Correspondence IV

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "From the Office of Senator Joe McCarthy"

  2. Date: April 1, 1957
    From: Joe McCarthy
    To: Wisconsin Fur Traders
    Content: Regarding McCarthy's intention to propose an amendment to H.R. 4090 (a bill to extend certain corporation taxes) to repeal excise tax on domestic furs.
  3. "Department of the Army" (Preempting this letter is a letter dated May 3, 1954, from the Chief Clerk, to Senator A. Willis Robertson, announcing the enclosure of the following letter.)

  4. Date: April 21, 1954
    From: L. E. Berry (Deputy Department Counselor)
    To: Joe McCarthy
    Content: Regarding an inquiry made into a contract between Richmond Packers, Inc. and Atlas Finance Corporation. Informing McCarthy that this matter has been referred to the Department of Justice.
  5. "Proposed Letter to Rosel H. Hyde."

  6. Date: (?)
    From: (?)
    To: Rosel H. Hyde (Chairman, Federal Communications Commission)
    Content: Regarding the Federal Communications Commission's policies on re-broadcasting.
  7. "Dear Admiral Crommelin" (Preempting this letter is a letter dated November 17, 1954, from Ernest G. Albright, to Richard O'Melia announcing the enclosure of the following letter.)

  8. Date: November 17, 1954
    From: Ernest G. Albright
    To: Admiral Crommelin
    Content: Congratulating the Admiral on his support of McCarthy, and on his effort to obtain the signatures of ten million Americans on a petition to defeat the resolution of censure before the Senate.
  9. "Alfred Kholberg Inc. Textiles" (handwritten note in margin)

  10. Date: October 18, 1954
    From: Alfred Kohlberg
    To: Richard O'Melia
    Content: Questioning O'Melia about accusations made in a review of a book by Leroy Gore. (The letter does not give specifics, but it appears that the book was in support of McCarthy and the review was not.
  11. "St. Joseph's Seminary."

  12. Date: October 26, 1954
    From: Rev. Timothy J. Holland
    To: Richard O'Melia
    Content: Expressing his support of McCarthy, and quoting Pope Gregory to that effect: "The man who is acquitted by his own conscience is free, however much other men may accuse him."
7.) "Hotel George Washington" (handwritten letter) (included is an envelope and a piece of paper with
  1. Ms. Cherry's address and phone number written on it.)
  2. Date: September 30, 1954
  3. From: Sylvie Cherry
  4. To: Richard O'Melia
  5. Content: Regarding a rumor she (Cherry) started about other senators being considered for
  6. censure. Expressing that she felt this rumor would leave the senators too worried about there own
  7. jobs to consider setting a censure precedent with McCarthy.
  1. "Mr. Richard O'Melia"
    Date: November 10, 1954
    From: Captain Robert H. Halpin
    To: Richard O'Melia
    Content: Expressing a hope that Dick had had a chance to watch Notre Dame football. Sending kind regards and an offer to be of service to McCarthy.
  2. "Soldiers of the Cross"
    Date: November 9, 1954
    From: Kenneth Goff (Director, Soldiers of the Cross)
    To: Joe McCarthy
    Content: Giving McCarthy some background information of a Mr. Fred Zimmerman, who was apparently under investigation.  
  3. "New Jersey Chapter of Pro America" (handwritten letter)
    Date: November 14, 1954
    From: Helen Woodward
    To: Richard O'Melia
    Content: Regarding her recent trip to Washington and attendance at a rally held on November 11. (The handwriting is difficult to make out.)  
  4. "The Honorable John L. McClellan, Chairman"
    Date: July 3, 1956
    From: Joe McCarthy
    To: Senator McClellan
    Content: Commending the Committee on Government Operations for its recently prepared index entitled "Congressional Investigations of Communism." Suggesting that this index be printed as a Senate document.
  5. "Paul Crouch"
    Date: June 28, 1954
    From: Paul Crouch
    To: J. Edgar Hoover
    Content: Denying all charges made against him (Crouch) by the Alsop brothers and Drew Pearson, especially those that deal with his journalistic positions with the Dade County News and the Miami Daily News. Requesting that a complete investigation be made into these charges and into his own counter-charges.
  6. "Office of the Postmaster General" (Attached is a summary of the annual cost of sending first class air mail.)
    Date: August 30, 1954
    From: C. W. Hook, Jr. (Postmaster General)
    To: Senator Styles Bridges
    Content: Comparing the cost and efficiency of air mail carriage to surface mail carriage.
  7. "G. D. Melisserato, Prof. Engr." (Handwritten address and telephone number on back.)
    Date: June 26, 1954
    From: (?)
    To: G.D. Melisserato
    Content: Discussing the menace of Communism and his(?) desire to help combat it. Expressing support of McCarthy.

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