Richard J. O'Melia Collection: Oversize Clippings I

  1. Series of articles pertaining to the suicide of Canadian Ambassador E. Herbert Norman

  2. Article #1: "Irish Ties Hurt by Norman Case"
    Date: April 19, 1957
    Author: Drew Pearson
    Published in: The Washington Post and Times Herald
    Content: Discussing the possible political repercussions of the United States' release of
    "embarrassing" information about Norman. Both Canada and Ireland are unhappy and taking action.
    Article #2: "Pearson Says Norman Was Never Risk"
    Date: April 18, 1957
    Author: (?)
    Published in: The Washington Post and Times Herald
    Content: Discussing Canadian Foreign Secretary Lester B. Pearson's stance that Norman had no
    Communist affiliation, and that he had never posed a security risk. Continuing article- "Norman
    Suicide Notes Silent on Motivation" - gives text of suicide notes from Norman to both his wife and
    his best friend.
    Article #3: "Ex-Red Courier Says He Originated Charges Against Norman in 1940"
    Date: April 19, 1957
    Author: Warren Unna
    Published in: The Washington Post and Times Herald
    Content: Regarding the admission of former Canadian Communist courier, Pat Walsh, that he was
    the one to first accuse Norman of being a Communist.
    Article #4: "These Days"
    Date: (?)
    Author: George E. Sokolsky
    Published in: (?)
    Content: Questioning Lester Person's motives and good judgment in jeopardizing
    American/Canadian friendship over the suicide of Herbert Norman.
  3. "The Bridgeport Telegram"-Front Page

  4. Date: October 28, 1952
    Article #1: "McCarthy Flays Adlai."
    Content: Detailing a speech made by McCarthy in which McCarthy accuses Democratic Presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson of having Communist sympathies, and of employing advisers with Communist sympathies.
    Article #2: "Nominee is given Big Ovation."
    Detailing several campaign speeches made by Adlai Stevenson in which Stevenson accuses Republican candidate Eisenhower of playing politics in the Korean War, and of using McCarthy as a campaign weapon. Stevenson also praises Senator William Benton, and endorses him for reelection.
    Article #3: "Stevenson Just Misses Collapse."
    Content: Reporting on an incident in which a platform on which Adlai Stevenson was to give a speech collapsed. Stevenson was not on the platform, but other notables (Senator William Benton, Humphrey Bogart, and Lauren Bacall) were. This article and its corresponding photograph have been hand-circled with red pencil.
  5. "Lets look at the Record"-Copy (6 copies)

  6. Date: June 14, 1954
    Author: (?)
    Published in: The Daily Times- Mamaroneck, NY
    Content: Urging people not to rely on slander or rumors when forming an opinion of McCarthy, but to go to the source and look at the facts.
  7. "Will the Kohler Boycott Succeed"-Reprint

  8. Date: October 1956
    Author: (?)
    Published in: The Journal of Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning
    Content: Reporting on the background and present status of the UAW's boycott of the Kohler Company. Focusing on the violent and often illegal tactics of the UAW, and stating that the boycott has not and will not work, because company management/private enterprise is central to the "American way."
  9. "Capitol Circus"-Copy

  10. Date: August 8, 1950
    Author: Ruth Montgomery
    Published in: The Daily News
    Content: Accusing WQQW, a radio station in Washington DC, of being founded and financed by Communists.
  11. Address of His eminence at Belgian Conference"-Reprint

  12. Date: October 31, 1953
    Author (Speaker): Francis Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of New York
    Published in: The Catholic News
    Content: Printing the text of the speech- "America, grateful child of Europe." In his speech, the Archbishop defends America and American policy, specifically in regards to the Rosenburg trial.
  13. "As Kohler Comes to Spartanburg"-Reprints

  14. Date: April 5, 1956
    Author: The Kohler Company
    Published in: The Sheboygan Press (originally published in the newspapers of Spartanburg, South Carolina)
    Content: Reprinting a series of eight messages from the Kohler Company to the people of Spartanburg in which Kohler defends itself against attacks made by the UAW.
  15. "A Yaleman and a Communist"

  16. Date: November, 1943
    Author: (?)
    Published in: Fortune
    Content: Discussing the coming together of Stuart Symington (President of Emerson Electric Co.) and William Sentner (Communist head of Emerson's labor union) for the good of the Company.

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