Correspondence III

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Editor, Washington Post" (hand-edited)

  2. Date: (?)
    From: Paul Crouch
    To: The editor of the Washington Post
    Content: Criticizing a recent editorial printed in the Washington Post, which attacked himself (Crouch) and other ex-Communist informers. Charging that an investigation needs to be made into the source(s) of these attacks.
  3. "Walter McGeregh" (handwritten)

  4. Date: (?)
    From: (?)
    To: Walter McGeregh
    Content: Hard to read due to handwriting- promising to send a copy of a McCarthy speech.
  5. "Basil Brewer"

  6. Date: October 14, 1952
    From: Basil Brewer
    To: Richard O'Melia
    Content: Expressing concern that McCarthy may be convinced to support Henry Cabot Lodge in his Senate race against John F. Kennedy.
  7. "Hotel Carter"

  8. Date: October 25, 1952
    From: David Cooke (manager of Hotel Carter)
    To: Richard O'Melia
    Content: Informing O'Melia that he (Cooke) was unable to locate documents lost by McCarthy during a recent stay at Hotel Carter.
  9. "Kem For Senator" (handwritten note on the back)

  10. Date: October 6, 1952
    From: Stanley B. Botner (Administrative Assistant to Senator James P. Kem)
    To: Richard O'Melia
    Content: Regarding publicity arrangements being made for McCarthy's visit to Kansas City.
  11. "Hon. Francis Case." (a copy of this letter was sent to O'Melia by Donald Counihan on 11/30/54)

  12. Date: (?)
    From: Edward J. Heffron
    To: Senator Francis Case
    Content: Retracting a previous critical correspondence in light of Sen. Case's retraction of his censure vote for McCarthy's conduct during the Zwicker case. Giving broad (negative) opinions and ideas about the Watkins Committee's members and methods.
  13. "Prairie View Farm" (handwritten)

  14. Date: November 13, 1954
    From: Bill Merriam
    To: Joe McCarthy
    Content: Expressing a desire to visit with McCarthy on his (Merriam's) arrival in Washington D.C.
  15. "United States Senate Committee on Rules and Administration." (four documents)

  16. Dates: October 22, October 23, and November 5 1952
    From: Thomas C. Hennings, Jr. (Chairman, Subcommittee on Privileges and Elections)
    To: The Postmaster
    Content: Requesting information about mail issued and received by certain addresses.
  17. "Post Office Department."

  18. Date: December 2, 1954
    From: The Chief Post Office Inspector
    To: Senator Homer Ferguson
    Content: Declaring the enclosure of a transcript of the regulations prohibiting the furnishing of mail matter to unauthorized persons.
  19. "United States Senate Committee on Rules and Administration"

  20. Date: December 2, 1954
    From: W. F. Bookwalter (Chief Clerk- Committee on Rules and Administration)
    Content: Declaring the enclosure of a list of staff personnel with the Subcommittee on Privileges and Elections.
  21. "Crown Jewels" (handwritten note in margin- "Senator investigate this")

  22. Date: (?)
    From: (?)
    To: Joe McCarthy
    Content: Recommending that Eisenhower be made to return crown jewels that he received from Russia.
  23. "Honorable Rosel H. Hyde." (attached handwritten documentation of enclosures included in this letter.)

  24. Date: November 25, 1953
    From: Joe McCarthy
    To: Rosel H. Hyde (Chairman- Federal Communications Commission)
    Content: Petitioning to deny a Madison license to broadcast to the Badger Television Company on the grounds that its leading principal, William Evjue, has consistently used this medium to bolster Communism and fight those who oppose it.
  25. "Confidential- Mrs. Joseph R. McCarthy." (handwritten notes)

  26. Date: May 25, 1954
    From: Frances M. Bacon
    To: Mrs. Joseph McCarthy
    Content: Discussing the threat of One-Worldism, and enclosing letters that she (Bacon) had received from various pro World Government organizations.
  27. "Honorable Joseph R. McCarthy." (brief handwritten notes)

  28. Date: March 18, 1957
    From: George A. Bowman Jr. (Assistant Milwaukee city Attorney)
    To: Joe McCarthy
    Content: Giving educational and professional background information about himself.
  29. "United States Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation"

  30. Date: November 12, 1957
    From: J. Edgar Hoover
    To: Francis E. Walter (Chairman- Committee on Un-American Activities)
    Content: Commending the work of the Committee; especially noting the upcoming anti-Communist publication "Operation Abolition."
  31. "Mr. William H. Wannall." (handwritten notes)

  32. Date: April 24, 1956
    From: Joe McCarthy
    To: William H. Wannall
    Content: Giving binding instructions for several volumes.
  33. "United States Senate Committee on Rules and Administration" (three copies) (attached handwritten paper containing names of senators and their willingness to/not to sign something that is not specified.)

  34. Date: January 30, 1957
    From: Carl T. Curtis
    To: Mr. John T. Chambers (Superintendent- Senate Service Department)
    Content: Authorizing McCarthy to use the unused balance of a monthly photostat allotment.
  35. "From the Office of Senator Joe McCarthy."

  36. Date: (?)
    From: Joe McCarthy
    To: Several Broadcasting Companies
    Content: Requesting time equal to that given to Harry Truman in order to refute an attack made by Truman against McCarthy.
  37. "From the Office of Senator Joe McCarthy."

  38. Date: December 24, 1953
    From: Joe McCarthy
    To: Herbert Brownell (Attorney General)
    Content: Requesting that Harry Hyman be indicted by a grand jury under the Smith Act for his alleged espionage activities.
  39. "Hammersmith Kortmeyer Co." (attached scrap paper with a name written on it)
    Date: April 1, 1954
    From: P. W. Hammersmith (President- Hammersmith-Kortmeyer Co.)
    To: Joe McCarthy
    Content: Regarding Richard O'Melia's failure to pay a bill he incurred some years ago. Requesting that McCarthy prompt O'Melia to send a letter and a settlement check.
21.) "U.S. Senator McCarthy."
Date: November 6, 1954
From: Florence E. Luby
To: Joe McCarthy
Content: Expressing support of McCarthy during his censure hearings. Enclosing a petition against his censure signed by fifty-seven people. Enclosing an article clipping, authored by a signer of the petition, opposing McCarthy's censure.
  1. "Norman F. Dacey and Associates."
    Date: October 28, 1952
    From: Norman F. Dacey
    To: Joe McCarthy
    Content: Regarding the support given to Hollywood writers being investigated as Communists by Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Also regarding Bogart and Bacall's current support of Adlai Stevenson. (This letter references Oversize Clippings I, #2)
  2. "Honorable John McClellan, U.S.S." (hand-edited)
    Date: (?)
    From: Joe McCarthy
    To: Senator John McClellan
    Content: Giving evidence of Communist infiltration in the National Labor Relations Board. Urging McClellan, as the new Chairman of HUAC, investigate and prosecute those involved.
  3. "Hon. John L. McClellan, Chairman" Date: (?)
    From: Joe McCarthy
    To: John McClellan
    Content: Denouncing the National Labor Relations Board as largely Communist, and urging McClellan to order an immediate investigation.

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