Oversize Clippings XIV

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. (?)
    Date: October 27, 1952
    Article: "Softness Toward Communism"
    Content: "Many Democrats, including Adlai Stevenson, are extremely touchy -- and no wonder -- about the charge of 'softness toward Communism.' "

  2. "Washington Post"
    Date: October 17, 1956
    Article: "Investigating Powers"
    Content: "In consenting to review the conviction of John T. Watkins for contempt of Congress, the Supreme Court has indicated once again the lively concern it feels regarding some aspects of the congressional investigating power."

  3. "The Washington Daily News"
    Date: June 8, 1957
    Article: "The Girard Case"
    Content: "Japanese Prime Minister Kishi put the Girard case into somewhat larger perspective when he said powerful left-wing parties in his country were using the issue in an effort to drive a wedge between Japan and the United States."

  4. "The Washington Daily News"
    Date: April 9, 1954
    Article #1: "Oil Slick Seen; May be Airliner"
    Content #1: "A U.S. Navy pilot spotted an oil slick 40 miles south of the Isle of Capri early today where a British Comet jet airliner was believed to have exploded with 21 persons aboard, three of them Americans."
    Article #2: Anti-McCarthy Column: Murder Incitement Charged
    Content #2: Herman M. (Hank) Greenspun, publisher of the Las Vegas Sun, said he would surrender here today to a Federal grand jury indictment accusing him of sending through the mails material 'tending to incite murder or assassination' of Sen. Joseph McCarthy."

  5. "Washington Daily News"
    Date: June 8, 1957
    Article: "Wiretap Called 'McCarthyism': London Press Blasts 'Yard'"
    Content: "Britain's press charged today that Scotland Yard wire tapping smacks of Iron Curtain police tactics and American 'McCarthyism.'"

  6. "The Star"
    Date: (?)
    Article: "White House Guest List Omit Senator and Mrs. McCarthy"
    Content: "The names of Senator and Mrs. McCarthy were missing from guest lists for two White House diners this week to which every other congressional committee chairman and ranking Republican member was invited."

  7. "Monroe (LA) Morning World"
    Date: July 26, 1954
    Article: "More on Senator Flanders an Interesting Background"
    Content: "Senator Ralph Flanders of Vermont, the acknowledged 'Republican' leader in the 'Advance' led flight against Senator McCarthy has a background which of necessity, must bear investigation."

  8. "Daily News"
    Date: March 16, 1954
    Article: "GOP Better Clear this Up -- Fast"
    Content: "The McCarthy-Stevens-Cohn-Schine hullabaloo looks more and more dangerous, we think, to the future of the Republican Party."

  9. "Monroe (LA) Morning World"
    Date: July 11, 1954
    Article: "What is S.J. Resolution 87?"
    Content: "Last year, there appeared in the Senate, a resolution proposing an amendment to the United States Constitution. It was sponsored (by request) by Senator Ralph Flanders.

  10. "Monroe (LA) News-Star"
    Date: July 29, 1954
    Article: "Senator Flanders' Deal
    Content: "Senator Ralph Flanders of Vermont has, (for the time) given up his attempts to throw Senator McCarthy out of the Senate. Instead, he is attempting now to put a 'vote of censure' across the Senate floor."

  11. "The Sunday Star"
    Date: August 8, 1954
    Article: "Review of The Week: McCarthy Issue Stalls Congress"
    Content: "Six good men and true to probe censure as senate labors; end not yet in sight: Already one week past its hoped-for adjournment, Congress plodded on through the legislative calendars, no certain closing date in sight."

  12. "The Evening Star"
    Date: January 19, 1956
    Article: "Why all Brink-of-War Ballyhoo?"
    Content: "As a collary to Secretary Dulles' intended indiscretions in an article in Life magazine, the question is being asked now by the supporters of the Secretary of State: 'Why not broadcast to the world that we are determined to fight whenever necessary for the preservation of peace and freedom? Why all this ballyhoo about the bad reactions of Mr. Dulles' revelation among our Western European allies and providing the Communist propagandists with fresh anti-American material?"

  13. "The Washington Post"
    Date: January 2, 1955
    Article: "Chief of U.N. Sees Premier in Paris Stop"
    Content: "United Nations Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold, on his way to seek the release of Americans jailed in Red China, stopped off for a one-hour secret conference today with Premier Pierre Mendes-France."

  14. "The New York Times"
    Date: March 19, 1954
    Article: "Texts of Statements on Reds in the Services by Wilson, Stevens, Radford and Ridgway"
    Content: "Following are the texts of statements before the Senate Armed Services Committee today by Charles E. Wilson, Secretary of Defense; Robert T. Stevens, Secretary of the Army; Adm. Arthur W. Radford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and Gen. Mathews B. Ridgway, Army Chief of Staff:"

  15. "New York Journal American"
    Date: April 8, 1954
    Article: "As Pegler Sees It: More About Activities of Lovestone and Brown"
    Content: "There is a nasty mystery in the Eisenhower Administration's connivance with a cabal of old-time Trotsky Communists led by Jay Lovestone and an upstart meddler in our international affairs named Irving Brown.

