Richard J. O'Melia Collection: Clippings I

Richard J. O'Melia Collection

  1. "McCarthy Heckler Explains in Court"

  2. Date: October 28, 19?
    Author: (?)
    Published in: (?)
    Content: Responding to an incident in which Dale Pontius heckled McCarthy as he (McCarthy) was giving a speech.
  3. "Where I Stand"

  4. Date: October 13, 1952
    Author: (?)
    Published in: The Las Vegas Sun
    Content: Questioning McCarthy's War record and his influence on America's fight against Communism. Portraying McCarthy as a vicious demagogue.
  5. "Eric Ridder Named J of C Publisher"

  6. Date: March 28, 1956
    Author: (?)
    Published in: (?)
    Content: Reporting that Eric Ridder has been named publisher of the New York Journal of Commerce. Attached to the clipping is a letter from James McGoldrick to Richard O'Melia. O'Melia was a Marine Corps "buddy" of Ridder.
  7. "IFC has Big Hopes for Future"

  8. Date: (?)
    Author: Peter Edison
    Published in: (?)
    Content: Discussing the International Finance Corporation- focusing on its budget and its plans for the future.
  9. "Dave Beck Faces Repercussions"

  10. Date: (?)
    Author: David Lawrence
    Published in: (?)
    Content: Regarding the head of the Teamsters Union, Dave Beck's, use of the 5 th amendment. Stating that the 5 th amendment may serve as a legal haven for Beck, but that the common labor union member should and will demand the truth.
  11. "McCarthy's Attack on Adlai Greeted by Mixed Reaction"

  12. Date: October 29, 1952
    Author: (?)
    Published in: The Bridgeport Telegram
    Content: Discussing the reactions of both McCarthy and (Adlai) Stevenson supporters on McCarthy's public attack on Stevenson at a televised dinner in Chicago.
  13. "Navy Admits 60-Year Burger Supply."

  14. Date: May 11, 1955
    Author: Warren Unna
    Published in: The Washington Times Herald
    Content: Disclosing the Navy's hoarding of a 60-year supply of canned hamburger plus a gallon of catsup for each pound of this meat. Reporting charges of waste brought against the navy by the House Committee on Government Operations, and the Hoover Commission.
  15. "The Threat to Our Security"-Copy

  16. Date: (?)
    Author: (?)
    Published in: The Kendall County News
    Content: Applauding a Veteran's Day speech given by Captain Edgar Bundy (United States Air Force Reserve). Bundy pointed to the halt of HUAC (because of censure hearings) as a major roadblock to America's fight against Communism.
  17. "Can Reuther's Boycott Bring Kohler to its Knees?"

  18. Date: February 23, 1957
    Author: Rev. Edward A. Keller, C.S.C (Professor of economics at Notre Dame)
    Published in: Human Events
    Content: Regarding the United Auto Workers' boycott of the Kohler Company. Discussing the background and status of the strike/boycott, and questioning the right of a union to "wreck" a company.
  19. "Unionism: The Growing Big Business"

  20. Date: May 5, 1956
    Author: Russell Turner
    Published in: Human Events
    Content: Regarding the growing power and presence of Labor Unions in Washington DC. Calling for legislation banning "corrupt" fund raising and allocation in Labor Unions.
  21. "News Section"

  22. Date: May 11, 1957
    Published in: Human Events
    Content: (Written after McCarthy's death) Proposing that liberal strategists chose to continually attack McCarthy rather than other prominent anti-Communist politicians because of McCarthy's relative inexperience in political affairs. Discussing the continuing encroachment of liberal ideals on government policy.
  23. "News Section"

  24. Date: August 17, 1957
    Published in: Human Events
    Content #1 "Cuban Revolt": Discussing America's need to focus on Communism in Latin America rather than Communism in the Middle East. Also Discussing the Cuban revolt, led by Fidel Castro, and Castro's possible Communist affiliation.
    Content #2 "Upcoming Wisconsin Contest": Regarding the race to fill McCarthy's now vacant Senate seat.
    Content #3 "McCarthy": Regarding the Senate's tribute to the late Senator.
  25. "Standing Committees of the Senate"

  26. Date: (?)
    Published in: (?)
    Content: Listing current Senate Committees and their members.
  27. "New Party Needed to Save the Republic"

  28. Date: September 1953
    Author: (?)
    Published in: Dziennik Chicagoski- The Polish Daily News
    Content: Attached to the article are two "blurbs" of basically the same subject matter as the article, put out by the Militant Christian Patriots. Discussing the opinion that American government is being undermined by Communists and Internationalists, and that a new, strong, patriotic party needs to be formed in order to save the republic.

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