Oversize Clippings XV

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "The Washington Post"
    Date: June 29, 1954
    Article: "Cult of the Informer"
    Content: "The new affidavits filed against the credibility of Paul Crouch in an immigration hearing give the Department of Justice extra reason to investigate thoroughly the man it is employing as a paid informer."

  2. "The Washington Post"
    Date: June 25, 1954
    Article: "19 Affidavits Offered to Attack Credibility of Paul Crouch, McCarthy Informer"
    Content: "Paul Crouch, the former Communist whom Senator Joseph R. McCarthy's chief counsel credits with starting the Senator's investigation of alleged Communist infiltration in the Army..."

  3. "The Washington Post"
    Date: March 23, 1954
    Article #1: "USIA Alters Policy in Fighting Reds"
    Content #1: "Theodore C. Streibert, director of the United States Information agency (USIA) said Monday the agency now is trying through films not to "sell" America, but to fight communism."
    Article #2: "Army Orders Officers Sign Loyalty Data"
    Content #2: "The Army disclosed Monday it has ordered all officers to sign new loyalty certificates and has put a new speedup system into effect to notify the Pentagon high command of any cases involving 'Fifth Amendment' incidents."

  4. "Chicago Sun-Times"
    Date: June 8, 1954
    Article: "Monmouth Head Denies Top Radar Experts Quitting"
    Content: Underlined: "The Atomic Scientists of Chicago said Sunday that Monmouth scientists were resigning in protest against security charges brought against some of their colleagues."

  5. "The Evening Star"
    Date: August 8, 1955
    Article: "Two More Visitors to Russia"
    Caption: "Supreme Court Justice Douglas and his bareheaded traveling companion, Robert Kennedy, counsel to the Senate Investigations subcommittee, stand under a windblown Soviet flag aboard the Russian ship Pioneer as they set out for a Caspian Sea Crossing to Baku."

  6. (?)
    Date: (?)
    Article: "As Pegler Sees It: On Matter of Contrast in Legislative Systems"
    Content: "For the solace of hypersensitive souls who shrivel because the McCarthy show is humiliating our beloved country in the eyes of the English, the French and the Russians, I can offer eye-witness testimony..."

  7. "The Washington Post"
    Date: March 23, 1954
    Article: "Radar Expert is Suspended for 2d Time"
    Content: "A radar engineer at Fr. Monmouth N.J. who was reinstated last fall after an army suspension has been suspended a second time, his attorney disclosed today."

  8. "The Evening Star"
    Date: December 30, 1954
    Article: "Army Reinstates 24 Monmouth Employees"
    Content: "The Army said last night it has reinstated all but 11 of the 35 employees at Fort Monmouth, NJ, who were suspended under loyalty board proceedings."

  9. "The Washington Post"
    Date: January 26, 1956
    Article: "Hughes Papers Fake, Says Carr"
    Content: "Francis P. Carr testified today that a letter bearing his signature and purporting to identify Paul H. Hughes as a 'top secret' investigator for the McCarthy Committee in 1953 is an 'utter, complete forgery.'"

  10. "The Washington Daily News"
    Date: May 26, 1954
    Article: "He'll Never Face Any Thing Like that Again"
    Content: "Nathan M. Pusey, youthful-looking president of 354-year-old Harvard University, wore an unhappy expression when he arose to answer questions at a crowded National Press Club luncheon yesterday."

  11. (?)
    Date: (?)
    Article: "Question of Conflicting Loyalties"
    Content: "Out of the welter of debatable questions brought to the fore by the Mcarthy-Army imbroglio, I select one for consideration." "This is it, Dick!" handwritten.

  12. "Washington Times"
    Date: March 23, 1954
    Article: "All Army Officers Must Sign New Loyalty Oaths"
    Content: "Army Secretary Robert T. Stevens has ordered all Army officers to sign new loyalty affidavits."