  16. "The Washington Post"
    Date: March 11, 1954
    Article: "Ike Lauds Blast at McCarthy: Flanders' Talk Cited as a Service to the GOP"
    Content: "Senator Joseph R. McCarthy (R-Wis) yesterday tangled with two fellow Senators during a Senate Investigating Subcommittee hearing which produced a charged that the scientist Dr. Albert Einstein once aided a Communist-front group."

  17. "Social Justice"
    Date: November 6, 1939
    Article: "Do Communists Control New York City Schools?"
    Content: "Inquiry shows extent of leftist influence in education policy New York - Communistic Jews control the policies of New York City schools! In case you doubt that, w suggest that you follow the revealing new series of disclosures now running in Social Justice magazine."

  18. "Daily Worker"
    Date: July 26, 1954
    Article: "All Senators Urged to Meet 'McCarthy Issue Squarly'"
    Content: "Twenty-three prominent citizens have urged all Senators regardless of party to vote for the Flanders resolution to censure Senator Joseph R. McCarthy for abuse of his position. The resolution by Senator Ralph E. Flanders, Vermont Republican, is scheduled to come to a vote on July 30" Paul C. Hoffman's name is underlined in red and circled.

  19. (?)
    Date: (?)
    Article: "As Pegler Sees It: The N.Y. Times Article Lauding Oppenheimer"
    Content: "Less than a year ago, on June 21, 1953, the Sunday magazine of the New York Times ran a story of more than two pages with three photographic illustrations glorifying Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, director of the Institute for advanced Study at Princeton, N. J. "The great 'authority' on super-bombs."

  20. "New York Post"
    Date: March 21, 1954
    Article: "Dear Reader - by Dorothy Schiff"
    Content: "At his press conference on Wednesday President Eisenhower repeated what he has said before -- that he has been trying to get attention away from petty quarrels in the government and put the emphasis on the administration's legislative program."

  21. (?)
    Date: March 15
    Article: "Kennan Seeks House Seat in Three-way Fight
    Content: "George F. Kennan, former United States ambassador to Russia, has jumped into a three-way fight for the Democratic congressional nomination form Pennsylvania's 19th district."

  22. (?)
    Date: (?)
    Article: "Three Years to Panama"
    Content: Underlined in blue is "This is a way in which Congress can give concrete meaning to its expressions of good will about Latin America."

  23. "The Washington Daily News"
    Date: March 1, 1955
    Article: "Pegler"
    Content: "In the disclosures of grand corruption of union 'welfare' funds, the names of the actual insurance companies have appeared only rarely."

  24. (?)
    Date: June 2, 1954
    Article: "Mr. Lodge Needs Advice
    Content: "One of the silliest news items to have graced the press of the world in a long time appeared yesterday."

  25. "The Evening Star"
    Date: February 28, 1955
    Article: "CARE Will Export Books to Fight Soviet Propaganda"
    Content: "CARE, which has been exporting American food, clothing and tools to other nations of the free world, now will try to export an 'understanding of the American way of life' by books."

  26. (?)
    Date: (?)
    Article: "The GI's Beezer"
    Content: "Maj. Gen. Arthur R. Wilson allegedly posted a $100 offer for the first non-com who would punch Pvt. David Schine in the nose."

  27. (?)
    Date: (?)
    Article: "'Cleared' on Tax Returns, McCarthy Asks 'Apology'"
    Content: "Senator Joseph R. McCarthy (R-Wis) yesterday said the Government has given him a completely clean bill of health in connection with disputed tax returns for the 1946-1952 period."

  28. (?)
    Date: (?)
    Article: "As Pegler Sees It: When Admiral Called Army Officer a Traitor"
    Content: "In July, 1943, the FBI made a report to Maj. Gen. George V. Strong, chief of Army Intelligence and Assistant Chief of Staff to Gen. George Marshall, in which an American Admiral was quoted as having said to an American Army officer of high rank in Moscow."

  29. "The New York Times"
    Date: May 11, 1955
    Article: "W.R. Grace Names Wilson Chairman"
    Content: Underlined sections: "W.R. Grace & Co."; "His mother was born on a company store ship off the Chincha Islands near near the coast of Peru."; "As resident manager in charge of Grace's extensive interests in Peru, he lived for eight years in Lima."

  30. "New York Post"
    Date: January 5, 1953
    Article: "The McCarthy Scandal"
    Content: "More arrogantly than ever before, Joe McCarthy strode Saturday to his accustomed Senate seat. He acted like a man who knows he has beaten the rap."

