Richard J. O'Melia Collection: Clippings III

  1. "Final Appeals in Hughs Trial Set for Today"
    Date: 1956
    Author: (?)
    Published in: (?)
    Content: Reports the progress of the trial of Paul H. Hughs, a former army investigator who is on trial for his involvement in a plot to smear Joseph McCarthy by falsely presenting himself as one of McCarthy's accredited investigators and by presenting fictitious material as if it were true. Hughs claims that Clayton Fitchey, deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and Joseph L. Rauh Jr., were also involved in the plot.

  2. "Hush-Hush Huddles" (letter to the editor)
    Date: before election day 1956
    Author: Vic the Vet
    Published in: (?)
    Content: Criticizes Lodge and other "Ike pets" for holding a secret caucus on Joseph McCarthy's fight against Communism.

  3. "Know Your Enemy"
    Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Published in: (?)
    Content: Encourages Americans to order a copy of a pamphlet called "The Communist Party of the United States of America - What It is, How It Works - A Handbook for Americans." Claims that this pamphlet accurately describes the goals and methods of conspiracy employed by the American Communist Party.

  4. "Sen. McCarthy Still Doesn't Trust Reds"
    Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Published in: (?); reprinted from "The Tidings," Los Angeles, Cal., Archdiocesan Weekly
    Content: Praises McCarthy's fight against Communism while questioning his methods. Criticizes Eisenhower's decision to participate in the Big Four summit talks.

  5. "McCormack Resolution: Was GOP Outsmarted?"
    Date: (?)
    Author: George Rothwell Brown
    Published in: (?)
    Content: Claims that the Republican Party has hurt its chances for success in the next national election, because Republicans in Congress refused to support McCarthy's proposed resolution concerning the Big four conference in Geneva, but did support another similar resolution proposed by McCormack, a Democrat from Massachusetts.

  6. "Trial by Jury: Extension of Remarks of Hon. Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin in the Senate of the United States"
    Date: July 11, 1955
    Author: Joseph McCarthy
    Published in: Appendix of the Congressional Record
    Content: Contains an article called "Hardly Judicial" by Peter G. Smith and David T. Boltz, which points out alleged misconduct in the proceedings of McCarthy censure trial and was added to the Congressional Index at McCarthy's request.

  7. "Censure of 5 Colleges Asked in Loyalty Firings"
    Date: March 22, 1956
    Author: (?)
    Published in: The Washington Post and Times Herald
    Content: Reports that a special committee of the American Association of University Professors recommended that five college and university administrations be censured for firing or suspending faculty members in civil rights controversies. Institutions involved include University of California, Ohio State University, Rutgers University (New Brunswick, N.J.), Temple University (Philadelphia), and Jefferson Medical College (also Philadelphia). The committee also recommended that several other institutions, including University of Chicago, Cornell University (Ithaca, N.Y.), Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Sarah Lawrence College (Bronxville, NY), be commended for standing by faculty under accusations of Communist affiliations.

  8. "A.D.A. Asks End of Fund Inquiry"
    Date: June 13, 1954
    Author: (?)
    Published in: New York ----
    Content: Reports that the national board of Americans for Democratic Action (A.D.A.) urged the House of Representatives to disband a special House committee, which was headed by B. Carroll Reece and created to investigate tax-exempt foundations, on the grounds that the committee had incompetently run its proceedings.

  9. "In the Editor's Mailbox"
    Date: July 16
    Author: Chapin Arms, M. Smith, Mrs. Robert Selig, C.N.J.
    Published in: Daily News
    Content: Contains various letters to the editor, most supporting McCarthy's rebuke of CBS and Ed Murrow.

  10. "God have mercy..."
    Date: 1955
    Author: (?)
    Published in: (?)
    Content: Political cartoon commenting on the U.S. government's handling of the infiltration of Communists into American society.

  11. "Walter Hits ADA Critic, Denies 'Bullying' Judges"
    Date: March 20, 1956
    Author: (?)
    Published in: The Evening Star
    Content: Reports the House Representative Walter's denial of charges spoken by Edward D. Hollander that he attempted to bully judges by criticizing their handling of the case of John T. Watkins.

  12. "68 Cases of Espionage Studied, Tomkins Says"
    Date: March 20, 1956
    Author: L. Edgar Prina
    Published in: The Evening Star
    Content: Reports the announcement of Assistant Attorney General William F. Tomkins that sixty-eight espionage cases are under investigation of the Justice Department.

  13. "Joe Gets the Chair"
    Date: (?)
    Author: Fred Othman
    Published in: (?)
    Content: Relates the story of Senator McCarthy's accusation in the Senate that some Democratic Senators were not sincere in their premise to fight Communism and of the tumult that followed on the Senate floor.

  14. "New York Confidential" (photocopy, attached is a card which reads "Compliments of Eugene W. Castle")
    Date: August 4, 1955
    Author: Lee Mortimer
    Published in: Daily Mirror
    Content: Highlighted is a snippet which reports how Eugene Castle's book Billions, Blunders, and Baloney , which opposes foreign aid, became a best seller and influenced Senator Allen J. Ellender to oppose a foreign aid bill in the Senate.

  15. "Author Agrees: Food Better than Propaganda" (photocopy, written as a letter to the editor, attached is a card which reads "Compliments of Eugene W. Castle")
    Date: August 6, 1955
    Author: Eugene W. Castle
    Published in: The Tablet
    Content: Commends The Tablet for reporting the observations of Bishop Leonard G. Raymond that American tax money for foreign aid would be better spent of food for needy countries than for propaganda produced by the U.S.I.A.

  16. "Did We Do Wrong by Oppenheimer?"
    Date: March 1958
    Author: Edward Linn
    Published in: Saga
    Content: In light of the recent Soviet launching of two satellites into space, this article examines the United States' treatment of scientist Robert J. Oppenheimer and determines that the US may be scarring off scientists from working for the government.

  17. "West Germany: Dr. John Goes East"
    Date: August 2, 1954
    Author: (?)
    Published in: Newsweek
    Content: Relates the story of the defection of Otto John, the chief of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in West Germany, to East Germany, and discusses the ramifications of his defection for the fight against Communism.

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