Oversize Committee Reports And Papers VIII

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "In the Matter of A. Bruce Hunt"
    Date: October 3, 1950
    Report by: Ellison D. Smith, Jr., National Labor Relations Board Loyalty Board
    Content: Voices a dissenting opinion against the conclusion reached by the majority of the Agency Loyalty Board that reasonable grounds do not exist to doubt the loyalty of the employee A. Bruce Hunt.

  2. "Fish Committee"
    Date: 1955 or later
    Report by: various Congressional Committees
    Content: Contains a listing of hearings and resolutions by various Congressional Committees and State Legislatures as far back as the early 1930's up until the mid-1950's.

  3. "Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government"
    Date: February 1954
    Report by: Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government
    Content: Gives a short biography of the Commission's members and reports who appointed them. Gives a break down of the Commission's various task forces.

  4. "Commission Report on Personnel and Civil Service"
    Date: February 14, 1955
    Report by: Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government
    Report for: United States Congress
    Content: Reports the findings and recommendations of the special task force designated to investigate Personnel and Civil Service with the Executive Branch of the Government.

  5. "Select List of Publications Available from the Superintendent of Documents" (two copies)
    Date: 1958 or later
    Report by: House Committee on un-American Activities
    Content: Contains a list of publications available for purchase from the House Committee on un-American Activities.

  6. "In The District Court Of The United States For The District Of Columbia"
    Date: February 2, 1948.
    Report by: Jeanette Rawls and Chloe S. MacReynolds.
    Content: National Maritime Union Of America, Joseph Curran, individually and as President of the National Maritime Union of America ; William Hill and Ray Sandberg, individually and as members of the National Maritime Union of America, Plaintiffs. Vs. Paul M Herzog, individually and as Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board; John M, Houston, James J. Reynolds, Jr., Abe Murdock, and J. Copeland Gray, individually and as members of the National Labor Relations Board, Defendants.

  7. "McCarthy"
    Date/issue: 84th, 1st
    Report by: United States Senate.
    Content: To deny military or naval retired pay and veterans' benefits in the case of individuals and the dependents of individuals, if such individuals, while members of the armed services, have refused to sign a loyalty oath or have claimed the constitutional privilege against self-incrimination when questioned with regard to Communist Party membership or other subversive affiliations or activities.

  8. "Highlights Of The Yalta Papers And Related Data"
    Date: March 1955.
    Report by: Staff of the Senate Republican Policy Committee.

  9. "Memorandum"
    Date: May 27, 1954 or later.
    Report by: (?)
    Content: Memorandum of law and precedent relative to charge that Senator McCarthy invited employees of the Executive Branch of the Government to give him classified information on Graft, corruption and espionage within the Executive Branch.

  10. "Memorandum"
    Date: (?)
    Report by: (?)
    Content: Memorandum relating to the charge that Senator McCarthy showed contempt of a Senatorial Committee.

  11. "Memorandum"
    Date: August 24, 1954
    Report No.: (?)
    Report by: (?)
    Content: Gives information on the memorandum relating to propriety of censure for offense committed against a prior Congress.

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