Committee Reports And Papers XI

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "Message from the President of the United States"
    Date: January 12, 1920
    Report By: (?)
    Content: "To the Senate: I transmit herewith a report from the Secretary of Sate, in response to the resolution adopted by the Senate on December 16 (calendar day, December 20), 1919, requesting the State Department to transmit to the Senate such information as may be available, not inconsistent with the public interest, showing the actual condition in the Ukraine with respect to the treatment of members of the Jewish race."

  2. "Shall we Have a School of Americanism?"
    Date: December 8, 1919
    Report By: Mr. Kenyon
    Content: "I am an optimist, and in what I shall say tonight there is no expression of pessimism. I have absolute faith in the American people."

  3. "Joint Committee on the Budget"
    Date: 1957
    Report By: Senate Committee on Government Operations
    Content: "Amending the legislative reorganization act of 1946 to provide for more effective evaluation of the fiscal requirements of the executive agencies of the government of the United States."

  4. "Joint Committee on the Budget"
    Date: January 18, 1954
    Report By: Senate Committee on Government Operations
    Content: "The following report summarizes briefly the activities of the Committee on Government Operations during the first session of the 83d Congress."

  5. "Legislative Calendar"
    Date: December 17, 1956
    Report By: Committee on Government Operations
    Content: Calendar, Audit Reports, Reorganization plans of 1956, Hearings, etc.

  6. "Air Coordinating Committee"
    Date: (?)
    Report By: William Neumeyer
    Content: "The Thirteenth Session of the ICAO Legal Committee will convene in Montreal in September 1960. One of the principal items on the agenda will be the draft Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air Performed by a person other than the Contract in Carrier (Hire, Charter and Interchange)."

  7. "Fort Monmouth"
    Date: (?)
    Report By: (?)
    Content: "The Subcommittee alerted the American people to the serious conditions which have existed in the Army Signal Corps for many years. It was only after our investigation had commenced that 35 individuals were suspended on security grounds from Fort Monmouth."

  8. "Confidential"
    Date: (?)
    Report By: William Pierce Rogers
    Content: "From a confidential source, it is reliably reported that William P. Rogers obtained the job as Assistant Counsel and later as Chief Counsel to the War Investigating Committee of the Senate in 1947 during the 80th Congress, through the influence of one Henry W. (The Dutchman) Grunewald, so-called Washington mystery figure and wire-puller."

  9. "William Pierce Rogers"
    Date: (?)
    Report By: (?)
    Content: "Deputy Attorney General of the U.S. since 1953"

  10. "Harley M. Kilgore"
    Date: (?)
    Report By: (?)
    Content: "Page 711 shows that Krammer received reimbursement for expenses in amount of $21.18 on June 13, 1944, incurred as consultant to the Subcommittee of the Committee on Military Affairs pursuant to resolution of the Senate adopted on December 21, 1943."

  11. "The Tydings Committee"
    Date: (?)
    Report By: (?)
    Content: "Does this sound familiar? It should for you have seen history repeat itself. You witnessed the Tydings committee. You saw Sen. Joe McCarthy, sixteen years after Dr. Wirt had been silenced, present the documentary facts that there were individuals who were either Communists or serving their cause in thigh positions in your State Department or influencing others in your Government."

  12. "Gillette-Hennings"
    Date: (?)
    Report By: (?)
    Content: "The conspirators were temporarily delayed by Fedder's confession under cross-examination that the charges against Senator McCarthy had been prepared for him by Louis Fried after the conference with Millard Tydings himself."

  13. "Watkins Committee"
    Date: (?)
    Report By: (?)
    Content: "The conspirators failed to discredit Senator McCarthy with the fraudulent charges which precipitated the Stevens-Adams-McCarthy hearings. Television carried these hearings directly into the homes of millions of Americans, and the public saw for themselves the evidence adduced which proved these charges against Senator McCarthy were without foundation."

  14. "Wirt"
    Date: (?)
    Report By: (?)
    Content: "The organized movement to silence persons who have attempted to expose Communist infiltration into our Government has long been successful. Committees have long been used by the executive branch of the government to discredit those who have tried to tell the American people about the Communist infiltration in our government."

  15. "Reductions in Fringe Benefits of Military Personnel"
    Date: (?)
    Report By: (?)
    Content: "The following is a compilation of the principle fringe benefits of military personnel which have been withdrawn or reduced since the end of World War II." Two copies.

  16. Letter
    Date: May 28, 1957
    Report By: John L. McClellan
    Content: "Attached is a copy of a proposed resolution of condolence to the members of the family of the late Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, which I propose to introduce for consideration by the committee at its executive session to be held on Wednesday morning, May 29, 1957, at 9:30 A.M." Three copies.

  17. Letter
    Date: September 17, 1956
    Report By: Walter L. Reynolds
    Content: "RE: Senate Document No. 148, A Summary - Index of Congressional Investigations of Communism and Subversive Activities."

  18. "Rule Making in Order the Consideration of S. 3317"
    Date: 1920
    Report By: The Committee on Rules: House of Representatives
    Content: "Mr. Ralston, I understand that you are to conduct the hearing on the part of the opposition to the bill. About how much time will you require, and how many persons will want to be heard?"

  19. "Legislative Calendar Eighty-third Congress"
    Date: March 8, 1954 [No.4]

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