cole (Administrator, HHFA)
    To: Senator John L. McClellan
    Content: Replying to McClellan's request that the agency review S. 478 and S. 1538, bills transferring jurisdiction of land in certain areas from the federal to the state governments.
  47. "McCarthy Club"

  48. Date: October 22, 1952
    From: Steve J. Miller
    To: Dick O'Melia
    Content: Asking that McCarthy accept an invitation to speak in Merrill, WI. Enclosing a letter from himself (Miller) to the Republican Chairman of Merrill, assuring him that all efforts were being made to secure McCarthy's appearance.
  49. "Frederic W. Braun"

  50. Date: October 9, 1952
    From: Frederic W. Braun
    To: McCarthy
    Content: Asking that McCarthy prepare a tape recording to use in a radio broadcast to boost state and Langlade County Republican candidates.
  51. "Selvage & Lee"

  52. Date: September 25, 1952
    From: David S. Teeple
    To: Elmer J. Ryan (McCarthy Club)
    Content: Announcing the enclosure of material intended to be of help to McCarthy when he speaks in Montana.
  53. "New Jersey Chapter of Pro America" (Handwritten)

  54. Date: October 12, 1954
    From: Helen Woodward
    To: Dick O'Melia
    Content: Hard to read handwriting- Asking that O'Melia send pictures or other campaign paraphernalia of McCarthy's.
  55. "State of New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety"

  56. Date: May 24, 1955
    From: Saul N. Schechter (Deputy Attorney General, New Jersey)
    To: Dick O'Melia
    Content: Announcing the intention of the Department of Law and Public Safety to cooperate with the "Committee" (Investigations Subcommittee?), and open their files to a representative of that committee.
  57. "From the desk of Carroll Reece" (series of 3 correspondences)

  58. Date #1: (?)
    From: Jerry (?)
    To: Dick O'Melia
    Content: Thanking O'Melia
    Date #2: September 20, 1955
    From: Virginia Biggers (Chairman, Houston Chapter of the Minute Women, U. S. A., Inc.)
    To: Dick O'Melia
    Content: Announcing the enclosure of a check intended to help finance the distribution of Carroll Reece's speech, "The Ford Fund for the Republic."
    Date #3: September 22, 1955
    From: Carroll Reece (?)
    To: Virginia Biggers
    Content: Thanking Mrs. Biggers for her support of the "Ford Fund for the Republic" distribution.
  59. "Commission on Intergovernmental Relations" (enclosure included)

  60. Date: February 24, 1954
    From: Barrett L. Crandall
    To: Dick O'Melia
    Content: Announcing the enclosure of charts, graphs and documents regarding the work of the Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.
  61. "National Farmers Union" (enclosures included)

  62. Date: March 16, 1953
    From: James G. Patton (President, National Farmers Union)
    To: McCarthy
    Content: Announcing the enclosure of a summary statement of farm legislation imperatives, and of miscellaneous information bearing on the need for the items listed in the farm legislation program.
  63. "Thomas A. McCormack & Company" (enclosure included)

  64. Date: January 7, 1956
    From: Thomas A. McCormack
    To: Dick O'Melia
    Content: Announcing the enclosure of a research report on the Vlier Precipitator, a high voltage particle ionizer.
  65. "Mrs. Horace A. Woodward" (handwritten letter)

  66. Date: December 12, 1954
    From: Helen Woodward
    To: Dick O'Melia
    Content: Emphasizing her strong and continuous support of McCarthy.
  67. "George Mayo Crump" (handwritten note: "Personal and Confidential", envelope included)

  68. Date: June 18, 1954
    From: George Mayo Crump
    To: Dick O'Melia
    Content: Expressing discouragement with the Army-McCarthy hearings.
  69. "Admiral John G. Crommelin"

  70. Date: December 10, 1954
    From: James L. Ewing III
    To: Admiral Crommelin
    Content: Expressing his disappointment at being "muzzled" in his attempts to use the newspaper medium to inform the public of Communist infiltration. Expressing the importance of anti-Communists gaining control of a major newspaper. Asking the Admiral for help in his quest to get the truth to the American people.
  71. "White House, Washington, D. C." (3 copies)

  72. Date: October 27, 1954
    From: Dwight D. Eisenhower
    To: Charles J. Kersten
    Content: Wishing Kersten well in the upcoming election, and congratulating him (Kersten) on his contributions to the fight against Communism.
  73. "House of Representatives, U. S. Committee on Communist Aggression"

  74. Date: January 19, 1955
    From: Charles J. Kersten
    To: Senator (McCarthy?)
    Content: Announcing that he (Kersten) has arranged for each member of Congress to receive copies of the reports of the Committee on Communist Aggression.

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