  13. (?)
    Date: August 15
    Article: "Charges 'Featherbedding' in Navy's Pay System"
    Content: "Featherbedding pay practices of the navy are under fire from Controller General Joseph Campbell, and the navy is defending them, the Tribune was informed today.

  14. "The Washington Post"
    Date: January 19, 1956
    Article: "Data is Aired at Hughes Trial
    Content: "Photostatic copies of a mass of documents the Government claims Paul H. Hughes falsified and represented as coming from records of the McCarthy Senate Investigating Subcommittee in 1953-54 were introduced as evidence today in Hughes' perjury trial."

  15. (?)
    Date: January 23
    Article: "Friendly Relates Story at Hughes N.Y. Trial"
    Content: "The Justice Department was notified to stand by on Aug. 9, 1954, for possible explosive developments on Paul H. Hughes' stories of alleged misdeeds by Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R-Wis.), a Federal court jury was told today."

  16. (?)
    Date: May 26
    Article: "Bunche Quizzed on Loyalty"
    Content: "Ralph J. Bunche, principal director of the United Nations Trusteeship Department, was questioned in secret for almost 12 hours yesterday by a U.S. Government loyalty board."

  17. "The Washington Post"
    Date: December
    Article: "O'Connor's Contempt Conviction is Reversed"
    Content: "The United States Court of Appeals reversed the contempt of Congress conviction of Harvey O'Connor, famed biographer of American millionaires, yesterday."

  18. "New York Journal-American"
    Date: May 25, 1954
    Article: "Bunche Quizzed by Loyalty Board"
    Content: "Dr. Ralph J. Bunche, principal director of the United Nations Department of Trusteeship, today appeared before a Government loyalty board here."

  19. "Chicago Daily News"
    Date: May 20, 1954
    Article: "Army-McCarthy Brawl A Tragic Waste of Time"
    Content: "President Eisenhower is understandable impatient over the protracted Army-McCarthy hearings."

  20. (?)
    Date: (?)
    Article: "What's Behind the Iron Curtain?"
    Content: "The woman's voice was anxious, troubled. 'I'm calling from Wakefield's,' she said. 'I am terribly upset by what has happened in the McCarthy hearings."

  21. (?)
    Date: January 17
    Article: "Hughes Called Plotter of 'Fantastic' Scheme"
    Content: "The plan of Paul H. Hughes to sell anti-McCarthy material to enemies of the Wisconsin Senator today was called 'one of the most fantastic schemes to make money in all the annals of moderns political intrigues."

  22. "The Evening Star"
    Date: January 23, 1956
    Article: "McCarthy Bid to Appear in Hughes Perjury Trial"
    Content: "Senator McCarthy, Republican of Wisconsin, has been asked to testify today or tomorrow at the perjury trial of Paul H. Hughes, a private investigator accused of purveying false information about the subcommittee formerly headed by the Senator."

  23. "The Washington Post"
    Date: January 20, 1956
    Article: "ADA Head Denies He Knew Data Offered by Hughes Was Fictitious"
    Content: "Joseph L. Rauh Jr. flatly denied today in Federal District Court that he knew material submitted to him by Paul H. Hughes about purported illegal activities of the McCarthy Senate Investigating Subcommittee was fictitious."

  24. "The Philadelphia Inquirer"
    Date: May 29, 1956
    Article: "McCarthy: One of Eisenhower's Major Decisions"
    Content: "So deeply has Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R., Wis.) fallen into political oblivion that it is easy to forget how much trouble and embarrassment he caused President Eisenhower in the first two years of his Administration."

  25. (?)
    Date: January 24
    Article: "Reporter Tells of Check Made on Hughes Data"
    Content: "Details of an intensive search for so-called 'witnesses' named by Paul H. Hughes in his story of alleged illegal acts by staff investigators for Joseph R. McCarthy in 1953-54 were outlined in Federal District Court today."

  26. "Washington Daily News"
    Date: January 4, 1957
    Article: "A Different McCarthy is Back
    Content: "Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R., Wis.) took his seat in the 85th Congress yesterday, a pale, thin version of the man whose stormy hunts for communists rocked the nation a few years ago."

