Correspondence II

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Statement Submitted at Request of Temporary Subcommittee"

  2. Date: April 20, 1954
    From: McCarthy
    To: Senator Karl E. Mundt
    Content: Defending the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations against a report of wrongdoing put out by Secretary of the Army Robert Stevens and Army council John Adams. Also accusing Stevens' and Adams' report to be fallacious and deceptive.
    Attachment(s): A list of typographical corrections to be made to the above letter.
  3. "From the Office of Senator Joe McCarthy."

  4. Date: December 22, 1953
    From: McCarthy
    To: Robert T. Stevens
    Content: Assuring Secretary Stevens that he (McCarthy) has had no influence over members of his staff who have tried to intervene in behalf of David Schine. Stating his disapproval that Schine was drafted, but his intention to keep out of the affair.
  5. "Hon. A. Willis Robertson." (two copies)

  6. Date: April 23, 1954
    From: Walter L. Reynolds
    To: Senator Robertson
    Content: Acknowledging Reynolds' receipt of a letter from Robertson regarding a claim of the Richmond Packers, Inc., and the Atlas Finance Co. which was pending before the Department of Defense.
  7. "Urban P. Van Susteren."

  8. Date: October 17, 1952
    From: Urban P. Van Susteren ("Van")
    To: Tom McCormick (Secretary-Treasurer McCarthy for Senator Club)
    Content: Asking that Mr. McCormick give McCarthy a letter, which Mr. Van Susteren thinks should be used in a campaign speech.
  9. "Communist Party of Maryland and the District of Columbia" (two copies)

  10. Date: November 27, 1950
    From: Philip Frankfeld, George A. Meyers, and Roy Wood (Officers of the Communist Party in Maryland and the District of Columbia)
    To: residents of Maryland
    Content: Urging recipients to read the "enclosed" article, "Appeal to Reason", and to fight McCarthyism.
  11. "Mr. Urban P. Van Susteren."

  12. Date: October 10, 1952
    From: Mr. and Mrs. William D. Scott
    To: Mr. Urban P. Van Susteren
    Content: Thanking Mr. Van Susteren for replying to their (the Scott's) plea for help in finding information regarding their son, who they suspect is a POW in a Korean camp. Providing additional information on their plight and that of other citizens with lost sons/fathers/brothers.
  13. "Hon. Joseph McCarthy."

  14. Date: October 23, 1952
    From: George Harclaon
    To: Joe McCarthy
    Content: Congratulating McCarthy on his fight against Communism, and requesting that Republican officials take the lead in exposing the Communist threat.
  15. "Hon. Harry Truman."

  16. Date: September 3, 1948
    From: George Harclaon
    To: Harry Truman
    Content: Condemning Truman's actions and policies as disastrous to the United States.
  17. "The Blackstone- Tyler's Largest and Finest." (2 copies, 1 printed on hotel stationary with attached envelope, and one on plain paper.)

  18. Date: October 18, 1952
    From: Joe McCarthy
    To: Mr. Herman Greenspun
    Content: Accusing Mr. Greenspun of multiple crimes, including Communist affiliation.
  19. "J.B. Matthews." (two copies)

  20. Date: November 11, 1954
    From: J.B. Matthews
    To: Joe McCarthy
    Content: Listing names of members of the board of advisors of the National Committee for an Effective Congress who supposedly have Communist affiliations.
  21. "United States Senate Committee on Government Operations"

  22. Date: December 10, 1953
    From: Joe McCarthy
    To: Paul H. Hughes
    Content: Regarding the "Dhahran matter", and expressing desire to recover a correspondence between himself (McCarthy) and Hughes, which had been lost.
  23. "United States Senate Memorandum" (notes in the margin- probably by O'Melia)

  24. Date: November 22, 1953
    From: Joe McCarthy
    To: Dick O'Melia
    Content: Requesting that several tasks be performed- the language is very secretive so it's hard to give details.
  25. "United States Senate Committee on Government Operations"

  26. Date: December 1, 1953
    From: Francis P. Carr
    To: Paul H. Hughes
    Content: Urging Hughes to obtain documentation needed for the "Dhahran Project".
  27. "United States Senate- Copy"

  28. Date: May 23, 1954
    From: Joe McCarthy
    To: Senator Mundt
    Content: Regarding the dismissal of charges brought against Frank Carr by Secretary Stevens and Mr. Adams, and Mr. Carr's willingness to testify in front of the committee that vindicated him.
  29. "The Standard-Times"

  30. Date: October 23, 1952
    From: Basil Brewer
    To: Mr. Francis F. Schweinler
    Content: Regarding recent comments by Senator Henry Cabot Lodge promising that the senate filibuster (preventing civil rights legislation?) would end if he became chairman of the Rules Committee.
  31. "Guy Williams Jack Gordon"

  32. Date: (?)
    From: Jack Gordon
    To: George Oleson
    Content: Regarding a dinner being held for McCarthy. Requesting that the Senator attend the dinner following a TV speech.
  33. "United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary" (11 copies)

  34. Date: November 3, 1954
    From: Lorna Watkins (Secretary to Senator Watkins)
    To: Richard O'Melia
    Content: Regarding the use of the files of the Subcommittee on Privileges and Elections by members of the Select Committee on S. Res. 301.
  35. "Honorable Chan Gurney, Chairman." (includes a rough/hand edited copy and 3 finished copies)

  36. Date: November 26, 1954 (rough copy)/December 3, 1954 (finished copies)
    From: Joe McCarthy
    To: Chan Gurney (Chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board)
    Content: Praising the quality of service of North Central Airlines, and recommending that they receive license for a proposed route between Chicago and Sioux City.

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