Richard J. O'Melia Collection: Oversize Clippings II

  1. "Revolution"-Reprint

  2. Date: March 29, 1937
    Author: George E. Sokolsky
    Published in: The New York Herald Tribune
    Content: Discussing the conceptual fallacies at the heart of any political or social revolution. Demonstrating these fallacies.
  3. "As We See It: McCarthy Backed"-Copy (4 copies)

  4. Date: July 20, 1955
    Author: (?)
    Published in: The Milwaukee Sentinel
    Content: Stating that McCarthy was "vindicated" by the final report of the Senate Investigations Subcommittee, which reprimanded the Army for its conduct before and during the Peress case.
  5. "Chicago Daily Tribune"-Front page-Copy (10 copies)

  6. Date: July 24, 1954
    Article #1: "Hear Stevens, Adams Are on Way Out"
    Author: Walter Trohan
    Content: Regarding Stevens' imminent departure from his position as Army Secretary and his "face saving" new position as ambassador (possibly to Portugal). Also reporting the expected departure of John Adams from his position with the Army.
    Article #2-partial: "McCarthy Answers Lobby's New Attack."
    Content: Regarding the "anti-McCarthy lobby", and Senator Flanders' proposition to cite McCarthy for conduct unbecoming a Senator.
  7. "Chicago Daily Tribune"-Front page-Copy (10 copies)

  8. Date: July 23, 1954
    Article #1-partial: "Wealthy Group Exerts Pressure on Senators"
    Author: Willard Edwards
    Content: Regarding a wealthy group of men lobbying for the Flanders proposition. Also reporting on the involvement of the National Committee for an Effective Congress in the anti-McCarthy movement.
    Article #2: "Agree to Call Asian Parley to Balk Reds"
    Content: Regarding a conference being planned in which nations of the east and west would form an alliance to combat further Communist aggression.