Correspondence I

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Memorandum"

  2. Date(s): July 1955-February 1957.
    From: McCarthy
    To: Mr. Wannall-Printing Clerk
    Content: Twenty-two requests for printed materials to be bound. Some requests include handwritten Attachments.
  3. "Dear Dick." (Attached to the letter are two articles)

  4. Date: May 10, 1954
    From: Mrs. O (O'Melia?)
    To: Richard O'Melia
    Content: Letter asserting that one-worldism is America's biggest threat.
    Attachment #1: "For America Group."
    Date: May 7, ?
    Content: Details the formation of "For America", an organization dedicated to fighting one-worldism.
    Attachment #2: "University of Notre Dame"
    Date: April 22, 1954
    Content: Highlights a speech given by Dr. Milton Burton- head of Notre Dame's radiation research project. Dr. Burton believes secrecy in H-bomb technology to be pointless because anybody with the most rudimentary knowledge of physics could develop this technology. Dr. Burton further states that the only solution to the atomic threat is to put all nations under a single UN government and outlaw nuclear bombs.
  1. "Application for Pardon of Eugene V. Debs"- Reprint

  2. Date: December 23, 1921
    From: H.M. Daugherty (Attorney General)
    To: The President (?)
    Content: After a lengthy discussion of all the harm Debs has wrought and his present lack of remorse, the Attorney General recommends that because Debs is old, his wife's health is failing, and the espionage act which convicted him has since been repealed that Debs should be pardoned.
  3. "Bolshevist Propaganda in Washington"-Reprint

  4. Date: February 11, 1919
    From: T.W. Gregory (Attorney General)
    To: The President of the Senate
    Content: The Attorney General speaks of action he has taken against two "subversive" meetings which took place in Washington DC.
  5. "Memorandum"-Copy (two copies)

  6. Date: December 9, 1953
    From: Frank Carr
    To: McCarthy
    Content: Relaying to McCarthy what transpired in a meeting between himself (Carr) and John Adams. Carr purports that Adams is trying to use David Shine to get McCarthy's committee to stop its investigation of the Army.
  7. Memorandum-Copy (two copies)

  8. Date: December 9, 1953
    From: Roy Cohn
    To: McCarthy
    Content: Informing McCarthy that John Adams had offered to exchange information about an Air Force base housing many homosexuals for information about the next Army project to be investigated by McCarthy's committee.
  9. "Memorandum for the Chairman."

  10. Date: July 10, 1953
    From: John H. Simms- Legislative Council
    To: McCarthy
    Content: Response to questions posed by McCarthy to Simms regarding the authority of a subcommittee to give its chairman power to fire its members.
  11. "Memorandum"-Copy (two copies)

  12. Date: October 2, 1953
    From: Frank Carr
    To: McCarthy
    Content: Regarding a meeting between himself (Carr), Roy Cohn, and Secretary Stevens. Carr writes of Stevens' willingness to cooperate with the investigation, and specifically of his efforts to rescind General Lawton's order that nobody at Fort Monmouth should speak to any member of McCarthy's committee.
  13. Memorandum-Copy (two copies)

  14. Date: December 17, 1953
    From: McCarthy
    To: Roy Cohn and Frank Carr
    Content: Regarding the Army's decision to dismiss General Lawton because of his cooperation with McCarthy's investigation. McCarthy suggests that in the future they need to take steps to protect those who cooperate from such retribution.
  15. Memorandum-Copy (two copies)

  16. Date: December 21, 1953
    From: Frank Carr
    To: McCarthy
    Content: Informing McCarthy that the subcommittee has only enlisted the services of David Schine when it was necessary to subcommittee work. Carr continues that in his meetings with John Adams he (Carr) has not shown any interest in Schine's military career other than a desire to see Schine not penalized for his association with the subcommittee.
  17. "Memorandum"-Copy (two copies)

  18. Date: January 9, 1954
    From: Frank Carr
    To: Roy Cohn
    Content: Informing Cohn that he (Carr) believes John Adams will be unhelpful regarding Cohn's wish to have David Schine temporarily released from Army duty to help with a subcommittee report.
  19. Memorandum-Copy (two copies)

  20. Date: January 14, 1954
    From: Roy Cohn
    To: McCarthy
    Content: Regarding John Adams' insistence that he will fight McCarthy's investigation of the Army, and his further insistence that Cohn get him a law partnership in New York
  21. Memorandum-Copy (two copies)