  27. "Washington Daily News"
    Date: January 25, 1956
    Article: "Hail, The Conqueror!"
    Content: "Sen. Joe McCarthy hasn't figured very prominently in the news lately, either pro or con, but he looked like everything was under control last night, taking his wife to the premier of a new movie."

  28. "Washington Daily News"
    Date: January 26, 1956
    Article: "Messenger of Peace?"
    Content: "The White House says Soviet Ambassador Zarubin delivered a 'friendly letter' from Premier Bulganin to President Eisenhower on the general subject of peace."

  29. "Newark Evening News"
    Date: November 4, 1954
    Article: "Here's My View: McCarthy Seen as Unique Figure Who Outlived His Welcome"
    Content: "In the shadow of the 84th Congress, the Senate of the 83rd meets next week to debate censure of Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy. Censure appears probable but not certain."

  30. "Washington Daily News"
    Date: July 12, 1955
    Article: "Mrs. Roosevelt: Dulles"
    Content: "Secretary Dulles has told Congress that he feels the Soviet Union 'is over-extended at the present time,' particularly in its economic commitments."

  31. (?)
    Date: September 23, 1953
    Article: "Bid to Recapture Foreign Markets: India Exports Wheat Flour To Burma & Persian Gulf"
    Content: "India has begun exporting wheat flour for the first time in 12 years." Two copies.

  32. "Washington Post"
    Date: January 25, 1956
    Article: "Reporter Tells of Check Made on Hughes Data"
    Content: "Details of an intensive search for so-called 'witnesses' named by Paul H. Hughes in his story of alleged illegal acts by staff investigators for Joseph R. McCarthy in 1953-54 were outlined in Federal District Court today."

  33. "New York Times"
    Date: January 25, 1956
    Article: "Hughes Defense Charges Politics"
    Content: "Counsel for Paul H. Hughes stressed yesterday the view that the Washington private investigator's perjury trial was obscured by political motivations."

  34. "New York Herald - Tribune"
    Date: May 25, 1954
    Article: "Benton Calls for Drive to Force McCarthy Out"
    Content: "Former Sen. William H. Benton, D., Conn., called last night for a three-pronged offensive to drive Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy from public life as 'an intellectual fraud operating in a moral vacuum.'"

  35. "Washington Daily News"
    Date: December 31, 1954
    Article: "Ike Will Ask Hike in Minimum Wage"
    Content: "President Eisenhower will recommend in his State of the Union message to Congress on Jan. 6 that the national minimum wage be increased from 75 cents to 90 cents an hour."

  36. "New York Times"
    Date: May 21, 1954
    Article: "Benton Attacks M'Carthy Finance"
    Content: "Former Senator William Benton of Connecticut last night criticized Attorney General Herbert Brownell Jr. and Commissioner of Internal Revenue T. Coleman Andrews for not prosecuting Senator Joseph R. McCarthy for his 'strange financial transactions.'"

  37. "Washington Daily News"
    Date: December 31, 1954
    Article: "AF Won't Try Colonel Believed Involved in Helping Red Girl Spy
    Content: Content on Page 3 (missing)

  38. "Evening Star"
    Date: December 31, 1954
    Article: "Cold War and Prosperity"
    Content: "This is the moment when forecasting the business outlook for the new year is customary, and the usual analyses based on expectations of sales based on expectations of sales and demand are issued with a good deal of optimism."

  39. "Evening Star"
    Date: November 2, 1955
    Article: "Lawyers Guild Seeking Test of Subversive List"
    Content: "The National Lawyers' Guild, recalling it was established in 1937 'under distinguishing auspices,' wants the Supreme Court to strike down the Federal loyalty program provision under which Attorney General Brownell sought to list the attorneys' association as subversive."

  40. Two large folders from Senator Joe McCarthy (United States Senate) with "Odd Newspaper Clippings" and "Newspaper Clippings" handwritten on them. Both are empty.

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