  31. "The Evening Star"
    Date: April 9, 1954
    Article #1: "General Offers $100 to First Noncom Who Socks Schine"
    Content #1: "A retired United States major general said today he has offered a reward of $100 to the 'first noncom who socks' Pvt. Schine in the nose."
    Article #2: "Publisher Indicted on Article Discussing McCarthy's Death"
    Content #2: "A Federal grand jury has indicted Publisher H. M. Greenspun of the Las Vegas Morning Sun on a charge of mailing copies of his newspaper containing an article on Senator McCarthy, Republican, of Wisconsin, which tended to 'incite murder or assassination.'"

  32. "New York Journal-American"
    Date: April 15, 1954
    Article: "Aussie Spies"
    Content: "A Communist spy network has been exposed in Australia in a mass of documents handed to authorities by Vladimir Petroff, Third Secretary of the Soviet Embassy, when he sought and was granted asylum by the Australian government."

  33. "The Americas Daily"
    Date: April 19, 1955
    Article: "Many Arrests Made in the Wake of Abortive Revolt in Bolivia"
    Content: Underlined sections: "La Paz. (UP)"; "...consistent of an attempt against the life of Paz Estenssoro and his principal collaborators."; "The purpose of the conspiracies was the assassination of Paz Estenssoro and his associates."; "The declarations of those arrested show that the conspirators received generous aid from the nationalized mining interests, specially Aramayo and Hotschild, and that the money was to be used to purchase arms, bribe the military and the police and to purchase underground radios transmitters."; "The conspirators had various revolutionary committees, including one in Chile."

  34. (?)
    Date: (?)
    Article: "M'Carthy Target of New Charges"
    Content: "Altogether, the Army listed 29 points in its documents, condensing most of the charges made in a 34-page report in March and adding the 10 new ones."

  35. (?)
    Date: (?)
    Article: "Strategic News Leak"
    Content: "Washington: Nothing could more perfectly illustrate the atmosphere in which one of the greatest debates of the century has been conducted - on the Communist threat to American freedom - Than the difference in treatment that has been accorded Sen. McCarthy, and Dr. Oppenheimer."

  36. (?)
    Date: (?)
    Article: "The New Historic Era--Marxism"
    Content: "Jonathan P. Mitchell, formerly associated with 'The New Republic,' when testifying before the Jenner Committee concerning his conversations with Harry Dexter White, brought out an interesting concept that seems to be prevalent among many persons not only in the United States but in other countries."

  37. "New York Journal American"
    Date: April 15, 1954
    Article: "Me, Too 'McCarthyism'"
    Content: "One trouble with the Republican Party in Congress - in fact, its major trouble - is the failure of some of its members to perform as Republicans."

  38. "The Washington Post"
    Date: October 20, 1952
    Article: "Attacking 'Commies' Has a Point"
    Content: "It is an axiom of military strategy that the best defense is to attack. But in political strategy it looks as if the best defense against income tax investigation is to charge that the Government is full of Communists." Four copies.

  39. "The Washington Post"
    Date: February 21, 1955
    Article: "Lesson George Washington Taught"
    Content: "Dear Drew: Tomorrow I expect that if California is like other states you won't have to go to school and can have a good time with that new airplane we flew with the rubber-band motor just before I left you.

  40. "Asahi Evening News"
    Date: October 23, 1954
    Article: "Hongkong Firms Back Wilson's Blast at U.S."
    Content: "The declaration made yesterday in the British House of Commons by former Labor President of the Board of Trade Harold Wilson accusing the American Consulate of threatening sanctions against British firms and businessmen who traded with Communist China caused no surprise in business circles in the British colony today."

  41. "New York Post"
    Date: June 6, 1954
    Article: "The Price of McCarthyism"
    Content: "What has Joe McCarthy cost our country? Part of the answer is suggested in Theodore Kaghan's article in this newspaper today. In a time when McCarthy and his lads are boasting of so many imaginary achievements, it is well to be reminded of the celebrated Cohn-Schine expedition to Europe that disgraced and dishonored America."

  42. "The New York Times"
    Date: April 14, 1955
    Article: "Prices of Copper Slump in London"
    Content: Underlined in blue: "Prompt-delivery copper on the London Metal Exchange has dropped nearly four cents a pound since the end of March - a trend ascribed by some dealers to a recent strike settlement in the big copper mines of Chile."

  43. "The New York Times"
    Date: April 11, 1955
    Article: "Chile's Great Nitrate Industry Needs Funds to Avert Collapse"
    Content: "the Chilean nitrate industry, like the copper industry, is reaching the end of a road.

  44. "New York Times"
    Date: June 7, 1954
    Article: "Foreign Students Centering on U.S."
    Content: "The United States has become the world's of learning for foreign students. A record 35,000 students from all of the free nations are attending 1,500 American colleges and universities."

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