  22. Date: January 15, 1954
    From: Frank Carr
    To: McCarthy
    Content: Advising McCarthy to be friendly to John Adams, and briefly discussing a mounting tensions between John Adams and Roy Cohn.
  23. Pamphlet containing reprinted memoranda

  24. Reprint of Correspondence I, #8
    Date: November 6, 1953
    To/From: Memorandum for the file/ (McCarthy?)
    Content: An account of a meeting between Secretary Stevens, McCarthy, Frank Carr, Roy Cohn, and John Adams. Stevens expresses concern regarding McCarthy's investigation into the Army, and the effect this investigation could have on his job security. Adams suggests that the Army investigation be put off and that other branches of the military be investigated instead.
    C.) Date: November 17, 1953
    To/From: Memorandum for the file/ (McCarthy?)
    Content: An account of a meeting between McCarthy and Secretary Stevens. Stevens denies and produces a transcript to the contrary of press reports stating that he denied that any espionage took place at Fort Monmouth. Stevens tries to divert the investigation into the Army to other branches of the military.
    D.) Reprint of Correspondence I, #6
    E.) Reprint of Correspondence I, #5
    F.) Reprint of Correspondence I, #9
    G.) Reprint of Correspondence I, #10
    Reprint of Correspondence I, #11
    Reprint of Correspondence I, #12
    Reprint of Correspondence I, #13
    Date: March 11, 1954
    To/From: Memorandum for the file/ Frank Carr
    Content: Regarding a meeting between McCarthy and Assistant Secretary of Defense Fred Seaton (Roy Cohn and Frank Carr were also present). McCarthy addresses a paper, prepared by John Adams' office, in which the Investigations subcommittee is accused of using pressure tactics to get preferential treatment for David Schine. McCarthy offers Seaton memoranda prepared by the committee regarding Schine in an attempt to refute this accusation.
  1. "Memorandum"

  2. Date: October 8, 1953
    From: Francis K. Flanagan
    To: McCarthy
    Content: Regarding a decision made by Secretary of Air Talbot and other Department of Defense officials to give security clearance to Leo Harvey- President of the Harvey Machine Company. Harvey had previously been denied clearance by the Industrial Security Board of the Armed Services due to some evidence of Communist sympathy. This clearance will allow Mr. Harvey's company to produce aircraft parts for the Air Force, and continue with confidential development work it has been doing for the Army.
  3. "Western Union Telegram"-Copy with handwritten note on back

  4. Date: April 15, 1954
    From: Roy Cohn
    To: Karl E. Mundt
    Content: Regarding Senator Symington's release of the full text of the Army's specifications for the forthcoming hearings against McCarthy, and the previous, partial leakage of this information to journalists.
  5. "Western Union Telegram"-Copy

  6. Date: April f15, 1954
    From: Roy Cohn
    To: Karl E. Mundt
    Content: Addressing the Army's violation of a subcommittee rule forbidding publication of either the Army's or the Investigation subcommittee's specifications for the forthcoming trial until each party has had the chance to prepare its specifications. Cohn demands an investigation of this violation before the Investigations subcommittee provides any more information to Mundt's subcommittee.
  7. "Memorandum"

  8. Date: April 30, 19?
    From: Ray ?
    To: McCarthy
    Content: Regarding an anonymous phone call in which the caller claimed to have proof that the CID was monitoring the activities of McCarthy and associates.
  9. "Western Union"

  10. Date: November 7, 1954
    From: Jim Jas L Ewing III- Monroe News-Star World
    To: McCarthy
    Content: Offering assistance of "any kind" from the News Star World.
  11. "The Burlington Hotel"

  12. Date: ?
    From: RG
    To: ?
    Content: Regarding an incident in which the Chilean Ambassador to Russia's son married a Russian woman, who was subsequently prohibited from leaving Russia when her husband and his family desired to return to Chile.
  13. "United States Senate Committee on Government Operations"-Copy

  14. Date: January 8, 1954
    From: McCarthy
    To: David V. Jennings, Jr.
    Content: In response to a letter McCarthy received from Jennings regarding the position of United States District Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin. McCarthy gives Jennings advise on how to go about applying for this position. Attached to the letter is a completed "Personnel Data-For Position in Executive Branch of Federal Government" form.

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